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Wedding Sex


When it comes to wedding sex a recent surveys show that it’s around 4% of women and 1% of men who are virgins on their wedding night, but whether it’s your first time or not all couples want their wedding night sex to be special, so we’ve put together some amazing advice and tips for better sex.


– How to have great sex on your wedding night.
– How to give great cunnilingus
– How to make the first night exciting
best man duties


– Alternatives to Viagra
– How do I know if she’s faking it?
– Too drunk to fuck
– Coming too soon part 1
– Coming too soon, part 2.
– Saving sex for your wedding night.


– How to pull at a wedding.
– How to pull when you don’t speak the same language
– Useful advice from the world’s best pick-up artists.
– Aphrodisiacs that actually work.

Sex Life

– Sex when you’re trying for children.
– Using sex toys after you’re married.
– What to do if things get boring.
– Your options for contraception.
– What’s the secret to a long and happy marriage?


Want some male grooming advice? We’ve got fitness tips and wedding diets to get you in shape.

Wedding Nerves

Learn how to cope with wedding nerves here.

Wedding night sex is a complex issue and surprisingly there are very few resources out there that will actually help you improve your technique. These articles and pages will all help and if you need anything else just give us a shout and we’ll put it to the wedding sex experts.


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