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A Father Of The Bride Speech To Steal From


The Father of the Bride gets overlooked but this is one of the best we’ve seen in a long old while. Take a watch and join us for the tutorial underneath…

Some good points to note:

  • Father of the bride speeches can be funny, but skip the heard-it-before jokes, just simple observations about the people you’re talking about are what work.
  • He has some great set ups (e.g. the “thinking of some words of advice…”, the previous boyfriends, etc) – these are well worth stealing and tailoring to your own situation.
  • This speech works because of the moments of sincerity, many of which he uses as a set up for a gag (the vending machine mayo joke for example) but others that he just hits straight – e.g. the dress comment.
  • Your daughter will NEVER forgive you if you don’t have a few moments of just pure love and sincerity, don’t skip it.

Some things to learn:

  • Take a moment to get comfortable with the position of the mic, you’ve got 10 minutes or so of standing there, you should be comfortable and audible. This guy hits audible but he looks like he’s always reaching.
  • Not sure if this is a US tradition but having the wife there is both nice (good to show that the words are from both of you) but it does sort of mean that she needs to stand patiently and still.
  • End on a moment of sincerity, it rounds things off nicely – especially as you can then lead into the toast and that’s a natural point to sit down and soak up the applause.

Finally, the Canadian accent is actually really cool, why does it so much grief?


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