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Top 30 Men’s Fashion and Style Blogs


When it comes to knowing exactly what we should be wearing, we men tend to struggle. We sometimes buy ill-fitting clothes that don’t compliment our body shape, or we buy items in gharish colours unsuited to our skin tones. Basically, it’s a minefield out there and you gents need to look as dapper as can be whether that’s at work or socialising. So here’s 30 of the best male style bloggers around. Take a leaf out of their fashionable books and get some ideas. With wedding season just around the corner, there’s no time like now to look your best.

 Ashley Weston | Ashley Weston

Ashley Weston

Ashley is a bit of a wildcard as she is a woman who specialises in men’s style; however, she certainly knows her onions. As a renowned celebrity menswear and style guru, Ashley has so much to offer when it comes to dressing up for any occasion, whether it is a gallery opening or a family party. With a chic design and broad range of up-to-date guidance on the latest trends, you’re sure to find whatever you’re looking for here.

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 Barron Cuadro | Effortless Gent

Effortless Gent

This one-of-a-kind men’s fashion blog is a one stop shop for style advice, clothing guides and how to remain stylish while staying true to yourself – it even helps you keep up to date with the latest news, wardrobe fillers and tailormade gents fashion eGuides with the EG Valet Service. If you’re looking for a helping hand, take a look at EG’s ‘How to Build a Solid Lean Wardrobe, No Matter Your Budget.’

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 Ben Herbert | FashionBeans

Ben Herbert

FashionBeans is cool beans! This clean looking website has a very minimal feel and it’s very easy to navigate if you’re looking for something in particular. For sleek casual wear, FashionBeans has a plenty to offer and its particularly urban feel makes it an excellent read for the modern city gent. While you’re having a read, you can even head on over the shop and buy a few bits based on the blog’s fashion advice.

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 George Hahn | George Hahn

George Hahn

Mr Hahn’s motto is ‘Raising the Bar without Raising the Budget.’ As men, I think that’s something we can all probably relate to. This acclaimed men’s dress and lifestyle expert knows a thing or two about clobber and his blog is somewhat of a bible for the modern gent who likes to go all out, but with an element of frugality. Expect smooth editorials, expert advice and lots of ways to look good in cool shirts and suits.

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 Brian Sacawa | He Spoke Style

He Spoke Style

Hailing from Schenectady, NY, He Spoke Style’s Creative Director Brian Sacawa has spent most of his working life involved in the music biz, and this shines through in this polished publication. After many years in biz, Brian realised that there’s a strong link between style and music and set out to prove it with He Spoke Style. This sleek, almost preppy publication oozes modern swagger and the style guide offers plenty of priceless practical inspiration.

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 Adam Gallagher | I Am Galla

I am Galla

Adam Gallagher is the founder and curator of I am Galla. At 22 he has amounted over a million followers across his social media channels. His website encompasses an aspirational lifestyle, branching off into other passions such as travel. His own style is both refined and subtle, making him incredibly versatile.

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 Dan Hasby-Oliver | Last Style of Defense

last style of defense

Harvey Nichols, Mr Porter, Vogue Italia – you name it, he’s been in it. Created in 2009, Dan Hasby-Oliver has seen his small blog grow to over 2,000,000 subscribers. It’s easy to see why, his blog regularly highlights key trends and releases for the upcoming season, keeping you in the know before you know.

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 Denny Balmaceda | Look Rich, Shop Cheap

Look Rich Shop Cheap

Well, because who doesn’t? Run and curated by Denny Balmaceda, this striking visual blog comes with bags of advice on looking good without busting the bank, and it’s almost glam, mildly aristocratic rock and roll feel makes Denny’s blog truly stand out from the crowd. Denny documents slices of his everyday life, his collaborations and his projects. He educates us on style over fashion and oh, tells you how to look rich while shopping cheap.

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 Craig Landale | Menswear Style

Menswear Style

The baby of Editor-in-Chief Craig Landale, Menswear Style has become an increasingly popular men’s fashion bible in recent years. Craig’s background as an online marketing consultant means his blog’s content is crisp, clear, engaging and tailormade to his ever-growing male audience, and the Grooming section offers a host of priceless tips to the style conscious modern man.

