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The Most Romantic Survey Ever: Celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2017

A Look at what Valentine’s Day means to Britain’s couples

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, thousands of love-struck couples nationwide are putting the finishing touches to their carefully laid plans. Our Marriage Proposal Survey was such a huge hit with our readers, we’ve decided to find out what exactly British couple’s think of Valentine’s Day for 2017.

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She is more likely to say yes on Valentine’s Day…

When is the most popular time to propose?


Xmas 2

10,000 people surveyed for our Marriage Proposal Survey showed that women were more inclined to say yes to a Valentine’s Day proposal – 23% of all females felt that this holiday was the best time for their partner to make a proposal.

Whilst 12% of men agreed with this, a substantial 33% favoured Christmas Eve as their preferred date of proposal. Men are least likely to pop the question on their partners birthday at just 2%, which just so happened to be the least popular date for women! Great minds can think alike.

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So 13,000 Brits surveyed…

We asked men: Have you ever asked someone to be your Valentine?

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2/3 of Men in the UK have never asked someone to be their Valentine…

We found that more than two-thirds (68%) of single men have never asked someone to be their Valentine.

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What about those men who ask someone to be their Valentine?

How did the 32% of male respondents who did ask someone to be their Valentine go about their challenge. As the graph below shows, the vast majority approached their would-be Valentine through a form of technology, such as social networking resources or dating websites. Conversely, the least popular options were approaching a potential partner directly or sending a card, which traditionally have been the most widely used methods of establishing a romantic connection.

We asked men: How did you approach your Valentine?

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By replacing the tried and trusted arts of communication with texts, tweets and instant messaging, today’s generation of red-blooded males seem to have lost their ability to express their feelings and communicate with women directly, or is this the preferred way to woo the other half?

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The strange thing is that this actually seems to appeal to the contemporary woman, which in turn has created a demographic of males who have become lazy and less like their smooth-talking, moustache-wearing fathers’ of the previous generation.

So, we needed to find out more…

Which is the most popular way to approach your Valentine through technology?

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These figures support a trend that was established in our Marriage Proposal Survey with technology now a popular method to both approach a Valentine and make a proposal of marriage.

In terms of the former, social media was the big favourite among the UK’s aspiring Casanova’s, while asking over the phone trailed in second place. The use of email and dating websites brought up the rear, but the fact remains that the use of any of these methods in previous generations would have resulted in a point-blank refusal from the lady in question and a dressing-down from your parents.

If I was Single, would I use an online dating website such as Tinder or to find a Valentine in 2017:

With technology taking hold, we decided to ask both men and women in the UK whether they would consider using a dating website or app to find a potential Valentine this year.

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Do you agree with this statement? The results staggered us, as 83% of respondents said that they would not use these resources specifically for finding a Valentine’s Day date, even though Tinder is used heavily by singles’ who are looking to make romantic connections.

Valentine’s Day is not for blind dates…

While you scratch your heads as we did, there may be a relatively simple explanation for this which also supports the widespread use of technology. Perhaps the discerning singles’ in the UK already have their heart set on a potential Valentine’s Day partner with whom they have an existing friendship, which would render a blind date pointless and make communication through social media and email more appropriate as they are already connected.

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Is chivalry dead?

The traditional idea of Valentine’s Day is losing it’s relevance…

With women more willing to take the lead and approach their would-be mates, it is perhaps the traditional idea of Valentine’s Day that is losing it’s relevance rather than the concept itself.

What would your ideal Valentine’s gift be?

As part of our survey, we also asked the women and men of the UK what their ideal Valentine’s gift would be.

Women: What would be your ideal gift for Valentine’s Day?

valentine's day stats

It was here that our nation’s independent and increasingly dominant women showed their more traditional desire to be spoiled, with the majority opting for a holiday or a car as their favourite Valentine’s Day gift! Spa treatments, jewellery and clothing followed closely behind, as the fairer sex showed their penchant for budget-busting gifts and the receipt of lavish material possessions.

He expects you to pay for dinner:

While the modern woman may retain a longing to be pampered, today’s gentlemen have far less lavish tastes. In fact, the majority of men expect their other half to pay for dinner on this single day of the year.


What is the Point in Valentine’s Day?

If we accept that the fundamental nature of Valentine’s Day is constantly changing, can the same be said for its meaning? What exactly is the point in Valentine’s Day and why do people celebrate this romantic holiday?

