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Training And Development

Engage. Enhance. Expand.
Enhance your skills with stimulating activities that will engage your communication abilities and increase your problem solving potential. We use an exciting mix of indoor classroom training with outdoor experiential learning and we always focus on practical skills that can be instantly applied back in the office.

Group Activities with individual focus
Whether you're a neurosurgeon or an IT project manager, we all need to use different types of thinking to solve problems and work productively as a team. Chillisauce activities are all designed by experts who will show you how to build on your strengths and maximise your potential. Detailed feedback with focused discussion all work to give you a positive experience and a fresh perspective on your working environment.

Launch a Rocket, Take a Leap of Faith or Drive a Car Blindfolded!
While our activities are designed to maximise your productivity they are also designed to give you a great day out. We have chosen the best activities so a Chillisauce training day will definitely be the best day of work you'll ever experience.


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