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Leeds Crime Scene Investigation

Fancy putting yourself on the other side of the crime scene tape? With our Crime Scene experience you can do just that. Under the guidance of experienced professionals (former Police officers or Forensic Scientists) teams will become Crime Scene Investigators for a day. Participants will learn actual forensic science and detection techniques, and use authentic Crime Scene Investigation equipment to locate and extract evidence, interpret findings and “solve a case.”

We offer a variety of crime events with different scenarios, and the techniques you will learn are based on your choice of event.

Our Crime Scene Investigation events are engaging and practical - teamwork, critical thinking and problem solving skills will be put to the test. They are specifically structured to improve communication and relationships between participants, and in a way that encourages full participation by everyone. Teams must manage themselves to ensure they come to a conclusion and solve the crime.

For an engaging, challenging and special event, beneficial to everyone involved, a Crime Scene event is exactly what you are looking for.
Corporate Events

Crime Scene Investigation in Leeds

Crime Scene Investigation_11460 Leeds Corporate Events

Closed Case

Crime Scene Investigation_3630 Leeds Corporate Events

Crime Scene Academy (Full Day)

corporate events Leeds
Crime Scene Academy (Full Day)
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Crime Scene Investigation_18232 Leeds Corporate Events

Crime Scene Dinner Experience

corporate events Leeds
Crime Scene Dinner Experience
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Crime Scene Investigation_11105 Leeds Corporate Events

Scotland Yard Experience

corporate events Leeds
Scotland Yard Experience
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Crime Scene Investigation_3631 Leeds Corporate Events

Crime Scene Experience (Half Day)

corporate events Leeds
Crime Scene Experience (Half Day)
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Crime Scene Investigation Leeds Corporate Events

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