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It’s often said that the father of the bride has one of the most emotional roles to play on the wedding day. Not only does he have to smile as he gives away his daughter, but to add insult to injury he often has to foot the bill for the entire shindig! That’s enough to make anyone shed a tear or two.

Wedding Planning

Want to help with the wedding planning? We can give you a hand – in fact, we can even sort the finances.

Wedding Ceremony

Whatever type of wedding ceremony you are going for – humanist, religious or civil – we’ve got everything you need to know covered.

Wedding Nerves

Nerves are natural – if you’re getting nervous about that all-important walk down the aisle, our advice could help.

Stag Do

Don’t think you’ll get out of the stag do – increasingly dads are invited along, so check out our ideas for unforgettable stag dos here.


Make sure you’re the smartest dad on the day with our advice on men’s wedding suits and wedding wear.


Lose weight, get fit and look great with the help of our male grooming advice.

Wedding Presents

Looking for gift ideas for the bride and groom? Check out our list of unique gifts.

Wedding Photography

Everyone wants to capture the day well – this advice on contemporary wedding photography will set you up for lasting memories.

Wedding Speeches

If you’re worried about what the best man might say – or what your own speech will look like – we’ve got all the advice on wedding speeches you could need.


Should the groom ask for your blessing? And how should he go about it?


Find all the best wedding suppliers from your area.


Help give the bride and groom the honeymoon send-off they deserve – take a look at these top honeymoon ideas to fire up your imagination.

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Father of the Bride

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