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Published on May 30th, 2014 | by Editor

Top 100 Travellers to follow on Social Media for 2014

If there’s one thing we love here at Chillisauce, it’s sharing experiences of a lifetime. So when it came to finding fellow thrill-seekers and adventure-addicts, there was only one group of people to turn to, the travellers. These unstoppable explorers leave their old lives behind and set off in the face of doubt and adversity to travel the world and experience everything it can throw at them. They’re never in one place for very long but luckily for you, we tracked them down and compiled a list of only the very best for you to follow in 2014.

Your journey is only just beginning when you start following them.

Adventures used to be confined to the pages of books and brochures, but now with social media, these couch-surfers, hitch-hikers and campers are showing everyone else exactly what they’ve been missing out on. Whether it’s the food, the fashion, the place or the people, they never stop vlogging, blogging and photographing from country to continent, in search of the most bizarre and the most unique experiences.

Now, here are the top 100 Travellers on Social Media for 2014 who never fail to inspire and amaze:

Adam Groffman | Travels of Adam

“I started my travel blog nearly 5 years ago when planning a trip around the world. I actually started my @travelsofadam Twitter account before the blog, so social media has always been important to me.”

Adam is the Hipster making himself at home around the world, writing and recording his adventures along the way with unbridled curiosity and a hunger for new experiences. Through quitting his 9-to-5 job several years ago, he has become a connoisseur of culture, from sampling bewildering delicacies to spending the night in a former prison cell. Amongst many others, he has appeared in Vanity Fair and the Huffington Post, and now stands as one of the great examples of what happens when someone takes a leap into the unknown.
Facebook: travelsofadam
Twitter: @travelsofadam



Kiersten Rich | The Blonde Abroad

26 year-old Kiersten Rich aka The Blonde Abroad left her corporate briefcase at home in order to travel the globe and devote her life to distant adventures. From festival style tips to handy travel apps and the best Thai street food, she’s got it covered. Put her tips into practice, or just live vicariously through her as she swims with otters, flies a plane and goes on a crocodile cruise. A wanderlust life if ever you’ve seen one.
Twitter: @theblondeabroad
Facebook: theblondeabroad 



Alyssa James | Alyssa Writes

“I’ve always loved writing and travel, but I didn’t have the courage to take it seriously until I read The Alchemist. I believe in living authentically: doing what’s best for you and what makes you happy. For me, traveling and writing is a metaphor for the journey of living.”

Canadian born Alyssa James was first bitten by the notorious ‘travel-bug’ after a two-year stint teaching French on the beautiful island of Martinique. Since then she has dedicated her time to recounting her travel experiences, providing down-to-earth guides on how to really get under the skin of a culture. Consistently humble, frequently hilarious and always inspiring, Alyssa writes about anything and everything; from hunting down whipped beer cheese in the Czech Republic, to the joys of National Rum day, Alyssa Writes is the perfect blog for fellow wanderlusters dreaming of their own escape plans.
Twitter: @aaljames
Facebook: AlyssaJamesWrites 

Alyssa headshot_opt


Brooke Saward | World of Wanderlust

Brooke Saward describes herself as, ‘A girl with restless feet who turned her wanderlust into a full time career. Brooke travels the world to bring you inspiration from around the world’. Brooke is a 22 year old Australian who realised at an early age that the only way to deal with a bad case of wanderlust was to sell everything she owned and travel the world. What started as a hobby quickly turned into her profession and ‘world of wanderlust’, through collaboration with brands and tourist boards provides Brooke with the income she needs to continue feeding her wanderlust. Although the site covers a variety of forms of travel, the sections focusing on the luxury travel sector will have particular appeal to many readers, including those who might not typically be attracted to travel blogs. Website:
Twitter: @worldofwlust
Facebook: WorldOfWanderlust


Brooke Saward WorldofWanderlust_opt

Laurence and Vera | Finding the Universe

“We travel because we enjoy new experiences– discovering things about ourselves and the world around us that we didn’t know so we can see some of the beautiful landscapes of the world in person.”

