wedding ceremony

Wedding Ceremony


The wedding ceremony is the central part of the big day. It’s the moment when you say your vows and finally get to become husband and wife. There’s a huge amount of options open to couples now when it comes to the wedding ceremony so we’ve put together a guide to help explain things.

Got questions about the wedding ceremony then this is the page for you to be on. We’ve got all the angles covered from conventional religions and civil wedding ceremony options to some other options including humanist and pagan ceremonies.


– Should you go on a marriage preparation course?
– Which church can you get married in?
– How to include children in a marriage service
– Can you write your own vows for a church service?
– What music are you allowed in church?
– Essential things to ask the vicar
– Wedding Hymns


– What is the notice of marriage interview
– Ten things registrars hate
– What do your civil vows actually mean?
– Amazing geek wedding vows


– How to organise a humanist wedding
– We’re from different religions how can we get married?
– Wedding customs from around the world


– So you want a “wacky” wedding – read this first.
– How and why to get married in a field.


It’s unlikely you’ll get cold feet but you might feel a bit edgy as the big day looms. Learn how to cope with wedding nerves here.

Wedding Planning

– How to blag your way as a wedding planner in 5 minutes
– How to stay sane during the planning process.
– One bloggers’ view on hiring a wedding planner.


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