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 Michael Adams | Michael 84

Michael 84

UK born and bred. Michael’s blog encompasses more than just fashion style but a lifestyle. He writes on many different styles, whether it be high street, street wear of high end labels, giving his honest and refreshing opinion. Hailing from the city of Newcastle, Michael enjoys nothing more than a decent night out and travelling to some awesome destinations.

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 Jonathan Cavaliere | Mr. Cavaliere

Mr Cavaliere

You know you better back it up when you say you’re “Canada’s Sharpest Man”. Luckily, Jonathan Cavaliere has managed to pull this off with a brilliant blog offering style tips and trends. He regularly posts Outfits of the day, style essentials as well as useful advice on anything from fabrics to fits.

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 Anthony Villegas | Of Mice and Menswear

Of Mice And menswear

Oh, I see what you did there – how punny. Whether John Steinbeck would approve is neither here nor there. What is there – and there is certainly a lot of it – is some great style inspiration. Quality images give Of Mice and Menswear a great look while Anthony Villegas’s mix of affordable menswear teamed with some designer labels caters to a great variety of readers.

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 Marcel Floruss | One Dapper Street

One Dapper Street

Marcel Floruss, a German dude currently residing in The Big Apple, is strictly all about those threads and his flamboyantly smart casual street style offers a lot of potential for pimping out your groomsman for a chilled out summer wedding. With an eclectic sense of urban dress which boasts brash colours and more understated tones, this cool blogger, as his publication, is becoming more sought after by the day.

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 Robert Nixon | Overdressed & Underprepared

Overdressed and Underprepared

Robert at Overdressed is a dedicated blogger whose undeniable passion has led him to be Highly Commended for Best Male Style Blogger in the Company Style Blogger Awards. His style guides are aimed at the more sartorial gent, yet his posts are filled with educational style snippets and a broad range of content, from the serious to the downright sidesplitting.

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 Chris | Pinoy Guy Guide

Pinoy Guy Guide

Gadgets, girls and grooming – what’s not to love? Targeting a Filipino audience, Chris documents all that he loves with fashion being one of them. Winner of the Philippine Blog Awards 2, Chris has turned his blog from a place to illustrate his style to a full blown fashion blog. Awesome.

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 Dan Chizzoniti | Real Guys Wear Ties

Real Guys Wear Ties

This quirky publication is vibrant, eye catching and comes complete with a musical soundtrack. Largely focused around smart wear, ties (how did you guess!) and grooming, this is possibly one of the most dapper men’s blog’s around. If you’re looking for a few ideas on sprucing up that wedding suit, the Tie of The Week section is well worth checking out.

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 Justin Livingstone | Scout Sixteen

Scout Sixteen

This New York based fashion and lifestyle magazine is run by young go-getter Justin Livingstone and its sharp editorial style is not only slick and easy to digest (like a nice bacon sarnie after a long night in the pub), it provides excellent fashion tips for everyday wear. In addition to this Justin’s passion for the travel has led him to offer excellent destination guides, travel information and handy ‘what to pack’ lists.

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 Colin Chapman | Sharpened Lead

Sharpened Lead

Having experience as a London based fashion writer certainly has it’s benefits. For Colin Chapman, founder of Sharpened Lead, it means he can write some brilliant content from a unique angle that many of us would be unable to see or experience. His website is full of wonderful articles from food to a range of fantastic interviews.

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 Mark Kwak | Simpler Man

Simpler Man

Mark is a San Francisco based tech wizard with an eye for style and a passion for great threads. Since purging his closet after college, Mark has developed his own signature style which he wants to share with the world and if you’re looking for that slick, city boy look, this is the blog for you. As Mark is always keen to help, he encourages his subscribers to get in touch, so if you have a fashion based quandary – ask away!

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 Elias El-Indari | SMF


Created back in 2013, founder Elias El-indari love for fashion spills over in his blog. With some brilliant images, Elias is the kind of man that happily pulls off both a luxury suit and street bomber (though not at the same time…for now).

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 Tim Melideo | Stay Classic

Stay Classic

Stay Classic pledges to offer an affordable approach to classic men’s style, and it certainly delivers. There’s no neon, brash tones or sparkles, just timeless dressing tips for the classy modern man who doesn’t want to burn a hole in his wallet. Tim is a photographer from New York (and former Californian skater), hence the many cool images featured in the blog.

