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Why We Love the Bournemouth Sevens!

There was a time, not so long ago, that a weekend of rugby meant travelling by coach to some provincial club house with a bunch of overweight, aged alcoholics to spend most of the time with your pants on your head being fined for acting like a lightweight and having to drink your own urine. There was also some rugby. Things have changed in the last few years, however, thanks to events like the Bournemouth Sevens.

Bournemouth Rugby 7's

The idea of a rugby ‘festival’ was dreamt up by Roger ‘Dodge’ Woodall, a former professional player with Leicester and a man on a mission to take rugby kicking and screaming in to the present day. It started 5 years ago and has become known as the sporting Glastonbury, with the emphasis just as much on the music and entertainment as on the rugby pitch. However, it still attracts top flight sevens teams to its competitions and it’s pretty common to see some household rugby names playing and partying with the best of the


Bournemouth Rugby 7's3

With 20,000 revellers expected for the weekend, there are 9 cups to play for and over 200 teams competing for them. These range from the V-10 National Cup to The Shandy Cup, which describes itself as a social competition and which you can read as a hung-over/still drunk  one. And to prove that rugby really has moved with the times there will also be girls there…quite a lot of them; some playing rugby, some playing netball and all of them partying like they mean it.

Bournemouth Rugby 7's

Rugby entertainment has also become slightly more sophisticated since the days of boat race teams and blowing up balloons with a mouthful of crackers. This weekend includes 6 festival arenas, 10 live bands, 10 DJ’s, a dance tent, beer tents and a pitch side Jacuzzi, which for me can only constitute a warm place to have a nice wee. But make no mistake; this is a serious party weekend and one that will involve plenty of on and off pitch stamina to get the most from it. It’s good to know, however, that some things don’t change – the whole weekend is fancy dress. Sweet.


1st  – 3rd June


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