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Smug and Married

wedding day

I feel quite smug, and rightly so, I am married to a beautiful woman, the wedding was a blast and I am not the last in my group of friends to get hitched as prophecized all those years ago in North London.

So, I wanted to share some thoughts before I head off to Brazil on the honeymoon.

On Pre Wedding Panic

I really felt no outward panic before the wedding. Once I had the booze bought, the suit ironed and the paperwork completed, I just let things fall into place. In fact, our replacement wedding planner even commented in admiration on the state of Zen-like calm that she evidently saw in me. But your body does not and cannot lie. The stress was wholly internalized and after the adrenalin of the day and the day after the event wore off, I was down with what felt like a relapse of malaria. It was unpleasant.

So, I say to you all now, have your stress out, wear it on your sleeve and enjoy the days post wedding.

On Speech Worries

The Speech was a cinch. I was initially worried about this but with a few pointers from friends and family, I sailed away on a rip tide of eloquent vernacular. Yes, I even managed to squeeze in a reference to thoughts of joining the French Foreign Legion. But, this was more a hat tip to an event in the past shared by Stag Test Dummy’s bride to be Sharon! So, the speech had its share of emotion, both euphoric and somber, I managed to steer clear of the inevitable Romancing the Stone references and was able to dip in and out of both Spanish and English to please both sides of the crowd.

Other Notable Moments

Funny moments to remember: The priest saying my name incorrectly all the way through the ceremony. I am not sure too many people noticed since it was so blistering hot even at 7pm in the church.

My best man being made to come up to the altar and, , as is the tradition, read out marriage details in Spanish. Kudos to him though, he stepped up to the plate and with a minimal understanding of the language, phonetically held his own.

Having to translate my best man’s speech into Spanish during the meal and being relieved that I could censor it without much notice to spare my in-laws from learning the truth of my dastardly student past.

And a special mention has to go out to my school friends that travelled, including connections, from Thailand (36 hours), UK (22 hours), Canada (18 hours), and USA (7 hours) to come to our wedding in Cartagena. The week preceding the celebration was a holiday in itself complete with random alcohol induced injuries and tall tales that will span a lifetime.

My last pointer to all those out there, it is your bride’s day, remember that, but don’t let it make you become a miser with the alcohol. We had booze to spare and everyone had a great night!

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