Laurence and Vera are truly out of this world. After meeting in 2010, the globetrotting pair embarked on a mission to explore what’s out there. Their blog gives readers a window into their world, or rather their universe, “We’re hitch hiking our way through the universe folks. We just ended up on Earth longer than expected”. The blog began as a means to cataloguing experiences but has since snowballed into a fantastic place for travel advice, inspirational tales and mind-blowing photography. Perhaps ‘snowballed’ is the wrong term to use: Laurence and Vera ‘chase the sun’. Upon reading their blog you’ll be doing the same!
Twitter: @Lozula 

Laurence and Vera headshot_opt


Val Bromann | Choosing Figs

‘Choosing figs’ is a reference to the Sylvia Plath novel, The Bell Jar. Having spent her 20s wondering what life might hold for her, Val decided at 30 that she would take control and shape her life into exactly what she wanted it to be. She quit her job, bought a one-way ticket to Europe and has been travelling ever since. The blog is extensive and ranges from conventional travel blog – covering numerous destinations across several continents – to photography and ‘competitive eating’ (Val describes herself “one of competitive eating’s number one fans and best known photographers”).
Twitter: @ValryLand
Pinterest: valbromann
Google+: +ValBromann



Brendan van Son | Brendan’s Adventures

“There is travel for holiday, and then there is travel for personal growth. I’d like to think I focus on the latter. I don’t really care to see a pretty beach, or sunset. I’d rather see something that inspires me that challenges me and the forces me from my shell.”

A Canadian graduate who walked away from academic textbooks in search of the world, Brendan van Son leaves a trail of breadcrumbs wherever he goes in the form of captivating prose and sumptuous photography. After five years and more than seventy-five countries, he shows no signs of stopping and the trail is always getting longer – from Portugal to Peru, Cameroon to Canada, he never fails to keep his audience captivated through his website, Twitter and his magazine, Vagabundo. Whether online or in print, this digital nomad will always be one to keep an eye on.
Facebook: TheTravelWriter 

Brendan Vonson_opt


Anthony | The Travel Tart

“The best place I’ve ever visited is harder to pick than a broken nose because I’ve been to so many fantastic destinations that offer something different and unique – it’s like trying to pick your favourite child! So for me, it’s all of the places I’ve visited and all of the places I haven’t visited yet!”

Anthony is a self-confessed travel addict. You may have guessed from the blog’s name but it does not take itself too seriously! The Travel Tart is not the place for tips and up-to-date travel information; it is simply a series of wacky photos, stories and videos picked up from around the world. Fellow travel addicts or wannabe travel addicts take note… The Travel Tart is taking the world by storm and wants you to join him on his mission to find all that is silly. Website:
Twitter: @TheTravelTart
Facebook: TheTravelTartBlog 

TheTravelTart Large_opt


Jayne Gorman | 40 Before 30

“As with most people, it’s my curiosity that fuels me to want to see the world – All OF IT. Discovering new places, making friends, trying weird and wonderful cuisines and then sharing these stories with the world on my blog is what gets me up in the morning and never fails to put a smile on my face.”

By her own admission Jayne Gorman was supposed to be a lawyer. She failed. 40 Before 30 was designed as a means to cataloguing her attempt to visit her list of 40 countries before she is 30. At 29 she has no time to spare which is evident in this fantastically busy blog. Expect cakes, books and street art among a million other things. With plan to turn the blog into a book, Jayne has big ambitions. 40 Before 30 makes you want to get off your bum and see the world. Have a read and prepare to be inspired.
Twitter: @jayneytravels
Facebook: jayneytravels 

40before30Jayne Gorman_opt


Heather Cowper | Heather on her travels

“My most memorable trip last year was a hike on the Tour de Mont Blanc with a friend. It’s a circular Alpine trek around the Mont Blanc massif through France, Switzerland and Italy which you can do in 12 days or in shorter stages as we did. The mountain scenery and panoramic views were amazing and the sense of achievement made the aching legs and knees all worthwhile.”

