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Sofia. Sofia. Sofia. So. Fee. Aaaaaaaah. Sound rather like a fit Spanish bird from a soft-core Film 4? stay with Italian screen sirens and many a fine Spanish model-turned-actress aside, Sofia is the name of the newest kid on the European Block and she's ready and waiting for your call. Bulgaria's bustling capital is such a brand-spankingly, thirst-inducingly, pant-tighteningly new stag destination that even the Bulgarians didn't know about it until we pointed it out to them. If mainstream destinations jam-packed with guide-book wielding ‘bucket ‘n spade' families on package deals don't float your boat then a stag weekend in Sofia is your money shot.

You’re going to want to get to know Sofia. Real well. Sofia is hot. Smokin’ hot. This capital of Bulgaria is the new destination for stag weekends if you are looking for something off the beaten path that still offers everything you’d want to do, see and experience.

Why Sofia?
Sofia is an Eastern Bloc city and while it's compact, it's chock filled with rich architectural style. The Second World War really knocked the sh*t out of it but it’s come back stronger than ever. What’s going to really knock your noggin’ is that this city is known for having one of the hottest nighttime party scenes in all of Europe – even though it has a bit of economic instability. Don’t let that sway you; it’s one of the coolest stag weekend choices around if you’re looking for the hot party scene. Bulgarian alcohol is a hit with stag do buddies – the wine and spirits are top quality and very affordable. Check out Melnik reds from the South West and also the kick ass, knock-out plum alcohol Rakia.

Strippers? Did someone say strippers?
You heard us correctly. The nightlife is hot and it’s discarding clothes as fast as it can. Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1989, this ex-communist nation has had some admittedly corrupt and unstable times but this seems to have only fired up Bulgarians to party down. So you’ll find more clubs, bars and restaurants open 24 hours in Sofia than just about anywhere else we can think of. We can’t imagine any stag night more fun than drinking a potent Sofia cocktail while watching a pair of nipple tassels dance in front of us. Chillisauce has searched to find the very best of the best of Sofia for you – so you can expect to only go to the top venues.

Daytime Activities:
Find all of the top popular activities here from karting, shooting and paintball. But take your daytime stag weekend fun to a higher level with bungee jumping, canyoning, caving and game hunting. Chillisauce has found the top daytime activities for you. Go on and get out there to try out target shooting – or some of the other fun daytime activities for your stag do.

Bloc Party!
Chillisauce understands that you want a memorable stag night – the type that stays in your mind and brings a smile to your face 10 or 20 years from now. So remember when you go to Sofia, you’ll experience 24 hours of fun.

In Sofia things can get wilder than you’d expect with no licensing laws – so drinking is possible for people of all ages, though you must be over 16 to buy alcohol. If you’re a smoker we may not be able to get you to come home – with amazingly cheap prizes on smokes. Only a quid for the popular ‘Victory’ brand of cigarettes. Don’t miss the white hot erotic stripper shows in Sofia. How hot are they? You won’t want to blink to lose a second of the action.

Sofia has minimal public transport. It has a short underground line, buses and tramways, but they're old and don’t cover the entire city. While it is pretty cheap to take a taxi, keep your eyes open for an honest taxi driver. Get your taxi from the airport booked ahead of time. Remember that all taxis in Bulgaria are yellow.

Getting there:
Sofia flights leave from Bristol, Manchester and London. The flight from London is under 3 ½ hours.

The airport is 10km east of the city and has recently been renovated.

Spring and autumn are Sofia’s best seasons. Winter can get quite chilly, with temperatures below zero. Close

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