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Male Grooming


Chances are that if you mention male grooming to the older generation they’ll tut loudly about perverts and say that they should all be strung up. These days male grooming is an accepted part of a bloke’s life – whether you get to the gym five times a week and follow a ruthless moisturising regime, or do 10 sit-ups every month and choke yourself with Lynx, it’s all grooming.

Male grooming and wedding diets are all part and parcel of looking your best on the big day.

An ultimate guide for male grooming right here…


– How to shave.
– A guide to sorting out your teeth.
– How and why to pick a new fragrance.
– Want to try a new fragrance but not sure which one?


– What’s the most effective diet?
– The biggest lies blokes believe about weight loss.
– How to keep weight off once you’ve lost it.


– 5 quick and easy fitness tips
– Six months for a six pack
– Getting in shape with your partner.


Sort out your wedding wear and wedding suits for men.


– The 10 Biggest Health Fears Men Never Address.
– Are you considering cosmetic surgery before the wedding?
-We sent our bloggers to a man’s grooming salon.


Don’t forget to check up on all the essential honeymoon ideas and acccessories.


– 10 Easy Ways To Ruin Your Look
Bride and Groom Biggest Fashion Faux Pas
– Fancy trashing your suit?
– What to do if you get a stain
– How your suit can make you slimmer


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