Unsurprisingly Heather Cowper has had her fair share of achy knees over the years. A seasoned traveller since her youth, Heather had to hang up her walking boots when her children were growing up (although her travel compulsion could not be completely removed!). Her children have since flown the nest and so has Heather! This lovely blog documents her many adventures around the globe. Heather is enjoying escapism and welcomes you to get lost with her.
Twitter: @Heathercowper
Facebook: Heatheronhertravels 

Heather Cowper_opt (1)


Matthew Long | LandLopers

“Always bring extra Ziploc bags to store clothes, papers and anything else really. It’s impossible to have a favourite place; I love every new destination I get the chance to explore.”

Matthew Long is a perpetual wanderer. Having escaped the world of office cubicles Matthew has made it his mission to lope the land wherever possible. The blog has featured Lonely Planet, BBC Travel and The Huffington Post and it’s not hard to understand why. It’s stylish design houses fantastic stories and tips for exploring the world. Matthew wants to make travel more fun and accessible and this he has achieved. A professional travel blog for beginners or seasoned-lopers, there are bite-size nuggets of unique information on every page.
Twitter: @LandLopers
Facebook: LandLopers

LandlopersMatthew Long_opt


Dave Cornthwaite | Dave Cornthwaite

“My Expedition1000 project is a series of 25 journeys, each one a minimum of 1000 miles in distance and each using non-motorised transport. I love travelling slow, meeting people along the way and capturing my journey on film and in diaries. My top travel tip: good sleep is essential on an endurance adventure, so don’t be afraid to take a pillow!”

Perhaps unique in the world of travelling, Dave Cornthwaite does not live life in the fast lane. His Expedition1000 project entails 25 non-motorised 1000 mile journeys whether it is skateboarding around Australia or paddleboarding the Mississippi River! The overriding message of the blog however is ‘live every moment’. Dave advises travelling slow in order to get the most from the experience. In his latest project he is conducting an online vote to decide which mode of transport to use on the return leg of his journey to Spezialradmesse transport show. Visit the slickly designed blog to cast your vote and get motivated!
Twitter: @DaveCorn
Facebook: expedition1000

Dave Corn_opt


Jenny Leonard | Where is Jenny

Skateboarder and ‘student of life’ Jenny Leonard has always had an insatiable curiosity about the world we live in and her place within it. She broke free from a life of conformity and travels the world based on what she wants to do at that moment in time. Her background in graphic design shines through in this aesthetically impressive blog. What drives Jenny is the desire to tell future grandchildren that she didn’t conform to society’s norms. But rather, that she found the Lost City in Columbia, swam with sea lions in Galapagos and got lost in the Amazon rainforest.
Twitter: @whereisjenny



Audrey Bergner | That Backpacker

“My travels are often inspired by food. I love seeking out destinations with exotic flavours and getting myself better acquainted with a culture through its cuisine. If I had to pick out one of my favourite travel destinations solely based on its food, I would go with Vietnam. My tip for any travellers looking to explore a destination through its cuisine is to head straight for the local markets and order what the locals are having. You can’t go wrong there!”

Having travelled most of her teenage life, Canadian born Audrey Bergner decided to don the backpack and fully commit to travelling when she was 18. Since, she has visited almost 30 countries; from the South American Andes to South East Asian beach paradises, Audrey has travel tales and passport stamps the rest of us can only dream of. Her blogs, vlogs and photos share these experiences, and provide inspiration and advice for anyone planning their own trip. They may also make you slightly hungry, as, rightly so, Audrey often focuses on where to locate the best local food.

Twitter: @thatbackpacker
Facebook: thatbackpacker



Michael Hodson | Go See Write

“My inspiration to travel is quite simple: I just enjoy seeing new and interesting places. I wish it were more profound than that, but nothing makes me happier than sitting on a bus or on a train and just looking out the window and the wonderful places passing by the window all over the world. As to the best place I have visited, that is easy for me: New Zealand. I will eventually retire there, no doubt about it.”

Unlike many travel-addicts Michael Hudson has a favourite place: New Zealand. This has not stopped him from circumnavigating the globe in attempt to find new and exciting places. Go See Write is a beautifully laid out blog with thought-provoking writing and jaw-dropping photography. Michael, once an attorney, set off in 2008 having never been aboard a plane before and instantly caught the travel bug. Let this Casablanca loving (the movie… no doubt he’s a fan of the place too!), cigar-smoking car enthusiast take you on his voyage of discovery.
Twitter: @GoSeeWrite
Facebook: GoSeeWrite 



Maria Pasquale | Heart Rome

Learning inspires me to travel. I will never tire of seeing new things, uncovering old traditions, tasting diverse cuisines and meeting unique people. Knowledge is life and travel gives you both. My favourite travel destination is Italy. Outside of Rome where I live, I love the coastal towns, food and people of Sicily.”

