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14 Jaw-Droppingly Different Stag Do Ideas


Booze, partying and falling over is certainly all well and good – I mean you could do a lot worse than fall over in one of our top UK stag destinations – but with more and more grooms opting to add personal touches to their wedding, why should the stag do be any different? Here’s a look at some offbeat staggery, from racing bangers across Europe to playing the beautiful game with a footballing legend.

Play with a Legend

chillisauce play with a legend dion dublin


chillisauce play with a legend

Costs: Depending on the player and size of the group, usually somewhere between £60 to £100 per person.

Just imagine, you’re having a kick about with your mates then all of a sudden, your footie heroes are thrown in, like Arsenal’s Perry Groves, Tottenham midfielder Darren Anderton and Chelsea’s eight times capped Kerry Dixon. Play a full match with them on the pitch and then relive the best moments over a few drinks. More information on the event here.

Pros: Playing footie with a legend and enjoying a beer with him afterwards.

Cons: Getting nutmegged by an ageing legend who leaves you for dead.

The Crumball Rally


Credits: Jane Miller

Cost: Varies per rally. Somewhere between £150 and £300.

The more light hearted British cousin of the cross European idiot magnet The Gumball Rally, The Crumball organisers arrange rallies across the UK and Europe that are more focused on celebrating battered old Britishness than souped up exhaust systems. There are several rallies a year, but they fill up fast and tailgating isn’t appreciated, so get on it fast if you fancy the road trip.

Pros – Lovely scenery, relaxing journey, cool cars.

Cons – The inevitable tragic hierarchy of the lonely specialist motoring enthusiast.

Baby Bull Running

Bull fighting

Cost: Brave enough for the challenge? The Baby bull running will cost you around £75 per person.

For something a tad more extreme, and which you’re probably less likely to last long enough at for it to even become tiresome, why not jump into the ring and take on a beast? Okay, so we’re talking a baby beast, but all the same we reckon you would be hard pushed to find a stag do activity quite as thrilling or memorable as being chased by a bull. It’s time to go full Ernest Hemingway and release the inner matador you never knew you had.

Pros: So many man points. Become a hero and wrestle a bull to the ground by it’s horns.

Cons: Failing to successfully wrestle a baby bull could result in a bruise or few.

Stuntman Training

Credit: Edmond Wells

Credit: Frank Chen

Cost: Upwards of £100 depending on the activity.

Most Stag Dos generally involve somebody falling over, into or off something, but at a stuntman training course, trained staff will teach you and your mates how to do it with destructive style. Involving physical and mechanical activities, the British Action Academy teach courses with the best in the business at Pinewood Studios, where they shot the majority of the Bond movies along with being Morgan Freeman’s testing ground for the Batmobile.

Pros: Unique and reasonably dangerous, yet in safe hands.

Cons: Certainly no pre-match drinking.

Surf and Sandboarding


Credit: Joao Leitao

Credit: John

Cost: £20 per person for a two hour session at Devon’s Barefoot Surf School, with discounts for more than eight participants.

Originating in ancient China on slabs of leather, and now an extreme popular extreme sport in the UK, Sandboarding is a sort of topless snowboarding, trading snow for soft, billowy sand dunes of varying extremities.

Pros: No thick layers, shorts and a bikini.

Cons: Sand everywhere for at least 6 weeks.

Tank Paintball

Tank Driving

Credit:  Glenn

Costs: Probably a friendship when you blast the stag into oblivion.

Batten down the hatches in a genuine tank, specially converted with 40mm paintball cannons that fire from the turret of the tank. Getting straight into the game of negotiating challenging terrain – think steep hills, sharp bends and numerous obstacles – using only periscopes, you’re off to engage in some serious warfare as you take on opponents in identical tanks.

Pros: Oooo the sheer size and scale! Being in control of several tonnes of machinery is pretty awesome.

Cons: That moment when you bin the tank into a tree.

Caving in Cheddar

Cost: Between £140 and £250 depending on group size.

Although a big no-no for any sufferers of claustrophobia, or simply those particularly unnerved by ‘The Descent’, caving is otherwise a perfect group activity for those who don’t mind spending an afternoon on their raw hands and knees in cold, damp, dark tunnels. The Adventure Caving Company, based in Britain’s human burrowing capital of Cheddar, offer a variety of different experiences for all skill sets, from those on the verge of becoming Gollum himself to anyone who won’t go in the attic alone.

Pros: You get to wear a light on your head!

Cons: You have to give it back at the end.

Bridge Swinging

Bridge Swinging

Costs: Less than £40 to crap your pants.

