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It‘s a Knockout is the wettest, wildest and wackiest event we offer. Based on the popular TV series, you‘ll be creasing up with laughter as you play a selection of hilarious games. This event is ideal for motivating staff through a fun filled day that will amuse, entertain and inspire.

The event is run by an experienced compere who will coordinate the activities while amusing guests. The day kicks off with an ice breaker, the traditional "warm up" dance, which will get everyone in the right frame of mind before the games begin. Teams of 8-12 people compete against each other over a series of crazy challenges while a lively soundtrack plays music (old and new) in the background.

After the games the scores are counted and a trophy with medals are awarded to the winning team whilst a booby prize is given to the worst losers or biggest cheaters.

Please choose from the following games and create the ultimate knock out event:

Slippery Slope
Get your entire team up and over an inflatable slope that is covered in soapy water!

Funnel Tunnels
Race through inflatable tunnels filled with bubbles and collect as many balls as you can.

Triple in size with our giant costumes and race against other teams in size 50 shoes.

Penguin Pursuit
Wearing giant penguin costumes you‘ll race against other teams to catch the most fish!

Bomb The Castle
Catapult soaking sponges to team mates over an inflatable castle and squeeze as much water as you can into
your bucket.

Dress the Sportsman
Carry items of clothing from the washing line through an obstacle course and dress the sports person at the other end. Try and do all of this - in giant shoes!

Giant Sack Race
A twist on the traditional sack race, hop along picking up a team mates on the way until everyone is in the sack!

Tropical Scrabble
Teams race through an inflatable obstacle course collecting letters, the quickest team to spell a word wins!

Water Wars
Teams take it in turns in the water war cage while others catapult water bombs at it.

Musical Monkeys
This is musical chairs with a twist! The only differences are that two members of each team will be wearing giant banana and monkey costumes and instead of chairs competitors will be dancing around giant bean bags.

The Mangle and Washing Machine
A relay race that requires teams fetch items from a giant washing machine and then squeeze themselves through a giant mangle that is covered in foam and water.

Challenge Assault Course
This is a test of speed and strength as you cover the 40ft assault course to complete the challenge at the end.

Human Table Football
This is the human version of the popular table football on an inflatable football pitch!

Sumo Wrestling
Wrestle your colleagues in huge sumo style padded body suits.

Bungee Run
Run as far as you can down an inflatable bungee runway with a large elastic cord tied to your waist. See who can get the furthest.

Gladiator Duel
Knock your opponent off of their podium before they knock you off of yours!

· Compere
· Full Event management
· Chosen activities and equipment
· Full equipment instruction and safety briefings
· Safety Equipment*
· Public liability insurance
· Trophy and medals for the winning teams
· Music and a sound system

* To adhere to necessary codes of conduct and for insurance reasons first aid cover is required on site. We will arrange this for you and it is included in the stated price. For groups of 50 or more there will be an ambulance and staff present.

The event will last 2½- 4 hours depending on the size of your group.

Wear clothes that you don't mind getting wet or a bit dirty. We recommend shorts/tracksuit bottoms, trainers, and a t-shirt/sweatshirt. We can arrange t-shirts with printed team names.

Feedback on this event from our clients:
"We all had a fantastic time - your team were excellent during the games and were really good at getting people excited and involved, we all had a great time...All in all - a very successful event and I wouldn't hesitate to use you guys again and to recommend you to others! Huge thanks to you for your excellent organisation of the day"
- Boxer Think

"We all had a fantastic time last Thursday and we are really grateful to Paul and his team for putting in such a great effort to encourage us to make the most of the day. Even people who were anxious or not particularly looking forward to the event have gone out of their way to say what a great time they had, which is just brilliant"
- Digitas

"I just would like to thank you so much. Everyone has so much fun"
- Hostel Bookers

"The event was great fun, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it – we are just looking at all the pictures now and there is a lot of laughter around the office!  The Chillisauce team did a great job with the events, and kept us all upbeat and competitive with each other"

- Planning Inc

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