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25 Weirdest Wedding Proposals of All Time


Looking for inspiration on how to pop the question in style? Well you might be better not to follow these bizarre examples (something like The Marriage Proposal Survey will be far more helpful). The simple approach just isn’t good enough for some people, with men around the world using a variety of stunts, props or inopportune moments to ask for a woman’s hand in marriage.

But then it is a well-trotted line that us men aren’t the best at sharing our feelings, so confessing your undying love to your other half can be a nerve-wracking situation. So what better way to avoid the awkward emotion of the occasion then by planning something downright weird? Here’s a collection of the oddest wedding proposals, do with them what you will…

Back from the Dead and Ready to Wed

25 Weirdest Wedding Proposals of All Time 1

Who’d have thought convincing your girlfriend that you’d died in a horrific and bloody car crash as she watched could be romantic? Well, pretty much nobody would have thought that. Nobody except for Russian Alexey Bykov, who hired a film director and stunt man to help him fake his death, before his bloodied and bandaged corpse rose again to pop the question to his previously heartbroken other half. She didn’t scream at him and punch him in the face for causing her a gut-wrenching moment of pain and shock, incredibly, after a short pause of looking less than amused, she actually saw the funny side and said yes.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like dancing carrots

If I had 48 friends who were willing to dress up as carrots for me, then I’d probably make them do it as often as possible. Pang Kun wisely saved it for one special occasion though, gathering them all to perform a rather odd dance routine in front of his confused-looking girlfriend before whipping off his outfit to propose over a microphone while the onlooking crowd chanted “Marry him! Marry him!” Talk about peer pressure.

The most pants music video ever. In a good way.

Daniel Bedingfield’s saccharine schmaltzy hit If You’re Not The One has probably soundtracked many a bile-inducing moment of romance and I dare say more than it’s fair share of wedding proposals. None were better than this one though as Bristol radio presenter Pete Simson, tongue firmly wedged in cheek, made his own video miming to the song in nothing but his colourful pants to propose to his other half, hiring out a cinema to give her the shock of her life by broadcasting it on the big screen.

Super Mario leads the way

Some men may be seem virtually married to their computer consoles, but this chap seemingly managed to combine his two loves, guiding his girlfriend through the land of the Italian plumber, before getting down on one knee. His monosyllabic finance-to-be seemed none-too-shocked, saying ‘yes’ before even without being properly asked and then swiftly getting back to the Nintendo. The dog seemed happy though.

The even more super Super Mario proposal

Alright, if you’re going to go for a computer game-themed proposal, then you might as well go the whole hog and really embrace it. This uber-geek went way beyond the call of duty, bringing Super Mario World to reality for his Nintendo-loving girlfriend, decorating the walls, playing the theme tune, concealing the ring in a prize box above her head and even including end of level fireworks to celebrate. Just lucky she said yes, as he friends and family were there to share in one of the geekiest yet sweetest moments on YouTube.

A proposal to literally sweep you off your feet

25 Weirdest Wedding Proposals of All Time 2

If you really want to make your future bride to feel like she’s walking on air when you pop the question, then this is certainly the way to go. Plenty of boyfriends like to take to the skies when they want a romantic setting for whipping out the ring, but private equity banker Alexander Loucopoulos, clearly not short of a bob or two, took it to another level indeed, booking a special zero gravity flight for him and his other half Graciela. It looks like he kept a tight grip of the ring as well before slipping it onto her finger while the couple floated weightlessly around the cabin.

There’s something fishy about this proposal

Ah, picture the scene, you dream of swimming through crystal clear waters, getting a closer look at life underwater and seeing a variety of colourful marine life before taking the chance to ask the woman you love for your hand in marriage while you’re both enjoying the serenity of the ocean. It is little wonder that tourists choose scuba hotspots in romantic destinations such as Australia, Thailand and South Africa to propose in unique style. But if those far-flung destinations are a little out of the way then you could always just do it in Plymouth. In a giant fish tank. And when I say ‘you’, I mean recruit scuba diving staff to do it for you. After all, you don’t want to mess about getting in a wetsuit and getting your hair wet, do you? To be fair, it worked out pretty well for engineer Dave Stevens, who chose the National Marine Aquarium in the Devon town for his romantic moment, with scuba divers sneaking up in the tank behind to surprise his girlfriend Nicole with a giant sign asking her to marry him.

Making the movies jealous

This YouTube video has three (that’s right, THREE!!!) exclamation marks after the title, so you know it must be exciting. It has also been viewed more than 27,000,000 times so there must be some inspiration in there. Taking the romance of going to the movies to another level, Matt Still sent his girlfriend Ginny off to the cinema with her brother (that’s not the romantic bit) to see Fast Five (nor’s that, no, I’ve never heard of it either), before a couple of familiar voices popped up during the trailers. The gobsmacked Ginny then watched her fella asking for her dad’s permission to marry her on the big screen, before he runs Hollywood-style to meet her and get down on one knee. YouTube has christened it The Greatest Marriage Proposal Ever!!! and there will be fawning females the world over who would have to agree. Cheers Matt, you’ve ruined it for the rest of us.

