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The Marriage Proposal Survey

Will he or she say yes this year?

With a new year on the horizon, it’s a time when plenty of people are thinking about the big and meaningful things in life. And as far as life-changing events go, getting engaged is right up there with the biggies. At Chillisauce we speak to thousands of brides and grooms-to-be on a daily basis, and we hear all sorts of stories about how the proposal went.

We’ve decided to release the hidden secrets of proposals


Over 10,000 people across the UK were surveyed

Comprehensive data on proposals is not something that has been readily available to those that don’t work in the biz, but we’ve decided to change that. We quiz thousands of people across the country every year, and not only do the findings make fantastic research for those involved in the wedding industry, but they make for pretty interesting reading for the general public too.

Ever wondered what the busiest month or most popular day is for popping the question? Or what women want and what men think they want in a marriage proposal? Or how about the different attitudes to betrothal around the country? Find out right here.

What’s the best day of the year to propose?



Christmas eve is the most popular day of the year to propose with 31% of the votes!

Despite being sold as the holiday of romance, Valentine’s Day only received 12% of the votes, with New Year’s Eve proving more popular with 19% and New Year’s Day with 16% of the vote. The anniversary of the date a couple met also proved popular with 10% of overall votes, while Christmas Day came in second to last with only 7% of the votes.

The festive month of December is the most romantic time of the year

Wedding season traditionally runs throughout the summer months but winter is when proposals reach their peak, with the Christmas holidays being the busiest time of year for people getting down on one knee. It’s not just our findings, Facebook also announced that the most popular months to get engaged were December and November, (which explains your social media feed being drowned with ring pictures towards the end of the year). You have been knocked off your romance pedestal Valentine’s Day.

Sandy Moretta, Director at UK Alliance of Wedding Planners and owner of ternevents, shares her professional experience and insight into why Christmas is so popular for proposals:
“Here at the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners we, and our members, hear the stories of many engagements which happen on Christmas Eve, or over the festive period. We take the majority of enquiries and bookings between January and March, soon after Christmas, then the Valentine’s proposals follow. Two of the reasons the Christmas season is so magical is due to romance and family, two elements which proposals combine so perfectly. So planning a proposal in the Winter months makes a lot of sense. On a practical note, if they wish to be really traditional, they are also likely to see the bride’s father without raising suspicion to formally ask for her hand at this time of year.”


When he/she thinks is the best time to propose

Xmas 2

Are men popping the question too early?

Of course, men and women might not always be on the same wavelength and it seems some men are peaking too early with when they pop the question. A third of the men quizzed, 33%, think Christmas Eve is the best time to do the deed, whereas 23% of women actually want their man to put a ring on it on Valentine’s Day.

What women want

New Year’s Eve proved to be quite popular for both sexes with 24% of men and 18% of women choosing a proposal on the day as the perfect way to ring in a new year. Women also chose the anniversary of when they got together as their dream day for a proposal (14%), but some men clearly don’t want the hassle of having to try and remember when this is, as just 8% of males picked this as their top time for proposing.

Why do people propose over Christmas?

When asked why people propose over Christmas, the occasion being romantic was the biggest response, closely followed by being around family. Other humorous answers cited a lack of originality, an excuse to use the ring as a gift and even alcohol as reasons for popping the question.

Xmas 3

Celebrity couples voted most likely to get engaged this Christmas

With so many proposals due to happen this Christmas, we asked which celebrity couples were most likely to put a ring on it this festive season.

Untitled design (5)

1.  Cheryl Cole & Liam Payne

2. Katy Perry & Orlando Bloom

3. Kylie Jenner & Tyga

4. Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik

5. Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

With rumours circulating for weeks surrounding Cheryl’s possible pregnancy with current boyfriend Liam Payne, it’s no surprise that ‘Chiam’ place at number one. Speculation regarding their relationship is at peak interest, and clearly, a festive engagement wouldn’t come as too much of a shock. Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle also recieved enough votes to make it into the top 5. Although the pair have only been dating for a few months, this real life fairy tale combination of royalty and Hollywood is clearly too dreamy. Plus, who wouldn’t love another royal wedding to look forward to next year?