59% of men don’t ‘believe’ in Valentine’s Day:

From the results of our survey, it is clear that there is some discrepancy between men and women, both in terms of the relevance of Valentine’s Day and the reasons behind celebrating it. To begin with, just 59% of men don’t believe that there is a point to Valentine’s Day, which is far less than women who seem to have far more interest in celebrating the occasion.

For those men who celebrate Valentine’s Day, what do they think the point is?

From the 41% of men who felt that there was a point to Valentine’s Day, the majority felt that its primary purpose was to show a loved one how much they care for their partner. This was followed by the desire to have sex and go for dinner respectively, while a select few thought it was an opportunity to impress someone or receive gifts.

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While the majority of women agreed that Valentine’s Day was the ideal occasion to show your appreciation for your better half, sex for them was bottom of the agenda and behind treating themselves, purchasing gifts and enjoying a romantic meal.

What do women think the point in Valentine’s Day is?

valentine's day stats

It is immediately obvious that more women care for and believe in the concept of Valentine’s Day, although both sexes are inclined to use the occasion as a way of treating their partner. There also appears to be a growing number of both men and women who see the holiday as a way of pursuing more selfish gains, with men increasingly motivated by sex and women by the opportunity to treat and pamper themselves.

Tradition vs. modern…

Here we see further evidence of the generational shift and changing perception of Valentine’s Day, as while it’s traditional values remain strong they are being challenged by modern attitudes and behaviour.


How do single people spend Valentine’s Day?

In the same sense that Yin needs Yang and Batman needs Robin, Valentine’s Day would lose all its mystique without singletons. But how important is this occasion to the single lads’ and lasses throughout the UK? Do they even recognise it, or do single women spend the day eating chocolate and crying into their 50 Shades of Grey novel? Similarly, do men care at all about being single on Valentine’s Day, or do they resolve to hit the town with their friends and fulfil their own stereotype by drinking their body-weight in lager and drowning their sorrows?

Unsurprisingly, the current generation of singletons have decided to turn these stereotypes on their head. More than two-thirds of single women will be making the most of being single this holiday by refusing to spend it alone, for example, as they look to hit the town with their friends and have a celebrate their freedom.

2/3 of single women will be out with friends…

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All the single ladies…

In fact, 2017 is the ideal time to buck the trend as it falls on a weekend and provides ample opportunity for single larks and merriment. While ‘all the single ladies’ are out following the advice of Beyonce and putting their hands up for singledom, their male counterparts have decided to redress the balance.


69% of single men will spend Valentine’s Day alone:

A staggering 69% of males will spend Valentine’s Day alone this year, with just 31% deciding paint the town a masculine shade of red.

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This means that more than two-thirds will spend their time watching soap operas, playing video games and even enjoying the odd clip of porn rather than tearing up the local city-centre with their friends.

How will men spend their Valentine’s Day alone?

Some will even make a lonely and tragic journey to the cinema (presumably to watch a tear-jerker) or perhaps head to the local high street and buy themselves a comforting gift! Either way, prepare to meet Bridget Jones’ brother Barry this Valentine’s Day, as he tucks into a tub of Haagen-Das and enjoys re-runs of Dirty Dancing.


We asked men, if you were single, how would you spend your Valentine’s Day?

valentine's day stats

It’s Valentine’s Day, but Not as We Know it…

In conclusion, let us start by saying that Valentine’s Day is about as far from being dead as the smartphone or the popularity of reality television.

Like everything else, it is constantly changing and remains vulnerable to social trends and shifts. This is why the nation seems a little split when it comes to appraising the importance and relevance of Valentine’s Day in the modern age, as while an increasing number of men view it with cynicism and do not see the point in celebrating the date it remains heavily romanticised and important to the nation’s females.

The current generation of men have also had their flirting and conversational skills neutered by the advent of technology, meaning that asking a girl out in 2017 is less about being romantic and interacting in person and more about having a reliable Internet connection and the ability to type.

The importance of Valentine’s Day:

Clearly Valentine’s Day remains an important holiday, especially among women who continue to view it as a romantic and special occasion. The fact remains that Valentines’ Day and its perception continues to change in line with social trends, as some traditions are upheld and others become a thing of the past.

Remember that the majority of both men and women believe that the purpose of Valentine’s Day is to show your loved one how much you care, and this proves that the holiday has retained its fundamental meaning in an age of Facebook, unrelenting equality and significant social change. If all these results have got you in the mood to do something extra special this Valentines Day, then our post on unusual valentines day ideas might be just what you need!

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And this is something for all of us to celebrate.

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