You’re going to be famous! Er, actually, no you’re not. Sorry.

25 Weirdest Wedding Proposals of All Time 3

Girls just love the glitz and glamour of magazines, don’t they? So surely convincing your girlfriend that she’s going to be interviewed and photographed for a new magazine which doesn’t actually exist is a little bit mean. But that didn’t stop boyfriend Chizzy using it as an underhand way to make sure he could get her in on the right place at the right time. She didn’t seem to mind in the end that the photoshoot and interview were completely fake. Think of it as a wedding proposal version of Beadle’s About, just without Jeremy Beadle.

Disneyland, where dreams come true, including fake ones

25 Weirdest Wedding Proposals of All Time 4

The sickeningly saccharine proposal at Disneyland is of course almost certainly faked, with the guy who just happens to be able to perform as well as the professional Disneyland actors in this mock impromptu musical as he asks for his suspiciously good looking girlfriend’s hand in marriage. The fact that he says the met at Disneyland one year ago is weird enough (who goes to Disneyland to pick up girls?), but the fact is if anyone in real life proposed in such an unbearably hammy way they would almost certainly get punched in the face repeatedly. Still, the onlookers seemed to enjoy it and it’s bound to have inspired plenty of Glee-loving copycat proposals since. I just never want to have to see any of them. Ever.

Boy bands, every girls dream

Ah, the good old comedy video proposal, a great way of avoiding a bloke’s worst fear of having to be genuinely upfront with his feelings. A far cry from the schmaltzy Disneyland musical effort above, this tongue-in-cheek mock music video is full of self-effacing Aussie humour as the guy ropes in his pals into his boy band to put the proposal into a song. And if that wasn’t enough, he made sure they were both surrounded by friends and family when he screened it so there was no way she could refuse.

Life is a roller coaster

25 Weirdest Wedding Proposals of All Time 5

Behind you! Lots of people like to keep their proposal secret for a while to add to the romance, but this fella even kept it secret from the woman he was proposing to. Lawrence Key too his girlfriend for what would turn out to be the ride of her life on the Loggers Leap log flume at Thorpe Park, teaming up with his friends to sneakily hold up a ‘Will You Marry Me?’ message behind her back. The unsuspecting bride-to-be only copped on when she looked at the souvenir photo of the five of them on the ride together. The photo found fame across the world, so it’s lucky she didn’t have snot hanging out of her nose, which is what usually happens to me on the log flume.

The Truth Is Out There

25 Weirdest Wedding Proposals of All Time 6

There was a time when mysterious crop circles were deemed to be the work of extraterrestrials. Unless aliens have suddenly got intergalactically romantic, fallen in love with earth girls or just so happen to share human names with us, then this is definitely the work of a bog standard earthling. A darn talented one though, it must be said, as this was apparently done with the aid of just some planks of wood and marking tape in a field in Wiltshire. Presumably lucky Laura didn’t have to go to the effort of making her own crop circle to give him the answer, a simple yes or no surely sufficed.

Marriage? Make it so.

25 Weirdest Wedding Proposals of All Time 7

With any ‘weirdest’ list, you just know there’s a good chance something Star Trek related will sneak it’s way in there. Although this isn’t quite as nerdy as I expected, to be fair, it’s actually a pretty cool celebrity encounter. The Trekkies were attending the admittedly very nerdy Austin Wizard World Comic Con, when the brave hubby-to-be was able to infiltrate a cast photoshoot before telling the gathered stars: “I love Star Trek, but I love her more.” Very Enterprise-ing (see what I did there)? He then got down on one knee to propose to tears and applause from the actors around them, although this unfortunately timed picture captured Captain Jean-Luc Picard apparently delivering a cringing facepalm. He was probably just remembering that he had to return to his normal life as Patrick Stewart afterwards.

The Secret Code of Seduction

What, Star Trek proposals not nerdy enough for you? Well get a load of this guy. Not content with the good old English language – or any regular human language in fact – the masked romancer took the words, “Rachel, you are awesome. Will you marry me?” and turned it into binary code. A bunch of zeroes and ones that computers use to speak to each other, to put it one way. He then took it a step further, filmed himself reciting the code wearing the head of Bender from Futurama, uploaded it to YouTube then posted it to his partner’s Facebook wall. It took her a full on half hour to decipher it. Jeez, talk about foreplay.

Get a Pizza of the Wedding Action

25 Weirdest Wedding Proposals of All Time 8

As far as publicity stunts go, Pizza Hut were really boxing clever with this one. How many people actually went ahead with it, I shudder to think, but the company insisted they had been dealing with hundreds of serious enquiries from takeaway loving romantics keen to take advantage of their $10,010 proposal packages. The Valentine’s Day stunt in 2012 offered loved-up customers the chance to order their $10 pizza box meal deal and supplement it with a ruby engagement ring, limo service, flowers and fireworks show, as well as providing a photographer and a videographer to ensure this moment of stupidity/beauty (delete as appropriate) is preserved for posterity. As far as outrageous proposals go, this one is pretty hard to swallow.

