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Published on July 28th, 2009 | by Staggered


When The Moon Hits Your I Do, Like A Big Pizza Pie


I’m actually feeling pretty embarassed about that headline. Sorry.

Anyway, just wanted to pass on the important news that reaches us from Domino’s Press Office that they’ve just launched a pizza cake especially for weddings. Let’s just muse on that for a second.


As you can see there, the bride and groom are happily tucking into a slice of the pizza cake with its beautifully fat-drenched bow. Good times. Romantic times. Brace yourself for the PR:

The ‘pizza cake’ created by the nation’s favourite pizza delivery company is the ultimate dish for romantic pizza-lovers. A delicious stack of mouth-watering Domino’s pizzas styled in a wedding “cake” stack featuring all four pizza sizes means the happy couple’s ‘cake’ will still feature the all important tiers and they will still be able to cut a slice for the cameras.

Hmmm. We’re not sure about this one. There’s saving money and putting inspirational new twists on things, then there’s the pizza cake.

Henry Dawes, franchisee of one of Domino’s Pizza outlets in Scotland, “As an alternative to the traditional stodgy unappreciated wedding cake, I’m sure reception guests would much rather tuck-in to a delicious slice of Domino’s pizza to toast the beginning of a newly wedded couple’s life together.”

Yep, nothing stodgy about this:
What do you think? I can see it working for a stag-do feast but thinking of the pristine white dresses and tomato sauce, I’m guessing that this is one innovation the Bride would put her foot down on.


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