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Published on September 22nd, 2014 | by Editor

Chillisauce’s Annual Wedding Survey 2014

Chillisauce’s annual wedding survey for 2014 dives headlong into the mysterious world of getting married to find out what it really means for couples and guests throughout the UK. From the gender clashes that ensue when planning a reception to the truth about what really happens on a typical wedding night.

Public reactions:

We have the information that will offer a genuine insight into the wedding day, not just for the bride and groom, but everyone involved, providing real answers to the questions that you were too afraid to ask!


5,000 people surveyed…

We surveyed 5,000 people anonymously and asked them to share their thoughts about the big day. From young singles, to those who have enjoyed decades of blissful happiness, the results were often as shocking as they were insightful. Whilst it’s hard to get everyone to agree, we picked out the strongest responses so you can have a better idea of what to expect. If you are looking to pop the question or are in the midst of planning your wedding, these answers may be the most important thing that you ever read!

So if you are a groom and wondering whether to invite an ex to your big day, or simply a guest who wants to know whether you are likely to hook up at the wedding, sit back and let us tell you everything that you need to know.

Stress-free hen 2_opt

Where will you meet your other half?

Our results show that  25% of people met “the one” at a wedding, with 60% saying they catch eyes within the first 10 minutes of the wedding ceremony. Other results indicated that working life doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom, with 16% of us finding love just a short desk away at work. Results further suggest that 13% of us will find, in the sultry words of Usher, “love in the club”. Equally, 13% of couples meet their lucky other through mutual friends, which is great, because now we have the perfect excuse to meet with our mates.

where did you meet your other half_opt

It might even be that you’ll lock eyes with the person of your dreams while off to see your friends. An astonishing 6% couples met each other while on public transport with the London underground becoming a nations favourite form of transport for meeting their other half. Getting “lost” and asking someone which tube stop to get off has never had so much potential!

Hooking up at a wedding pie chart_opt_opt

For the gym bunnies, or rather the people who want to go to the gym but don’t have the motivation, you can now motivate yourself by  knowing that despite being sweaty and exhausted, 5% of our respondents admitted to meeting their special someone at the gym. If that doesn’t get you off the sofa – don’t worry, we found out that 18% of people met their match online.

meeting through tech device_opt (1)_opt

What technology device will you be using to meet your other half?

Online dating continues to pave the way as the most widely used way of dating with 45% of singletons finding their other half via dating websites and apps. Apps such as Tinder and Happn are contributing increasingly to the rise in success of online dating. A further 30% of participants admitted to meeting through social media, Facebook and Twitter being the favourites, but also, our studies suggest that social networking sites like LinkedIn  and Google+ are becoming increasingly important when making dating decisions. So don’t despair – love could be in the next private message, tweet or endorsement.

technology relationships_opt

Interestingly 13% met over email, and an incredible 11% knew the one was “the one” over the phone with many people putting it down to their tone of voice. The remaining 4% of couples met In a Second World such as World of Warcraft or Second Life proving that love can be found virtually – ha get it? – anywhere!

What is the most popular month to get married?

wedding stats

With the UK’s weather being as reliable as its public transportation system, it stands to reason that the majority of couples would prefer to try and tie the knot during the dry months of summer or in a snow-covered winter wonderland. 68% of respondents ideally opted for the balmy months of July, August and May. With the celebs appearing to be in agreement, (Kim & Kanye chose May for their nuptials whilst Cheryl Cole & Jean-Bernard recently got hitched this July), it seems everyone is keen to say “I Do” whilst the sun is still shining.


A further 13% chose the months of December and January as an ideal time to get married, coinciding with Christmas and New Year. The joy and festivity that surrounds the holiday season of winter may be what sways couples to look to this time of year, as we previously discovered that Christmas Eve was also the most popular day to propose to a loved one.

What is the best day of the year to propose?

wedding stats

So, what really happens on your wedding night?


Now that you are settled in, it is time to move onto an altogether more controversial topic: the wedding night. You would think that there is very little mystery that surrounds the traditional wedding night, in fact it’s probably one of the most expected parts of the evening, but our survey found that a staggering 67% of newlywed couples do not have sex on their wedding night at all.

Did you have sex on your wedding night?

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So If couples are increasingly unlikely to engage in sexual activity on their wedding night, how exactly do they prefer to enjoy the hours after their big day? Unsurprisingly, brides and grooms tended to have varying opinions on how they would or did spend their evening. Whilst women were more inclined to attend to guests and dance the night away or even indulge in a long overdue sleep, the most popular male response was, perhaps expectedly, drinking and having a good time.

In ranking order of popularity…

1. Dance with the wedding guests
2. Sleep
3. Karaoke
4. Play board games
5. Get drunk

1. Get drunk
2. Dance with the wedding guests
3. Sleep
4. Karaoke
5. Play board games

Original (1)

England was the sleepiest nation with 26% of respondents prioritising a well deserved rest. Whilst 19% of Scots and 13% of Welsh citizens choose to dance and enjoy karaoke over everything else. Those in Northern Ireland were more partial to the idea of drinking, as 15% of residents chose to celebrate with the odd tipple… or twelve.

