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Christmas Parties

Christmas Parties

42  Destinations


If you’ve been tasked with arranging this year’s Christmas party and are stuck for ideas, you’re in the right place as we have plenty! We can run any of our corporate events for your Christmas party, but to make life easier we have specifically tailored a range of activities perfect for Christmas.

A Christmas Party is a great way to thank everybody for their hard work and kick start the New Year but the pressure to organise a memorable event for your staff can often bring out the Scrooge in people! Thankfully, Chillisauce are well-practised at organising great parties, so if you want to ensure this year ends with a bang, you have come to the right place.

Whether you’re looking for a shared party, bespoke event or a Christmas-themed activity day, our Corporate Managers have the knowledge and experience you need to take the stress out of organising your event. With hundreds of venues all over the UK and a wealth of creative ideas up our sleeves we have all the resources to ensure a professional and seamless event planning process from start to finish.


Our Corporate events team are full of exciting ideas to design a tailor-made Christmas event which meets all your needs. From finding the perfect venue to organising the catering and evening entertainment, we can create a bespoke package that will make your Christmas party stand out from the crowd.


This year there can be more to your Christmas party than the standard turkey dinner and an out of date DJ! It’s always fun to do something a bit different at Christmas and here at Chillisauce we have plenty of Christmas themed activities that are guaranteed to get your staff in the festive mood. Let Chillisauce take the reins, with activities such as interactive Cocktail Making, Christmas Crime and Dine, and The Christmas Chilli Show, we have events to suit everyone, whether you’re a small team or a large company.


Shared Christmas parties give smaller firms or teams the chance to soak up the atmosphere of a larger party. With a wide variety of themes, locations and dates on offer, you can add to the excitement of Christmas by sharing fun and good times with other companies in your area as well as your own team. Contact one of our account managers for what is available in your area.


“God where do i start ?!!!! WOW !!!!!! Definitely the WOW factor there !!!!!! I can't thank you and Charlotte enough. Seriously !!! This was our best Christmas Party by FAR. What you did with the theming was just magnificent and everybody was completely blown away. The other company I used for the last 2 years could never ever match what Chillisauce did. I seriously mean that. The belly dancers were fantastic and everyone loved them - even the women !!!!! Please pass on my compliments and thanks to the girls. If I get the authorisation from my Finance director next year, i would definitely like to hire you again for our Christmas Party. You did an absolutely fantastic job, i just can't thank you enough. Everyone has told me this morning how amazing it looked and how i'd have a very hard job topping that next year !!!! Oh God !!!!! So, thanks once again to you and Charlotte and everyone involved. I would like to see the pictures your photographer took if possible. Have a lovely Christmas and hope to be talking to you again in about 5 or 6 months time (any ideas ?!?!?)”
- John Crane UK

“It went really well thanks – everyone had a good time and it fit perfectly with the time constraints we had. I don’t have any bad feedback about the night - the team were really good & at times showed exceptional patience with us. Once again thanks very much for all you help with the evening, Happy Christmas and New Year.”
- Flash Talking

“The venue was great and the food really good. Everyone had a great night and I have lots of emails to say thanks. I would definitely recommend it and use it again. Thanks for all you help and support in arranging the event and for being so accommodating re all the changes.”
- Lloyds TSB



8  Destinations

Chillisauce bring you the ultimate series of team building events designed and delivered by Bear Grylls personal team of highly trained experts.

We’ve taken the synergy between high performance teamwork, natural instinct and survival and created a one off selection of completely different team building experiences. Designed to significantly increase group performance and individual skills including leadership, communication, trust and cohesion, each event will push comfort zones just enough for individuals to think differently and learn new ways of working.

All experiences are written by Bear and his close personal team of experts and are designed to push you and your team to bring out the best in teamwork, cohesion and leadership.

If you’re looking for a seriously life empowering team event that makes a REAL difference then don’t be afraid to step up!

Outdoor & indoor experiences are available.


Bear is an adventurer and outdoor expert who has been on amazing adventures all over the world. His aim is to get adults, children and families back outdoors and away from the TV, mobile phones, tablets and computer consoles. Bear’s ethos is based around the importance of Courage, Determination, Unselfishness, and Cheerfulness in the face of adversity whilst exploring the great outdoors. I.e. Wade through rivers, scramble up rock faces, fall out of trees, build and sleep in a shelter, eat wild food, gaze at the stars, have amazing fun and be left with the knowledge, ambition and self-belief to do all of this yourself. During these adventures he aims to learn and develop situational awareness, resourcefulness and how to stay calm under pressure. Be the first to understand, the first to adapt and the first to overcome. Bear is fully supportive of the Scouts ethos to actively engage and support young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society. Some classic Bear Grylls values include:

· Excellence - strive to do the best you can and better

· Integrity - tell the truth, be honest

· Self-discipline - resist the easy option, stay true to yourself

· Humility - respect for the rights, diversity and values of others

· Courage - get out front and do what is right

· Determination - never give up

· Unselfishness - family and friends first, team next, then self

· Humour - make humour the heart of moral, cheerfulness in the face of adversity

“Everything I have learnt about business was first learnt from the wild – trust, risk management, going that extra mile, dynamic teamwork, & honest communication. There is nothing like trying to light a fire or cross a river to force you to re-engage some left brain initiative and right brain ‘calm in the storm”
- Bear Grylls