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Wedding Speech Ideas: Make A Video


Our series on wedding speech ideas, comes this week to one of the most oft-tried and frequently-failed types of wedding speeches – the one that begins with the bright idea: “Let’s make a video!”

This one was sent to us by Staggered reader Gav Creaney. Take a watch and join us after the video for an in-depth dissection of their work…

As someone who usually advises people against making videos (and it’s not just because I get paid to write speeches) I think this is one of the few that works really well. Let’s identify some of the things that make this one fly, where others fall.

The Intro

They have a real human intro, which is important. You don’t just want someone standing next to a video screen (or worse, a TV) and saying, “We’ve done a video for X’s speech.” This is introduced with a bit of fun, which gets things off to a flying start – we already like the best men and want to see it work. When they come back it’s a good balance of live action and looking at a screen. Some people use the video to escape the fear of speaking, but don’t forget that you have to say *something*.

The screen is HUGE and the sound is clearly AUDIBLE

This is Golden Rule #1 if you’re making a video, don’t just assume that people can hear it, and don’t skimp on the sound when you’re filming the video – it needs to be crystal clear. One point that Gav might not have accounted for is that laughter in the room sometimes obscures what they’re saying on the video – bear this in mind and speak S-U-P-E-R S-L-O-W-L-Y.

They’d made sure the video worked

If you are doing a video, you should have actually watched it on the screen you’re going to play it on, preferably at least twice. The alternative, where a room full of nicely-dressed people stare at a big blue screen and a sweating best man doesn’t bear thinking about.

This video is very funny

It has a few different scenes which work as comedy sketches (and bonus points for the Jimmy Savile reference). We’ve seen hundreds of others where the material isn’t as sharp and those videos sucked. If sound and vision is rule number one, having a brilliant script should be the starting point. As drama dweebs are fond of saying, “if it’s not good on the page, it’ll stink up the stage”*

As for where it could improve, well some of the following is based on opinion and you’re free to disagree in the comments:

Don’t Swear

It can be difficult when effing, and indeed jeffing, is part of everyday normal speech. However, it’s important to remember that your speech is at the centre of something that is not normal – it’s part of a wedding, the most formal ceremony we do. Even if everyone in the room swears, you should aim to keep your speech free of swear words, you just don’t need it.

Don’t throw away the final toast

This is a really hard thing to do, especially for us Northern folk who have wintry ice where our emotions once were, but personally I’d have advised against the bar staff gag at the end. Or, maybe do the gag but then finish on a genuine sentiment towards the groom and best man. From a best man’s point of view this is the end of a long journey that started with your friend saying that you are his best friends. You should seek to end that with a real feeling of warmth and some words that tell him how much you value your friendship. Yes, he’ll make fun of you afterwards, but the words will stay with him and that’s the benchmark for any great speech.

Buy a tripod to film the speech

This isn’t bad handicam action (we’ve seen worse) but it would be nice for it to be a bit steadier. Generally speaking we’re massive fans of getting a videographer to do this sort of thing for you.

So kudos Gav, a really solid example of a wedding speech video and proof that it can be done brilliantly, if only you do your bloody preparation! And don’t forget, if you’re stuck for inspiration you can check our wedding speech ideas, or just hire one of us to write your speech for you (satisfaction guaranteed…)

*I have no idea if they’ve ever said that, but it sounds good.


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