Hooking up at a Wedding: The Real Life Wedding Crashers

Wedding Crashers

If you have watched the famous Hollywood comedy Wedding Crashers, you’ve probably spent time considering what your odds are of replicating their success! So we thought it would be something worth looking in to, to determine what your actual chances are of hooking up at a wedding. The results are interesting, as 55% of single people have a higher chance of finding love at a wedding than they do in a bar.

Have You Ever Hooked Up At A Wedding?


According to members of the public, this isn’t surprising. Weddings create a unique sense of romance and excitement that tends to engulf everyone involved and therefore can instantly change the mindset of excitable guests, who may become more open minded to Cupids arrow. In terms of which guests are most likely to be inclined to some romance, the highest response came from women over 40. With 72% of over 55’s having the best luck at finding a partner at a wedding.

Age trends: Have You Ever Hooked Up With A Fellow Wedding Guest?


So, if you’ve had some disappointing date flops from Tinder and have exhausted all your local bars, don’t give up hope. Perhaps it’s time to crash your nearest wedding or stop worrying about the plus 1 on that invite you got last month. If you happen to be a guy that’s partial to a more mature lady, then at a wedding is where to find her.

‘The Cougar’ – A Rise In Popularity


Cougars 2

Would you invite your ex to the wedding?

Often people invite ex’s because they are part of a friendship network and everyone else is coming so why not them? An ex might well feel snubbed if not invited but sometimes in fact people may not invite them to spare their feelings. If you left them and they were devastated, it could in fact be quite hard for them to see you marrying someone else. If you are really pushing to invite them and you know it is going to upset your partner then you need to ask yourself why it is so important to have them there. Zelda West-Meads – Relationship Expert, Daily Mail

While the hit U.S. comedy Friends may not have taught us many life lessons, the experience of bumbling palaeontologist Ross certainly challenged the wisdom of inviting an ex-partner to your wedding. Although repeating the wrong name at the altar may seem extreme, there are certainly problems that could arise when you invite a previous partner to attend such an important day. Even placing the thorny issue of the seating plan to one side, how exactly do you tackle the dilemma of whether or not to invite an ex (or multiple exes, good luck) to your wedding?

wedding gif 1

Well two-thirds of couples admitted that they would invite their ex to attend the big day, with men being twice as likely to do so. There were a wide range of answers too, from an outright yes and tentative consent with the backing of a partner to a rather more cynical ‘no way.’

Would You Invite Your Ex To The Wedding?


A guest list for a wedding should be prepared and agreed to by both partners. You should only invite people to weddings if you think that person will be a positive presence at the wedding. Anne Rettenberg – Author & Psychotherapist

After our proposal survey found that 17% of male respondents had popped the question up to 5 times, it sounds like some grooms would need to organise a mini-bus to transport their exes efficiently. Joking aside, the question is a delicate one, which brought up strong and opposing feelings either way. If you do wish to invite an ex to your wedding, take the time to discuss this in detail with your partner and make sure you give their feelings your full consideration.

Planning the Big Day: Should the groom have more involvement? The new age of Groomzilla

I disagree with weddings being a “female” thing. I find that around 40% of my communications are with the groom. Roni Hyslop – Wedding Plannner

Don’t Tell the Bride is not only a hugely successful reality program, but it can also offer a terrifying insight into the mind of an excitable groom. Left with the budget and an all access pass to the plans, would he do things differently? With more and more grooms wanting to put their own stamp on the big day, we wanted to test this theory and delve in the new phenomenon of ‘The Groomzilla’.

Grant Engler

When asked where most of the budget should be spent to make their day special men overwhelmingly (65%) chose Transport and Bar/Catering as their priorities. The majority of men surveyed opted to allocate the highest proportion of their budget towards securing a free bar for one and all, alongside obtaining luxurious sports cars, helicopters and parachutes as a way to make a grand entrance. Staggeringly, the venue was the last thing that grooms wanted to spend money on, followed closely by clothing (including the wedding dress) and entertainment.

How Would You Spend Your Budget?


Contrast this with the female responses, only 6% of women choose transport as a priority with a huge 55% committed to procuring the perfect venue no matter what the cost. This is perhaps why women prefer to retain control of the budget and organising the logistics of the big day, as this at least ensures that there will be an entire event for people to attend!


In Conclusion…

So there you have it – that is our 2014 wedding survey. From the surprising to the downright ridiculous, we hoped you enjoyed this post and wanted to check the reaction to our results with everyday folk on the bustling streets of London. You can see the results below: -

Beyond this, we have seen some traditional values challenged and others reinforced through the course of our survey. Some results will have been a shocking surprise and others will have been expected. Hopefully either way we have tackled some of the less spoken subjects when it comes to the average wedding.

We would love to hear your thoughts, and whether or not you are surprised by the results, blown away by them or pleasantly reassured that you know more about weddings than you probably should. Either way, feel free to get in touch, and don’t be afraid to let us know if we have missed any questions that you are dying to know the answers to. Pass your comments and stay tuned, so we will publishing the best on the blog!


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