Maria Pasquale is an Italo-Australian and from a young age wanted to live in the eternal city of Rome. Only in 2011 however did she pluck up the courage in a Rome or bust life decision. Maria’s self-confessed early 30s crisis pushed her to do what she always wanted to do. You don’t even have to particularly ‘heart Rome’ as Maria clearly does to enjoy this blog… This incredibly evocative blog details a lifetime ambition being fulfilled and makes you realise how achievable your ambitions are with a little courage.
Twitter: @HeartRome
Facebook: HeartRomeBlog



Chris | Back Packer Banter

“I travel to experience new places, faces and to enjoy the ocean from every corner of the world – there’s something highly addictive about living life without a base and the more I see the more I realise there is still more to do.”

Chris describes himself as a ‘surfer by nature, photographer by trade’. It seems surfing is his genuine passion and photography is just what he does for a living. You would not know it. The two intertwine beautifully on this blog BackpackerBanter. A solo backpacker since 2009, Chris has been passing on the lessons he’s learnt ever since in an attempt to prepare others for similar experiences. He believes everyone should have a bucket list: have a peek at his very own to see what he’s achieved and what’s still in the pipeline. On the journey he has been attacked by stingrays and also ended up in a nudist movie to fun further exploration. Now that is commitment to travel!
Twitter: @BckPackerBanter
Facebook: backpackerbanter 



Shivya Nath | The Shooting Star

“Meeting people both in my own backyard and halfway across the world made me realize that you don’t always have to be running and aspiring for something more. Life is more than a steady job, a posh apartment, a promotion, a life partner, or even a to-do list—it’s more fulfilling to have a life that you’ve thoroughly enjoyed.”

After relinquishing her corporate chains in 2011 Shivya Nath has embarked on a journey to get the most out of life, belying moulds and expectations. She invites you to join her on travels around India and across the globe in this endlessly insightful blog. Shivya has lived with the White Thai Tribe in Vietnam and hitchhiked along Turkey’s Black Sea Coast on the way to visiting 18 countries across 4 continents. This ‘Shooting Star’ is certainly more than ‘just a girl who travels’ as her tagline suggests.
Twitter: @shivya
Facebook: theshootingstarblog



Elizabeth Carlson | Young Adventuress

“I am inspired to travel to both see for myself the places I’ve always dreamed about and also to challenge myself and step outside of my comfort zone. My biggest travel tip is to just step out your door. Once you make the step of booking a flight somewhere, the rest is easy.”

Elizabeth Carlson is and always has been a ‘Young Adventuress’ at heart. She can’t help herself and since the age of 16 has visited countless countries but the list of countries she wants to visit grows ever-larger. Originally from Virginia, Elizabeth now resides in picturesque New Zealand and has 50 stamps in her passport! That number is rising at an astronomical rate and all the stories behind the travel are encased in this stunning blog. Wise and world-weary despite her tender years, Elizabeth offers a unique insight into the beautiful planet with find ourselves on.

Twitter: @YoungAdventures
Facebook: YoungAdventuress



Beth and Randy | Beers and Beans

Beth and Randy are a couple essentially on one ridiculously long dog-walk. Their pooch companion Chachy accompanies them on their world tour. The duo, or should I say trio, get involved in volunteering wherever they are accepted and, in particular, are on the perpetual hunt for work at organic farms. Though this last point may give an indication of their niche way of living, Beers and Beans is accessible to all due to its ability to strike a chord in anyone with an ounce of human compassion. It is touching and inspiring in equal measure.
Twitter: @BeersandBeans
Facebook: BeersandBeans 



Abigail King | Inside the Travel Lab

“Whenever you find what you think will make a great shot, snap it quick. Then stop and “retake” the same scene from on high, on low and at another unusual angle.”

