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Just how do you save money for a Stag Do?


Stag Do costs – the tricky question

A lot of press have recently bleated on about how the cost of a stag do is on the rise – fair enough, today’s economic climate means our pennies don’t go quite as far as they used too. Instead of moaning about it, let’s show you how you can save up that little bit more so you don’t have to worry.

One of the hardest things facing the best man is getting the necessary funds off those going on a stag do. especially if it is a somewhat sensitive issue. However, this is not the time to shy away. Few things become more irritating than having to hassle a bunch of blokes to cough up some money for what will be a weekend well worth remembering and money well spent. Now let’ start off with some excuses:

“I’ll give it to you on payday.”

Now. That is very pragmatic answer. One that I think is perfectly justifiable. But what happens when it happens more than once? You need to prepare yourself as best you can to avoid this situation.

“I honestly can’t save”

Here is a toughy. On the one hand, this guy has been bleating about how little his salary is, yet somehow manages to throw up some photos on instagram of him partying hard. We understand more than most, what it is to seem pretty skint, but cutting back on a couple of life’s little luxuries for a short time will make the difference.

So what will help?

Get organised

Now this isn’t true for everyone, but payday by my understanding usually happens at the end of the month. Therefore, give your boys as much time as possible to collect funds and then give them a deadline for the beginning of a certain month. That way, money will be in their bank and they can give it you before it disappears on other less important things like food and general living.

Cut back on a couple of little things

Don’t buy that morning coffee, or after work beer, if you do both, that saves you around £7 a day. Adding those little things up over a month or two can make a massive difference and easily pay for a return flight to somewhere in Europe.

Finance Options:

Far from hitting up, at the end of the day, you’re going to have to pay your way. But there are some simple options.

Option 1: Pay-as-you-go

For some stag do’s, this is the way they might want to go. Every man is responsible for his own finances throughout the night/weekend. That means if joe blogs, spent £100 on that dodgy round of flaming sambuca’s but complains someone else didn’t well then tough shit. Every man for himself eh.

Option 2: The lump sum. Put it in the kitty

More often than not, us blokes don’t want to deal with the hassle of small change or that life-depleting task where you all divide up the restaurant bill with a 20 different cards. It’s just not cool. Save that hassle and just give one lump sum across to the best man that should cover food, drinks, activities, accommodation etc. Anything that’s left over, gets split between everyone or maybe a small gift for the groom. To help you on this why not check out this nifty app, Kitti.

HOWEVER, just because the best man has been left with the kitty, it does not mean he has sole responsibility for ordering drinks. He is the best man, not a waiter! As they say, sharing is caring and as such, each person in the stag party should take responsibility for at least a bit of the night to go and order drinks from the bar as is his duty.

Option 3: Raffle Prize

No, not the one where gran gran sits down in village hall having numbers shouted at her. Buy a roll of tickets and with the raffle money a prize that will go towards the winner. The rest of the money goes towards the groom, who at the end of the day – shouldn’t be spending a single penny on his Stag.

Option 4: Trust in “The Baller”

Ohhhhhh how we all want this champ in the group. Has ‘stacks on deck’ and possibly more money than sense. Who cares, when the end of the night comes and the bill looms ever closer, he steps in like a heroic moving cash point and drops a few hundred quid on the table. Make money money.

Remember, money isn’t everything lads and you want to give your mate a fitting send off. Hopefully these tidy suggestions will ease the strain on those purse strings. What problems have you encountered? Let us know in the comments below.


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