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Finding Love in 2015: The Dating Survey

How to Find Love in 2015: We Reveal What to Expect on Your First Date

It definitely seems like a minefield and is a topic which constantly raises debate. With First Dates back on our TV’s piquing our already natural interest in romance, relationships and people’s personal lives in general, we wanted to find out the male and female attitudes towards ‘The First Date’.

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How do we take it from that safe swipe right to the real world of actual human interaction? Can we even be bothered with dating these days? What makes a good first date? What are we willing to lie about to impress and what are the common turn off’s that we never even realised we were doing?! See, Minefield.

Chillisauce surveyed 8,000 people across the U.K for the ultimate dating survey, to gage what’s likely to make that first date either magical or monstrous.

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Sorry, I’m washing my hair tonight…

All great love stories are fraught with obstacles; Romeo and Juliet had to contend with their feuding families, Peter Andre realised Katie Price was anything but a ‘Mysterious Girl’, and  there is that whole drama about the glass shoe having to fit.

We wanted to find out how interested men and women were in starting their own love story and how willing they were to tackle loves first obstacle, the first date.

Men vs Women: Would you skip the opportunity for a first date?


women - scenario

A surprising 68% said they would rather ditch going out on a first date for a night with their friends or to stay in with a take away.

Whilst only 30% of women said they would definitely go out on the date.

This could mean that for every three women a man asks out, one might say yes. It’s all a numbers game, lads, you have to work the odds.

At least those are normal excuses for skipping a date. There was a recent story in The Mirror of one woman going to the extreme’s of faking her own death in order to avoid a date, now that’s a whole different level.


men scenario

Surprisingly, men came out on top in first-date optimism, with 51% opting to go on a date instead of making other plans. This speaks of either boundless romantic optimism or sheer desperation, we’ll let you decide on that one. However with the statistic that nearly 1 in 5 men said they would swerve going on a first date to carry on flirting on Tinder or other on-line dating websites, we are leaning towards the latter.

Across the U.K. – Who are more in favour for first dates?

regional - who would go on date

If you want to be one of the few braving a first date this weekend, stick to the lads and lassies in Scotland who are not only the most likely to say ‘yes’ to a date, but most likely to turn up on it.

Nearly 50% of Scots would throw caution to the wind and say ‘yes’.

They are followed by the English and Welsh at an average of 35%. First-dates in Northern Ireland, however appear to be much harder to guarantee, just 20% were happy to take the first-date plunge over plans with friends or relaxing.

I know this great little place…

As the stats indicate, it seems so difficult to get a first date, so you will obviously want to do something worth while when you get one. Yes, your local coffee house is OK and that restaurant round the corner always has good reviews, but what about something a little different?


We put together a list with the help of Staggered, for the Top 5 idea’s for a unique first date that will be one to remember:

1. Volunteer – Find a good cause and do something rewarding together, the feel good factor will be through the roof.

2. English Vineyard – Wine tasting doesn’t have to be in your little local pub or require a trip to France. There are some beautiful vineyards up and down the U.K. boasting some amazing wines that you can really impress with.

3. Take to the skies – Feel like going all out? Rent a hot air balloon and prepare a vintage picnic.

4. Art – Go somewhere inspriring, take a whole host of art supplies and a canvas and create a collaborative art piece together. For something really out there and to break the ice, you could always try a life drawing class instead.

5. Adrenaline Junkie – If you are adventurous and daring, organise a bungee jump or a sky dive. That will be a first date never to forget.

Pants On Fire: The First Date Lies

We all fabricate a few things from time, to ourselves and to our dates, just to get the evening off to a running start but we wanted to find out what are some of the bigger fibs flying around the first date dinner tables and how you can best spot them?

Would you lie on a first date?

who would lie on a dateee

Our results showed that 61% of people would lie on a first date and only 39% would opt to stick strictly to the facts.

We then asked people to share with us what they would be likely to lie about on a first date.

What are you happy to lie about on a first date?


lies women

37% of women admitted they were more than happy to get creative with their age.

We found the amount of years to take off averaged 3-5.

It was also apparent that 14% 0f women would give a false name on a first date. Perhaps so you can’t dig everything up about her on Google beforehand or Facebook stalk her afterwards.


lies -men

Our results showed that some men are prone to exaggerate their wealth in order to impress on a first date and become more appealing.

29% admitted they will on average increase their perceived income and wealth by 20%.

It doesn’t end there; it seems 18% of men men would lie about their previous relationships and marriages to any potential new flame in order to appear ‘baggage free’.

Occupation was the second highest category for both men and women to lie about.

We asked what profession they would pretend to have if they did decide to not divulge their real occupation and these were the top answers.



1 Entrepreneur 1 Model
2 Pilot 2 Teacher
3 Investment Banker 3 Interior Designer

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With all that fresh information, we took our data and looked at which countries in the UK were most likely to lie about each category.



AGE Scotland
OCCUPATION Northern Ireland
RELATIONSHIP Northern Ireland
NAME Scotland

We were particularly interested in the fact that people from England were the most likely to lie about where they were born.

Would you lie about where you were born?

We looked in the results for where the people who were most likely to lie about their home town came from, to determine the people who appeared to be the most proud and least proud of where they were born.




Now, you might think a brummy accent would be a difficult one to disguise but Birmingham is amongst the top places that people deny coming from alongside Bradford, Leicester, Preston and Hull. As we move up north, Geordie’s were the most proud of their Newcastle roots, with those from Liverpool, Manchester, London, and Brighton not far behind.