Abigail King hasn’t totally abandoned her scientific approach in this gorgeous blog. After working as a doctor in a hospital for 5 years she opted for a change in direction… Inside the Travel Lab was the result. Abigail’s scrubs have been traded for a pen, paper and a passport as she fulfils her newfound dream of being a writer. Her honest accounts are only interrupted by her own exceptional photography. The transition from doctor to writer appears seamless and her gigantic list of destinations visited expands further still.
Twitter: @insidetravellab
Facebook: InsidetheTravelLab 

Abigail King_opt


Mark | Travel Wonders

You’ve heard of the Seven Wonders of the World’… well here lies the slightly more numerous, more travel orientated version. Mark’s Travel Wonders of the World is a blog containing his select favourite destinations from around the world and he’s been to a few, 80 to be exact. A keen photographer, inherently interested in people, Mark writes to entertain but also with a view to inspire further travel from those who read his stories. Each and every story is precious and heartfelt.
Twitter: @TravelWonders



Jodi Ettenberg | Legal Nomads

“What inspires me to keep travelling is that I can easily strike a balance between the intensity of experiences, and making a temporary home in far-flung places. To explore through food by eating through a new place, and then opt to spend time in the cities I love for longer periods, has enabled each day to feel new while still giving me a routine that I enjoy.”

This classy blog from Jodi Ettenberg details her journey of traveling (and eating!) her way around the world. Destined to become a lawyer Jodi one day decided that the money saved up in fulfilling her initial ambition would be better spent on travelling. She never looked back. Her stories are such that travelling is made to look so achievable, connecting with the reader through her two great passions: learning and food! Jodi very quickly realised that she could make a career out of doing what she loved and her truthful story makes it seem so graspable to those who read her marvellous blog.
Twitter: @legalnomads
Facebook: LegalNomads

Legal Nomads _opt


Emma Sparks | Sparky Sees the World

“My top tip for travellers would be: Don’t try to pack too much into your itinerary. Rushing around from city to city can be stressful and counter-productive. Travel slow and you’ll discover more about the place you’re in, plus it will give a more authentic experience.”

Like many seasoned travellers Emma Sparks advises to ‘travel slow’ in order to make the most from your experiences. With a name like sparks one might assume an electric eagerness in rushing around the globe at a rate of knots but one would assume wrong. Everything about Emma’s travels and accounts of her travels is thought through and calculated which sets the blog apart. Her professional blog encases touching stories from travels around the globe as well as her continuous state of coming to terms with the ‘beautiful sensory overload we call life’.
Twitter: @Emma_Sparks

Emma Sparks _opt


Ryan Brown | Just Chuckin It

This is one of the better looking travel blogs out there: clearly the writer has invested considerable time and effort in designing a site that invites the reader to explore. ‘Cool dude’ doesn’t do justice to Ryan. In his own words, the blog is ‘about a guy and where his trusty Chucks take him around the world; just canvas, sole, and a dream to live gnarly. Plus some crazy ass stories’. That pretty much sums it up. This site is about travel of course, but it is about more than that: it’s about a way a state of mind, a philosophy driven by a ‘no regrets’ attitude.
Twitter: @JustChuckinIt
Facebook: JustChuckinIt 



Laura Bee | Little Travel Bee

“What inspires me to travel: No place is ever the same, it can put your own life into perspective and you always meet some interesting and awesome people along the way.”

Little Travel Bee is an exciting hive of activity for anyone remotely interested in what’s out there in the world we live in. Laura, be her own admission, was experiencing a mini-midlife crisis and something had to change. At the age of 29 she set herself the target of visiting 30 places before the age of 30… needless to say she achieved her goal. Let her beautiful photography and illustrative writing take you on a trip around the globe. Become a fly (or bee!) on the wall in Laura’s personal trip of discovery. You’ll leave the blog buzzing!
Twitter: @Littletravelbee
Facebook: LittleTravelBee

