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I'm An Office Worker, Get Me Out Of Here!

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**WARNING: This event is NOT for the fainthearted**

Fear, panic and abject terror are not just for celebrities. With the hit ITV show recently returning to our screens, you too can now experience the ‘jungle’ and all its treats in the form of your team building event.

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Forget teambuilding as you know it – rip up the rule book and unleash your group into the wilderness. Faced with the bare minimum accommodation and supplies, teams must set up their own base camp and brace themselves for what lies ahead. Competing against each camp, teams will complete terrifying challenges to win their team food, better accommodation and other ‘luxury’ treats.
Based on your team’s individual fears, genuinely submitted pre event, challenges will test team spirit, group support and inner strength.
With ‘special’ challenges you can nominate individual people from other camps to compete against in a Head to Head trial…Winner takes all!

This is a highly competitive, extreme event for those that want to push boundaries and try something different!

Eating bugs

Suggested Challenges:

Fear of Heights?
There’s a star to collect just a few metres off the ground, sounds easy enough? Maybe not when you’re stood 200ft high and the only way down is to jump!
Tree House
In the tree tops could you negotiate your way through a series of tricky obstacles on a high ropes course? Each obstacle presents a new challenge, and a chance to collect another vital star for your team.

Fear of The Dark?
The lights are off, you’re in a small tunnel and you’re not alone! Can you collect enough stars as you navigate through the tunnels with only your hands to guide you?
Buried Alive
Dropped into a ditch, in the pitch black and enclosed in a wooden box… how long could you last before screaming those famous words?

Fear of Water?
Island Living
There’s a star positioned in the middle of an island, the only way to get to that island is to cross the water that surrounds it. Build yourself a makeshift raft and make your way around the many obstacles in the water!

Fear of The Animal Kingdom?
Could you complete a series of mental challenges whilst being distracted by a gang of furry rodents? Try not to let their tails, teeth and stench be the only thing on your mind, whilst you attempt to complete mental rat-ithmetics!
• Snakes
Would you venture into a snake pit and disturb the venomous reptiles all to win points for your team? Unwelcome guests, be sure to move slowly and slyly or else you might end up with a snakebite, and not kind you drink!
If black, hairy, eight legged arachnids aren’t your preferred house pet how would you cope with them crawling over your face? Find out, when you get up close and personal in the webs of the local residents!

Fear of Eating the Creepy Crawlies?
Grubs Up!
Hate Brussels sprouts? Can’t stand marmite? How would you feel polishing off a bowl full of maggots, downing some fish guts or chewing on a handful of crickets? If you think you’ve got a strong stomach, see how you feel once dinners been served from our ‘a la jungle’ menu!

Fear of The Unknown?
What’s in the box?
Blindfolded and with only the ability to touch, can you find the stars hidden in a box amidst creepy crawlies, gunge, and other unfamiliar & unpleasant surprises? Trick or treat in the jungle guided by your senses only!

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