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Liverpool Dance Workshops

Dance classes are a fantastic way to inspire a real sense of achievement from your team. Teams will learn a routine and work together to showcase it in the final performance. If you are looking for a high energy, fun event then one of our top quality dance classes should definitely be on your shortlist. We have classes to suit every taste and offer a range of classes from Thriller to Salsa to back to the 80’s.

Led by professionally trained, expert dance teachers, we are guaranteed to have a style of dancing that suits your requirements. So grab your water bottle and don your leotard, and prepare to wow your colleagues as you shake it on the dance floor.

Corporate Events

Dance Workshops in Liverpool

Dance Workshops_10716 Liverpool Corporate Events

Street Dancing Workshop

corporate events Liverpool
Street Dancing Workshop
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Dance Workshops_10721 Liverpool Corporate Events

West End Dance Workshop

corporate events Liverpool
West End Dance Workshop
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Dance Workshops_12655 Liverpool Corporate Events

Dance Workshops

Dance Workshops_17473 Liverpool Corporate Events

Thriller Live

Dance Workshops Liverpool Corporate Events

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