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If you’ve clicked this far the chances are that you’re on exactly the same wavelength as us, and that’s precisely who we want to hear from. Maybe you’re traveling to some little known festival, maybe you’re organising some bonkers form of hybrid motorsport or maybe you’re going to enter yourself into an endurance sport that stretches body and mind to the limit. Whatever it is, let us know, and you could be the next person who writes for us. Just e-mail blog@chillisauce.co.uk and share the experience with the world.

Want to Write for Chillisauce?

If you’re filming or participating in a life less ordinary you are more than welcome to guest blog for Chillisauce, we love articles, info graphics, photos & videos. Here is a list of regular contributors:

Extreme Sportsmen, Enthusiasts, Blogger

Extreme Sportsmen]

If you’re into extreme sports or a blogger that likes to write about them, then we’d love to hear from you. Whether you freerun, skydive, ski or something else that truly extreme or dangerous

Directors and Photographers

Extreme Sports Directors

Are you an aspiring director, photographer, film producer or viral video maker? If you want to get your videos and photos out to 1000’s of people then get in touch, we do love a good video!

Festival Organisers and Participants


Are you a nutter for festivals? If you are going to a festival in some far reach location or are organizing one, let us know about it. We might even support you in your travels or festival promotion. The more bizarre the better!

Adventure Travelers

Adventure Travellers needed!

If you’re the type of person that drops everything to seek freedom and adventure and experience something truly wonderful you’re going to want to tell someone about it! And we can help you spread the word. If you’ve had an adventure and want to tell everyone about it then say hello.

Bizarre Sport stars

Bizarre Sport Stars

Office Chair Racing Champion, Shovel Racer, and British Mini Golf Champion – If you consider yourself to be as crazy as these guys, we want you!! – If you’re promoting a new sport or a new race, let us know! we can help!

Charity Racers

Charity Racer

Doing something amazing for Charity? At Chillisauce we love to hear about people doing amazing races, events and challenges to support others – If you want to promote it to 1000’s of people let us know about it and we will be happy to help.

If you haven’t been mentioned, this doesn’t mean you don’t count. Just drop us an email to blog@chillisauce.co.uk and tell us about you and how you would like to get involved.

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