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 Steve Booker | Steve Booker

Steve Booker

Imagine walking down a leafy London street in the most dapper of coats, perfectly coupled with a classic pair of trainers, topped off with a few dazzling, but not over the top accessories. Essentially, that’s what you get with Steve Booker – everyday street style done in style. With a whole array of brilliant tech, travel and men’s fashion wisdom, written with a personal, friendly flair and accompanied by stunning imagery, Steve Booker’s blog really is a must read.

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 Mariano Divaio | MDV Style

Mariano Divaio

Mariano Divaio leads a life that so many of us can only dream of. He’s good looking for a start, so his modelling career isn’t too shabby, working with the likes of Gucci and Cavalli. He started MDV style in 2012 and as you can quite quickly tell, his style is impeccable and his grooming immaculate. Not content to show the world his incredibly dapper style, his blog further covers fitness, grooming and travel. A bible of style info, this is one blog you shouldn’t miss.

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 Justin Jeffers | The Fine Young Gentleman

The Fine Young Gentleman

Created out of a reaction to all the poorly dressed individuals out there, this blog aims to educate, inform and inspire people to dress with class. You won’t find a sniff of a snapback on here – be expressive yet tasteful. The Fine Young Gentleman is a great place to start.

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 Matthew Zorpas | The Gentleman Blogger

The Gentleman Blogger

Matthew Zorpas is a London based Creative Consultant who also goes by the name, The Gentleman Blogger. By reading his blog, it’s plain to see that he has a real flair for fashion and he was actually named Best Dressed Man in Britain by none other than Esquire Magazine. With credentials like that, as a style conscious male reader, you know you’re in safe hands.

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 JJ | The Shy Stylist

The Shy Stylist

Though slightly misleading at first, JJ is certainly not shy. His style however, is the epitome of elegance, sophistication and understated perfection. Where others might wear brash and daring colours to grab attention, The Shy Stylist shows that the finer details maketh the man, adding to your sartorial splendour.

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 Bobby Hicks | This Fellow

This Fellow

Another strong NYC based men’s style site, This Fellow is one man’s effort to offer blog subscribing blokes a sense of tastefully tailored classic wear, coupled with a real slice of The Big Apple. Through a mix of striking graphics, words and pictures This Fellow (a.k.a. Bobby Hicks) is becoming increasingly popular – his fans base currently weighs in at 4.6k and it’s easy to see why.

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 Joseph Kent | Unlimited by JK

Unlimited by JK

JK (Joseph Kent) is a 22 year photographer based in Surrey with a keen eye for detail and a penchant for polka dots. Offering a mix of striking street style and elements of his own personal style, JK is really making waves on the fashion blogging scene and his brilliantly visual observations are not only stunning, but great for a little bit of last minute inspiration. He’s even been featured in The Guardian.

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 Sergio Ines | What My Boyfriend Wore

What My Boyfriend Wore

This decidedly dapper fashion diary serves up an original take on the traditional men’s style blog as it comes in the form of a personal fashion diary. Born when the founder’s girlfriend began documenting his outfits on Instagram, this daily diary of dapper boasts a great deal of practical preppy trends and cutting edge labels to be seen in. What more could you want?

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 Lorenzo Liverani | Your Mirror Style

Your Mirror Style

Lorenzo Liverani is not only a blogger, he’s also an accomplished designer – and this really shines though in YMS. Lorenzo’s core philosophy is ‘to dress well, you don’t need to masquerade your true personality,’ and this wonderful site is a true testament of that. Tip: much like a an old sock drawer, the YMS archives are well worth digging though, there’s some great stuff just waiting to be uncovered!

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 Callum Watt | Maketh the Man

Callum Watt Picmonkey

When it comes to exploring the dazzling world of male accessories, Maketh the Man delivers on all fronts. A proverbial jewellery box full of watches, scarves, cufflinks and much more, Callum Watt’s website cleverly illustrates that the smaller subtleties can make a big difference to your fashion statement. With a clear and easy website design, this is one website that is sure to continue growing in popularity.

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So there you have it guys, who are some of your favourite style bloggers to follow? Who else would you like to see on this list? Let us know in the comments below. 

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