Real Life Christmas Eve Proposal

“After 9 years together and people constantly telling him that he was “dragging his heels” and then buying a house together, it might have seemed like it was inevitable that a proposal was on the cards, but it was nice to know that after all those years together he could still take me by surprise. On Christmas eve, we were planning on a casual night at the local pub. My sisters and best friend had phoned me several times during the day to suggest that we get quite dressed up – I was against this idea as it was the local pub – but unbeknownst to me, I wasn’t going to be going to the pub. Late afternoon when we were about to get ready to go out, I was presented with a card (awkward as I hadn’t realised that living together meant that we bought each other Christmas cards) addressed to “my fiancée” and an unexpected early Christmas present, of the diamond kind. For once in my life I was speechless and don’t really remember much about what I did, other than saying yes of course. Minutes later, family and friends appeared, food was laid out, balloons went up and champagne started flowing and continued into early hours of Christmas day. Christmas then became more special than ever and we celebrated every day until we returned to work!”Danielle Jordan


What makes a good proposal?

Xmas 4

 Men take note

More than half of women in the UK want their partner to get to the point and plainly say ‘will you marry me?’

Cut to the chase when popping the question. More than half of women in the UK want their partner to get to the point and plainly say ‘will you marry me?’ So while grand gestures are all well and good, cryptic hints and beating around the bush are not so welcome, keep it simple and get the words out.

Is technology taking over?

Technology is playing a bigger part than ever, with 15% of women wanting their man to use some kind of digital device to ask the question or record the moment for them. But is this reliance on all things modern damaging the more traditional forms of communication? Poetry and songs pull in just a lowly 6% of the votes each, so word-smiths and budding Shakespeares are clearly not as welcome as they once were.

With people sharing more and more of their personal lives online, it’s no wonder they would like a proposal that was somehow captured forever or could be potentially shared with friends and family. And, it seems ladies across the pond are jumping on the techie proposal bandwagon, with Kelly Rowland accepting a proposal from her boyfriend and manager, Tim Witherspoon via Skype.

“I think it is unsurprising that techie proposals are on the up as social media, tablets, phones and other gadgets are such a big part of life and communication today.” Sandy Moretta, Director at UK Alliance of Wedding Planners


Techie Proposals

Xmas 5

39% of women want social media incorporated into their proposal

39% of people in the UK picked to have social media incorporated into their proposal and 18% of the UK chose live video as a good way to propose. Of course, the risk of viral infamy should your partner say no is something to consider when planning a social media marriage proposal.

Would you propose using social media?

Unsurprisingly, social media is a growing trend for making public declarations of love, with celebs such as Kristen Bell taking the Twitter route to propose in front of the eyes of the digital world.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

Should women pop the question too?

What men think about women proposing

Xmas 6

65% of men quizzed would say ‘no’ if a girlfriend proposed

Is proposing a man’s job?

There are plenty of traditions attached to anything wedding related and one of those that has stood the test of time is that proposing is a man’s job. Whether he has any more jobs to do after getting that one out of the way is another thing altogether, but it seems most men still want that responsibility themselves.

the proposal

How many women would propose?

How many women would actually be brave enough to take on this task themselves?

Xmas 7

A whopping 79% declared they would not be willing to do it, so it seems popping the question is still very much a man’s job in most people’s eyes.


Jewellers must be doing a roaring trade in the run-up to Christmas, as we can expect a flurry of engagements over the festive period.

But while getting wrapped up in the spirit of the season might make it feel as though it’s the perfect time to ask for your partner’s hand in marriage, men should take note that the majority of women still prefer to be asked on Valentine’s Day or the anniversary of when you first got together – so bide your time if you can. And make sure you get your anniversary date in the diary if you want to get that one right.

And finally, if you’re planning a festive engagement or want to make 2016 the year you pop the question then good luck! However you choose to do it, it’s one of the most important questions you’ll ever ask so make sure you enjoy it.

To celebrate proposal season, Chillisauce is also giving away free copies of The Groom Guide, which is full of advice and tips for grooms-to-be from wedding industry experts. You can grab your copy here The Groom Guide




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