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Top Stag and Hen Destinations 2017

2017 is in full swing. You’ve set your new year’s resolutions and determined to keep them, though somewhat inevitably, they’ll fall through and we’ll break a few along the way. But if there’s one thing you can’t break, it’s arranging an amazing stag and hen do for the groom and bride.

We bring together a number of new and exciting destinations to have your stag and hen do in 2017. Some are new, some are oldies, but all are goodies. Either way, we hope this list will inspire you to go out there and arrange the very best stag or hen do possible. For more information on all these destinations and the activities available, head over to Chillisauce.

In no particular order, here are the hottest places to book your stag or hen weekend away in 2017, so, if you’re a Best Man or Maid-of-Honor – this is a good place to start!


The Greeks certainly know how to throw one wild party. Athens is an incredible city, like a Barcelona only with more culture thrown in. A cold one is just that little bit more refreshing when kicking back on the beach and soaking in some of that glorious Mediterranean weather. The average cost for a beer – around 3 euros, a damn sight cheaper than most of Europe. If your tipple of choice is more cocktail, then you need to take on a rooftop bar crawl. Looking down upon the city below you’ll feel like a modern day Zeus or Athena, only with a cheeky Manhattan in your hand.



The capital of Poland has often been overlooked for it’s more touristy neighbours like Krakow. However, what does Warsaw offer better than it’s neighbour? Price and selection. That’s right, Warsaw is an incredibly affordable stag do destination, beating almost any other country hands down. You might think this means it sacrifices quality or variety but you couldn’t be further from the truth. After hosting the Euros in 2014, Warsaw offers plenty to any group that visits there. 


top stag destinations 2017


Are you hvaring a good time? At Chillisauce, we anticipate Hvar becoming one of our Top 2017 stag and hen destinations. We’ve already had hundreds of you enquiring about this sultry island off the coast of Croatia. The waters are like something out of the Caribbean and the Old Town can hold its own against much of Spain. So whether you want to eat the freshest seafood, stare at some of the biggest motorboats in the Med or head to some thumping bars and clubs, Hvar is an island paradise waiting to be discovered.


top stag destination hvar


What’s not to like about Lisbon? It has everything that Spain has – sea, sunshine, senoritas. Despite being the 6th most visited European city last year it still retains an air of the undiscovered. Whether you head to Barrio Alto and party with the bohemian crowd, or head to the shoreline and mix it with those in Cais do Sodre, you’ll come away from Lisbon already thinking about your next do there.


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The Scandi capital of cool. It’s easy to see why Copenhagen is one to look out for going forward into 2017. You’ll feel instantly at ease in this laid-back, cultural, hipster city. We recommend heading towards Vesterbro and the Meatpacking District for a night out. Once a seedy area of the city, these days you’ll find amazing bars, banging street food and clubs to accommodate all types of music. And even if the whole hipster thing isn’t your vibe, the rest of the city has plenty to offer. Don’t forget to take a quick trip to Nyhavn, there are plenty of bars and restaurants catering to groups of people, all inside the colourful buildings.


top stag destination 2017


Ever fancied yourself as a Bobsleigh maestro? No? Well, that’s just tough luck because you’re missing out on the activities capital of Europe. Just outside of Riga you can bobsleigh with your friends down the same course used in the 1984 Olympics – there really is nothing quite like it. And if that doesn’t blow your cobwebs away, there’s always outdoor karting and Laser Quest in a eerie/amazing old warehouse. Oh and once the fun of the day is over, well you get to see what a real night out is in the cheeky Latvian capital. We’d recommend heading to Club 69 – you might get a little lost inside, but there’s something pretty surreal about hopping from a room full of old school hip-hop music to another with nothing but heavy techno. See it for yourself.




Our much-loved destination and most popular destination for 2017 is back. Continuing its climb towards stag and hen stardom, Budapest rarely fails to deliver. Why exactly? Well just look at the ruin bar scene for starters. Within the Old Town, there are around 20, all with their own individual style but each providing an awesome entertainment space for you and your friends. One moment you could be sipping on your beer or cocktail admiring the impressive sculptures – we’re particular fans of the massive wooden Lion in Ankert – and moments later you can be throwing some serious shapes in this liberal and friendly city. Add to the mixer, affordable drinks, great tasting food and a whole bunch of cool activities and it’s no wonder Budapest continues to be a crowd favourite.


thermal baths budapest


Benidorm does parties as standard, happy hours last forever, there’s an all-year-round open invitation to stags and hens and if you can’t find someone, somewhere to serve you a drink whenever you want one, you’re not looking hard enough. There are cabarets and shows and live gigs and events and festivals all summer long. If possible you can time your weekend away for the excellent Low Festival from the 28th – 30th July, where 25,000 party goers can enjoy the best of Indie Rock. Then there’s the beach – every inch of water is used for something fast, furious and thrilling. And if you need a quiet moment to recalibrate, walk up to the Old Town and wander about, it’s a surprisingly pretty side of Benidorm and just another unexpected pleasure in a resort that’s full of them.




