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Possibly one of the greatest urban myths of all time could be Nottingham's infamous 5 : 1 female male ratio. Still, if it was started as a marketing campaign by Nottingham County Council, it certainly seems to have worked. Although you should not expect ‘total’ female utopia, the number of nurse’s collages in Nottingham certainly means a fine bunch of lads will have plenty to entertain themselves with on a stag night. Nottingham has recently received a lot of press as the UK's prime den of iniquity from the "Ban all drinking or this country is going down the pan" brigade - much as a result of the fact that it was the first UK city to relax its drinking laws - leading to a city centre with the highest density of licensed premises in the country - and party loving crowds to match.

Having a Nottingham hen weekend, every woman is guaranteed to have the time of their life. The city holds many adventures that are sure to be pleasing during hen parties. Whether you wish to explore the deep caves, or check out the insides of old ale-houses, Nottingham hen weekends can hold enough fun and adventure to create memories that will last for a lifetime.


The city provides several modes of public transport along with many park and ride lots, providing for easy travel. Buses, trams and trains all make traveling during hen nights easier. An all day ticket for unlimited use of all three modes of transportation is available at very reasonable costs.


Many attractions define the history and culture of the city

The Robin Hood Statue at Nottingham castle

Goose Fair (first week in October)

Nottingham caves

Don't miss the chance to practice archery in Sherwood Forest or take a Nottingham Ghost Walk tour. Any of these attractions will only add more excitement to any hen night. Nottingham attracts many tourists because of its history of Robin Hood but it's so much more than this. If you are interested in seeing a touristy stop while on your hen do you should check out the Brewhouse Yard Museum. This Museum is made up of five cottages from the 17th century. It is located at the base of Nottingham Castle.


What is a good hen weekend without some good shopping? The city itself has gained a fashion name as being the home of designer Paul Smith. His original boutique is located in Nottingham at Bridlesmith Gate, along with tons of other great places to shop. Hocking Village attracts attention for alternative minded women during hen weekends. Lastly, to find something really unique, women can go to Derby Road. Hen nights and shopping go hand in hand helping to make Nottingham the perfect location for yours.


Hen parties in Nottingham have been notable due to the wide variety of nightlife available. Market square pubs are usually full of younger crowds, including students. This is what some women are looking for. However, if you desire more sophisticated locations for hen do then the Lace Market is where you may want to head. If you want to add clubs to your hen night then Nottingham is the perfect place to be. Nottingham hosts some of the bigger clubs and has an underground music scene.

Food and Drink

With over 300 eateries located in Nottingham, you are sure to have your choice of food during your hen weekend there. Whether you seek out a vegetarian meal, greasy fast food, or something in between, you will find it in Nottingham. Close

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