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An Interview with Adam Walker – The Male Stylist


This week we caught up with UK men’s fashion blogger Adam Walker to talk about all things style. Founder of The Male Stylist, Adam’s blog offers the latest in style advice, tips and grooming for the discerning gentleman. For more information on style tips, grooming reviews and just how to look dapper as hell, head on over to The Male Stylist.

How did your website The Male Stylist begin?

I’ve always been interested in personal style and grooming. When I came to London I started working in fashion marketing and before long I realised that I could set up my own website and start making a name for myself, so i did.

After a few months I started to gain traction with more followers and readers. As of today (about 17 months after the site launched) it’s had over 80,000 hits and well over 2,000 subscribers. Couple that with the growing following on social media and it’s all got a little bigger than I ever expected it to.

A huge thank you to all of my readers and followers, you’ve been a great support so far and your feedback has always been lovely.

An Interview with the Male Stylist

What do you consider the upcoming trends for this AW15?

Navy over black. Black is a little too corporate, but navy is versatile enough to be used in a variety of styles and looks. I especially recommend this when choosing a long coat for winter, I got a Navy Edison coat from T.M. Lewin last year and it has been the best winter purchase I’ve ever made.

Knitwear is also really important. I’m a big fan of cardigans, expecially the chunky ones, so it’s worth investing in some good wool too. This also applies to your scarf, throw away the tatty old one you’ve had for 5 years and invest in an elegant cashmere one. It’s definitely worth it.

A strong staple to always have for Autumn/Winter is a good set of boots. There are a variety of styles and options for you to choose from, they look great and they protect you from the elements. Definitely worth looking in to.

When it comes to tailoring and suits, what things should a man look out for when choosing something?

Fit is the main focus of any good piece of tailoring. Too many men ignore this and end up looking like they are wearing their dad’s suit. Get to know your body shape, what fits work best for that shape and, if possible, get yourself measured by a tailor.

As a general rule, look for a slimmer cut that comes in at the waist as this will present a much more defined and sharper silhouette. The slightly boxy fit worn by Americans is a tad dated and often makes you look like you’ve put on weight.

Once you have a nice fit, experiment with designs. One of my favourite style tips for tailoring right now is to use different colours. Don’t go for block colours for the sake of safety. Check, gingham stripe are all great ways of adding subtle twists to your suits. You can also use contrast by wearing a different colour waistcoat to your suit. I did this for a Savile Row photoshoot and have not looked back since then.

Finally, pay attention to the details. Smaller items like cufflinks, ties, pocket squares and tie clips are an easy way to inject dapper personality into your look. Make the effort with the smaller elements and you will see a big impact on how stylish you look in a suit.

An Interview with the Male Stylist

What people have influenced your style?

Tom Ford has been a big influence, he’s over 50 but one of the best dressed men around and he works for a lot of good causes. David Beckham is another icon who just keeps getting more stylish as he gets older. The idea of style that is timeless is something that I am really interested in and work towards. Also Don Draper, because who doesn’t love the style of Mad Men?!

I’d also say other bloggers like Adam Gallagher and Nick Carvell have been a big influence on how I dress myself. There are so many great icons out there for men of all ages that it is worth finding someone whose style you admire and trying to build that into your wardrobe.

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What are some of your favourite places to shop?

I love T.M. Lewin right now, they’ve got a very modern outlook on tailoring and it shows in their beautiful designs. I also like Barbour and Oliver Sweeney for more expensive shopping, whilst Zara and H&M offer a wide variety of basic items that are versatile enough to be built on.

In terms of accessories, Daniel Wellington have my full attention as a supplier of simple, affordable, slim watches. They’re fantastic and work well with both smart and casual looks, plus they won’t break the bank.

An Interview with the Male Stylist

Single biggest tip for great style?

Don’t try and follow “hot trends” as you’ll spend a fortune trying to wear the newest thing. Instead, invest in items that have contemporary elements and can be worked into your other outfits.

Better to have something stylish that lasts a lifetime, than fashionable that lasts a month.

What are your plans for the future? Any exciting projects?

For now I just want to increase the size of the site and the number of readers, it’s been a great experience so far and I’d like that to continue.

I’ve also started doing some photoshoots with different brands and designers so that’s all very exciting, even though I’m still hopelessly shy when it comes to having my photo taken.

For more information or to find out Adam’s latest ramblings and style advice, check out his Instagram and Twitter. What can you see being a big style hit this Autumn and Winter? Let us know in the comments below.


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