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It's time to put your finger on the trigger and pedal to the metal as you get your heart racing with this action packed extravaganza!

On arrival, you will meet at the lodge for refreshments and a briefing. An instructor talks through the activities and the equipment and then you can go ahead and start having some fun!


- Choose any 3 of the activities below. Some activities carry a supplement charge. Each activity lasts up to an hour.

Mini Challenge
These specially adapted Minis have been kitted out with roll cages and racing seats for an incomparably unique driving experience. This will test even the most experienced racers as you rev the engine to the max and bolt around the track against the clock.

Segway Jousting
Using the latest in self-balancing technology, these nifty 2-wheelers are a break from the norm and a whole bundle of laughs. Like a time-travelling Space Knight, you will ride armed with a jousting lance, your mission being to rack up points by hitting various targets.

Military 4x4
Here is a great chance to test your skill on a demanding course over a variety of off road terrain. This isn't a drive through the park but a real opportunity for individuals to experience the might of a 4 x 4 during your corporate event.

Mini Monster truck
This literally takes off road driving to another level , as steps are required to climb into our mini monster truck. Strapped into the5 point rally bucket seats the instructor will help guide you through tough obstacles that include the Quarry, Logs, Steps and two water dips. This is adrenaline fueled event will definitely get the blood pumping and hopefully you will have the opportunity to take in the breath taking views an of the Mendip countryside.

Armoured Personnel Carrier (Supplement applies & min 12ppl)
Jump in this beast of a military machine with the rest of the group and set off over this rough terrain safari. With a chance to take the controls and power this Goliath over humps, through ditches and bulldozing any obstacle in your path, this is as powerful as you will ever be!

Honda Pilots (Supplement applies & min 12ppl)
These American style dune buggies speed around the dirt tracks as if they are powered by pure adrenaline. The challenging courses have sharp, testing corners and bumpy terrain to test your nerve and skills at the wheel.

Air Rifles
With four people shooting at once this is the perfect opportunity to practise on a range of different targets. Knock down ducks or boars, a selection of spinners and see who the real sharp shooters are!

Clay Pigeon Shooting
Ever fancied getting your hands on a shotgun, setting your sights down the shiny double barrel and scratching that itchy trigger finger of yours? Reload, exhale, and blast that ceramic Columbidae to smitereens!

Hovercraft (Supplement applies & min 12ppl)
A hovercraft is a motorised air cushioned vehicle, purposely designed to travel over water and land at speed. If you want a unique ride you can’t go far wrong with the experience of “flying” a hovercraft. Flying a foot off the ground requires the pilot to kneel down and ride the hovercraft as if you were riding a bike.

You’ll receive personal one-to-one tuition from an experienced instructor sat with you as you learn how to control this powerful and unique speed machine around our course. Full safety equipment and briefing will be provided


- Due to local bylaws, the site has to be clear by 1pm. If you are doing 3 or 4 activities you'll need to arrive around 8.30am in order to complete them.
- Each activity will last up to an hour. Allow an additional hour for briefings before and after - I.E. 2 activities will see you on site for about 3 hours.
- If you do not hold a current driving licence, please contact us in advance so we can arrange special instruction for you on the driving activities. If this is the case, please also be aware that you will not be able to participate in the Mini driving.
- Certain activities can be chosen at a slightly increased cost - please ask for details.
- Please note that the Honda Pilots are not available during the winter months - ask your account manager for more information.

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