The wonder of the web

25 Weirdest Wedding Proposals of All Time 9

Maybe people are looking for love on the internet these days. But Dave Garr went one step further, using the world wide web to pop the question for him. With a cleverly delivered pastiche of dating websites,, the web romantic, complete with David Brent-style facial hair, directed his other half through a survey of questions, including peaking with the big one at the end to ask for her hand in marriage.
Despite describing himself as a ‘bachelor from birth’ (I’m yet to meet anyone who was already married at birth), he goes through a whiteboard presentation of why he loves Elizabeth, even comparing his love to Google’s page indexing abilities. Cringeworthy and heartfelt in equal measure, it certainly did the trick as the website now redirects you to images of the happy couple with their first child.

From Google with love

25 Weirdest Wedding Proposals of All Time 10

Talk about taking your work home with you. Self-confessed “Silicon Valley geek” and Google employee Michael Weiss-Malik felt his first proposal to partner Leslie was “lacking in pizazz,” despite the fact that she said yes. Even so, that wasn’t enough for the ambitious 21st century Romeo so he decided to harness the power of the all-conquering search engine to ramp his proposal up to another level. And so, Proposal 2.0 was born. Google Street View has led to some creepy sights in its time, but Michael decided to add his own touch to it by holding up a ‘Marry Me Leslie!!’ banner to be captured by the street view cameras – he did of course have some insider knowledge as to when the cameras would be driving past, he didn’t just wait there on the off chance. The use of two exclamation marks does make it sound like he’s barking orders at her though, I hope that wasn’t a sign of the marriage to come.

Simply directing his bride-to-be to the street view image was not going to be enough either, so instead he started a website encouraging strangers around the world to email her instead. Now that’s teamwork.

And they called it pussy love

25 Weirdest Wedding Proposals of All Time 11

As this list clearly shows, the internet can bring out the best and worst in people. But surely one of the most bizarre phenomena to make more of an impact on humanity than it ever should is lolcats. Heck, even the term ‘lol’ makes me want to punch myself in the face. But who are we to judge these losers? Clearly lolcats make some idiots smile and if two idiots fall in love then good for them. It may even have been super-hip irony, or just a genuine obsession with I Can Has Cheezburger, but whatever the thinking behind it, at least it showed some originality, and, most importantly ended with a ‘yes’.

The 140 character proposal

25 Weirdest Wedding Proposals of All Time 12

Carefully crafting an internet meme for your online proposal is one thing, but turning to the world’s easiest micro-blogging platform, designed for quick and instant messages with very little thought behind them is just a little, well, lazy. I guess it’s short, sharp and to the point though, and if it gets the job done, then why not?

Brett Wanamaker at least went to the effort of asking to use some of Virginia politician Mark Warner’s Twitter space to make the pithy proposal, showing some forethought behind the move. It wasn’t a random choice either, the proposal was directed at the senator’s press secretary, Beth Adelson, so he went for the one place where he knew he could get the message across.
The romance didn’t exactly unfold in some kind of Twitter soap opera, the ‘what is happening’ response sounded less than encouraging. But luckily pictures later proved she did give him the positive answer he was looking for.

Let the ring do the talking

It’s often said that if you buy a ring that’s sparkling enough then you barely even need to say anything at all, your other half will know what the question is before you even open your nervously dry mouth. But one man took the concept of ‘letting the ring do the talking’ even further by…er…letting the ring do the talking. Literally. A talking ring may sound like something from a dumbed down version of a Tolkien novel, but Luke Jerram ingeniously collaborated with a jeweller and a vinyl record maker to etch a 20-second sound recording into the surface of the ring, with the loving proposal message played back by a miniature record player.

Come on, don’t be a chicken

25 Weirdest Wedding Proposals of All Time 13

Now, I’ve never had the pleasure of dining in a Church’s Chicken, but from what I can gather it seems to be a poor man’s version of KFC, and that’s saying something. Kind of like a Dixy Chicken or Kansas Fried Chicken over this side of the pond, I guess. Still, if the Colonel is out of your price range then you go for a cheaper alternative. That seems to be the same thinking that applied to this marriage proposal which attracted no end of mocking comments when the picture found its way across the world wide web.
Still, presuming Shineka was in the area, it was a proposal she surely couldn’t miss, even if the punctuation leaves a little to be desired.

A sign of love

25 Weirdest Wedding Proposals of All Time 14

Ah, sorry Church’s Chicken, but if you’re going to plaster your proposal on a sign for everyone to see, then you might as well do it properly. This bigger budget effort saw New Zealander David Sims take out a huge billboard outside an Auckland shopping centre. He even spelled out the two options for her to make the decision-making process that little bit easier, but she said yes within moments of seeing it. It also presented a great opportunity for anyone else with a girlfriend called Amy to pop the question without having to spend a dollar.


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