Have your entire stag party screaming like a bunch of girls as you – wait for it – swing from bridges. Think bungee jumping and then up the exhilaration factor a thousand times; bring your mates and your nerves of steel as you dangle from some of the world’s most terrifying heights.

Pros: Leap off bridges from a stunning location, the sheer adrenalin rush.

Cons: None of these things matter in the slightest when you crap yourself jumping off the edge.

Bushcraft Courses


Credit:  Victor Inox


Credit: Todd Lindberg

Cost: £85 per person for 1-2 day basic expedition.

Do you remember the episode of The Office in which jobsworth Gareth Keenan proudly stated that if he were lost in the jungle, he could “definitely eat a monkey.” Well, no doubt you’ve a mate who’s spent a bit too long watching Bear Grylls repeated near suicide expeditions and will often come out with such gems down the pub himself. Well, even better if he’s the Stag, because a ‘bushcraft’ expedition through the wilds of South Wales will teach him the bare essentials of foraging, shelter building and ‘backwoods cookery’. Don’t get lost, you’ll end up in Swansea.

Pros: Very hands on, presumably quite exhilarating and rewarding.

Cons: Only drunk like activity will occur with the accidental consumption of hallucinogenic berries. Plus Swansea.

Comic Conventions

Cost: Around £15 for the weekend at the biggest conventions.

Credit:  Lensspirit

Credit: Scott Clark

The perfect trip for a secretly, or not so secretly, geeky stag do, there are hundreds of comic book and sci-fi swap meets and conventions all over the UK, but the annual London Film and Comic Con is the mac daddy of them all. To give you an idea of what’s inside Earl’s Court this July, there’s an extensive Empire Strikes Back Retrospective and An Audience with William Shatner. Also, surprisingly attractive young women dressed as sexy Japanese Anime characters. But you didn’t hear that from us.

Pros: You’re the coolest guys in the room!

Cons: Least knowledgeable guys in the room, people laugh at you when you don’t know what TARDIS stands for (put it in the comments if you must).

Set up a Flashmob

Credit:  Olatu Talka

Cost: Free, or, lots of text messages.

A flashmob, in which as many strangers as possible are encouraged to emerge suddenly in one location, sometimes for a cause, sometimes for no discernible reason whatsoever, is an increasingly common activity in this age of Tweets and Facepoking and what not. Setting up a popular flashmob is a fun group activity that takes a little more time than a pub crawl, but results in more chaos if done right.

Pros: The sense of bewilderment you’ve solely managed to create.

Cons: The sense of bewilderment when nobody turns up. Oh well, the pub it is then.


Credit: Elliot Wiechula

Credit: Colsinha Verde

Cost: a lot of your time, membership fees, foam sword.

LARPing, or Live Action Roleplaying is a popular, mysterious underworld of fantasy enthusiasts meeting in a variety of networks of caves, haunted old manors and forests to engage in epic warfare… of sorts. Nobody dies in LARPing, but you can lose your well-constructed, detailed character and all their magical skills and powers can fall to waste. Anyone can register for LARPery, but you’re expected to get involved, write and maintain your character before having him emerge in the flesh outside of an internet forum. It’s all very serious fun, so you might well be best creating your own goblin league and running around the local park.

Pros: Your significant other will be pleased you’re not attending a strip club.

Cons: Your significant other knows you’re dressing up as a Warlock.

Rally Driving

Rally Driving

Credit:  Bob Bob

Costs: Depending on the quality of your race course, should cost you somewhere between £150-200 for a half-day.

Jumping behind the wheel of a full rally-spec car beats the suddenly lame-looking go-kart any day. You’re put through your paces by a fully qualified instructor, taken through how to handle the car in rally conditions and given a crash course (pun fully intended) in controlling handbrake turns, skid control and Scandinavian flicks.

Pros: Release your inner driver and become a rally God like Colin McRae.

Cons: Drinking is a big no no, but heck that is a tiny price to pay for such an activity.

Zombie Bootcamp

Costs: Several sleepless nights afterwards.

Running through a small, derelict building in the middle of the night isn’t everyone’s idea of a rollicking night out. But if you know your stag has a particular dislike for zombies, this could be an amusing way to stitch him up. Take on a  zombie bootcamp in a hardcore, breathless activity that will have you running and scrambling for cover as you take on the “infected”.

Pros: The suspense and the atmosphere is truly terrifying resulting in an unforgettable experience.

Cons: Knowing, just knowing that behind any corner, there is probably a zombie waiting to leap out at you.



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