The Lie Detector

With all these fibs flying around, we got some tips from well respected behavioural scientist Patrick Fagan of The Web Psychologist and personality profiler Jenna Anderson of JLA Success, about how to best spot a lie on your first date!

  1. Intuition.
    Jenna says “You’re going to need all your powers of observation to read the other person. Intuition is the best lie detector.  As human beings we are programmed to sense our surroundings and we are very acute to subtle changes in our immediate environment. This is an asset in detecting lies as they occur.”
  2. Distancing.
    Patrick shares with us that liars are less likely to ‘face people’, so look out for it in their body language. He added, “Psychologists have also suggested that lying is accompanied by a lack of eye contact.”
  3. Inconsistency
    “Inconsistency is the hallmark of a liar on a date”, says Jenna; “Listen carefully for holes in their stories or things that are illogical or make no sense when put together.”  Patrick agrees, “If your date is lying to you, what they say is likely to be inconsistent, unrealistic and over simplistic. Something won’t sit right.
  4. Cognitive Load
    Patrick explains “It takes a lot more cognitive effort to invent something than it does to simply recall it. Because cognitive resources have been diverted to lying, liars’ brains are unable to carry out other activities at the same time. Their body language is likely to be stunted.” Jenna adds”Imaginative thinking is vital in the creation of a lie. When lying a liar will access the creative part of their brain. Their eyes will dart to the right (your left). Look for excessive blinking too. When liars are under pressure they tend to blink a lot more than normal.”
  5. Anxiety
    “Telling lies is a risky business” says Jenna; “It can cause the body’s nervous system to go in to overdrive. Be mindful of what causes your date to become anxious.” Patrick reminds us to look out for those subtle gestures, “research shows that people engage in comforting self-touching behaviours when they are under stress. They may cover their mouths, by scratching their nose or coughing, every time the subject is spoken about.”

However, if you still find it hard to detect fact from fiction and you don’t posses the power of mind reading, when can you expect the truth to finally reveal itself?

A reassuring 44% said they would come clean by date 3, whilst 22% believe the truth only needs telling once you get to the “I love you” landmark. 9% would save it for marriage- nothing like a wedding day bombshell- whilst a naughty 25% of us would only spill the beans if we got caught!


It’s Not Me, It’s You: The Ultimate Turn Offs

Here are the most widely known turn off’s experienced up and down the U.K. by men and women and how they rank them.

turn offs

27% women said that arrogance and overconfidence was their biggest turn off.

There’s nothing worse than sitting opposite a guy that thinks you should be counting your lucky stars just to be in his presence. He probably thinks your lack of eye contact and strained smile are the results of star-struck awe when in reality you are desperately looking for the nearest exit.

For men, the biggest turn off is a woman who is constantly on her phone, with 37% of men citing this as their first-date deal-breaker. So out of curiosity, we asked me for the top three reasons why.

  1. She’s talking to other guys
  2. She is bored
  3. She is discussing the date with her friends


However, putting down the phone and picking up the wine could also be a problem, with 1 in 10 men claiming to be turned off by a woman who gets too drunk on the first date.

Not satisfied with just asking about the basics, we asked the public to get specific with their dating turn off’s. Here’s a helpful list of the top ten that really should be taken seriously! Everyone has either experienced or been guilty of these at some point in their dating history and, either way; we feel your pain!

Top 10 Turn Off’s

  1. When someone has the audacity to reach over and eat off your plate. Do they want to be stabbed in the hand with a fork?
  2. The length of time your date disappears into the bathroom for, especially for guys, we know what you’re doing.
  3. An annoying laugh that makes you feel like you are out with a mentally deranged goat.
  4. When your date smokes and leaves you alone every 10 minutes to ‘nip outside’.
  5. Too much swearing. Once or twice for effect is acceptable, but in every sentence is grinding.
  6. When someone makes choices or orders for you, without even asking what you would like, what is that about?
  7. A lack of eye contact. It’s already socially awkward enough being a first date.
  8. A person who has no concept of personal space. You know the type, when they are practically spitting down you’re ear.
  9. Drink orders. Women who sit there throwing back pints or men slurping on some pink neon creation with 10 umbrellas adorning the sides. There are also those who seem to want a shot after every sentence, even when they can no longer form a sentence.
  10. Being too gropey. Everyone likes to feel attractive, but being so full on can be just plain creepy.

Chillisauce 6

“It’s been great, I’ll call you, we should do it again sometime!”

So it seems that navigating the dating minefield is more complicated than just mustering the courage to ask someone out, having a few drinks and waiting for sparks to fly.

What is apparent is if you want the date to go well – honestly is the best policy. It’s a well worn cliché, but in light of all the research we can safely say that the genuine, the honest, the polite, will ultimately prevail, as indeed our stats have shown. Bad manners and spending too much time on your phone will probably leave you without a second date. Throw yourself into the melee of dating, with our stats, you’ll know better when the date is running smoothly or when excuses are being made, leaving you to make a better decision on whether this person really is for you.

So dust off your favourite pair of heels ladies, gentlemen throw on your best casual shirt, get off the sofa and enjoy meeting a new face, after all it might be the only face you’ll want to see for the rest of your life.

If you like would to know what dating is like over the rest of the world and what the best cities are for dating, have a look at Time Out’s recent STATS.

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