Ahh good old Brummies, if there’s anything that the Peaky Blinders have taught us, it’s that they know how to have a good time in style. Birmingham continues to surprise us, why exactly, should come as no surprise. Birmingham is big on fun. The second largest city in the UK has been moving up the popularity ranks for good reason and we anticipate it to continue upwards into 2017. You can head to Broad Street, the beating heart of Birmingham nightlife for stag and hen do’s. You’ll find all the usual chain bar suspects as well as some great clubs. And for all you grooms out there, you could kill two birds with one stone and head to the Jewellery Quarter – world renown for… yep you guessed it, big sparkly rocks to go on your woman’s wedding finger.



Heading to the seaside is often filled with perils. Children screaming, queues for car parks, really naff fish and chips. Yet somehow, Bournemouth has managed to avoid these problems and become something of a stag and hen do superstar. After sending our Chillisauce office lot there we can totally see why. The British seaside is an amazing thing to behold, and the best way to get yourself into the thick of it is with an epic day of Coasteering. Once that’s finished and you’re done soaking in the coastal vibes, the town doesn’t disappoint. Areas like the Golden Triangle hold a plethora of drinking holes, enough to satisfy any number of parched party groups. So if you’re looking for golden sands, a massive variety of activities, nightlife and restaurants with the surprising benefit of being in the UK, Bournemouth is a top shout.




Why ‘aye pet. The sizzling hot pot of Wales is set to thrill this summer. The locals are some of the most accommodating on this fair island of ours and sure know how to party. We especially like turning up in Cardiff during the throes of rugby season and the 6 nations tournament. Nothing beats, heading towards the Millennium Stadium to watch a bunch of grown men toss a pig skin around a field. Being a compact city, almost all the top spots are within walking distance of each other. We love heading towards Cardiff Bay in the summer – the restaurants and bars all open out onto the streets so you can enjoy that rarest of things, the British summertime. However, it can be hard to tear yourself away from the area surrounding the Millennium Stadium so have a browse down Park Street and see what bars take your fancy.



A favourite amongst our hen groups. Brighton is only an hours train ride away from London but can feel a world away as you wander this liberal and colourful city. You can essentially divide the city into north and south laines. The best places to go drink would be in north laines in places like The Lion & Lobster or the Tempest Inn. If you want to take in some more of that bracing sea air, you can have a drink at places like Coalition and Shoosh on the seafront. Then for the party people in the group, clubs such as Patterns and Funfair are great to throw some shapes in this liberal loving city.




Agh yes the Geordies know how to have a good time. Our most popular UK stag destination in 2017, Newcastle has it all. You can enjoy a meal and drinks at the Quayside overlooking the river and it’s 3 bridges, or flash it out over towards the Diamond Stripp – we’re partial to a night in House of Smith. But if you’re really up for a party night without having to worry too much about dress codes, then Bigg Market in the city centre is always a good shout. The selection of different areas, nightlife, affordable prices and the buzzing atmosphere make Newcastle a top place for a stag or hen weekend away.




We’ve always been big fans of Liverpool and it appears you are too. Continually pushing Brighton to the no.1 hen do destination the cosmopolitan city of Liverpool feels abuzz with activity. The nightlife scene around Seal Street has slowly emerged as the best area for an eclectic night. So if you want to work on your salsa at Alma de Cuba, or listen to Top 40 club bangers this is the area to be. Alternatively, the likes of the Baltic Triangle has undergone a rapid transformation with disused warehouses being turned into club nights raving until the early hours of the morning. Welcome to Liverpool.



Top Stag and Hen Destinations 2017

  • Athens
  • Warsaw
  • Hvar
  • Budapest
  • Riga
  • Lisbon
  • Benidorm
  • Copenhagen
  • Bournemouth
  • Brighton
  • Bristol
  • Cardiff
  • Newcastle
  • Liverpool


What do you think of our 2017 selection? Any exciting places you want to see on this list? Wherever you go, have a fantastic weekend away. For more information on any of these destinations head over to Chillisauce where you’ll be sure to find some cracking ideas.

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