Laura Braithwaite Little Travel Bee _opt


Johnny Vagabond | Johnny Vagabond

Johnny Vagabond is the alter ego of Wes Nations. With a name like Nations he was always destined to travel. It all began back in 1998, before the age of Wi-Fi and blogging. Wes explains that ‘he’s travelling cheap, taking pics and telling lies’. His blog must be taken with a pinch of salt he admits. What was supposed to be a 1 year round-the-world trip has become a lifestyle for Wes and he loves every second of it. A short time in Southeast Asia was followed up by longer stays in North India and Nepal and at this point realised that he could make this his life and career. Website:
Twitter: @JohnnyVagabond
Facebook: johnnyvagabond.rtw



Jeannie Mark | Nomadic Chick

“Two words: no regrets. I want to look fondly back on my life and be satisfied with all the scary things I tried or the exhilarating moments I experienced. It’s all there, for the taking.”

Jeannie abandoned the stereotypical searching for the American dream and embarked on a journey set by her own rules. Her vigour was being sapped in a 9-5 desk-job and she had to escape. A Nomadic Chick she became. Jeannie took and risk and it paid off and her mission in life is firstly to squeeze the very most from life and secondly to make people aware that they can follow suit: nothing is impossible. The Nomadic Chick is spreading her wings. Grab hold and enjoy the view.
Twitter: @nomadicchick
Facebook: nomadicchick

Jeannie Mark Nomadic Chic_opt


Caz and Craig | Y Travel Blog

“We’re fun and adventurous, always looking for a good story to experience and share! We believe in reaching high and creating amazing memories.”

With a surname like Makepeace, Caz and Craig’s blog was always going to be heart-warming and welcoming for the everyday reader. Originally hailing from Down Under, the now expanded Makepeace family (since the birth of their two daughters) have been wandering the globe since 1997. At y Travel Blog Caz and Craig are particularly keen in encouraging families with kids that they too can globetrot. Children don’t have to be a burden on travelling! The blog covers everything from weekend getaways to life-changing trips overseas. Bags of money are not always necessary to travel and the Makepeace family are eager to promote this.
Twitter: @yTravelBlog
Facebook: yTravelBlog 



Barbara Weibel | Hole in the Donut

” After seven years I have come to the conclusion that although there are distinct differences between cultures, people all over the world over are more similar than different. I believe that travel removes fear of others, fosters understanding, and is a powerful catalyst for peace.”

Hole in the Donut showcases Barbara Weibel’s unique perspective of the world as a result of her years of trotting the globe. It is immediately apparent upon reading this fantastically crafted blog that Barbara is just as interested in people as the places in which they dwell. After years of being stuck in uninspiring jobs and also restricted by bouts of poor health, Barbara began to grab life by the horns, filling in the previously empty centre to her donut. This motivational blog assures the reader that you’re never too old to take life by the scruff of the neck. Hole in the Donut will really have you licking your lips, wanting to do the same.
Twitter: @holeinthedonut
Facebook: holeinthedonut 

Hole in the DonutBarbara-Weibel-Headshot-800x800_opt


Jade Johnston | Our Oyster

“We have always loved travelling and exploring the World, but now we get to share that joy with our young son while teaching him and ourselves about the world.”

Jade Johnston had only ever travelled solo until meeting Daniel prior to the creation of this engaging blog. Our Oyster encapsulates the message that if you want to do something, you should do it now. This blog gives advice and tips and particularly endorses travelling on a budget in order to get the most from the experience and for longer. A near-tragic illness almost broke the unrelenting duo but they emerged from the ordeal more eager to embrace life than ever. The straightforward, jargon-free writing ensures that the blog is accessible to even those taking their very first steps into the wilderness that is travel.
Twitter: @our_oyster
Facebook: ouroyster 

Family Travel Blogger OurOyster_opt


Matthew Kepnes | Nomadic Matt

“Traveling helps you understand people and how we all interact together in the world. You can’t understand people if you don’t know where they come from, both figuratively and literally. My advice for new travellers would be to don’t worry about making mistakes or doing something wrong. Just go travel, have fun, make mistakes, and enjoy.”

Ignorance is bliss or so they say. Ignorance is also a source of many of the world’s problems according to Nomadic Matthew Kepnes. Getting out there and discovering new cultures creates greater understanding. After his first trip overseas to Costa Rica, Matthew was hooked on travelling and his unwavering passion for exploration knew no bounds. Nomadic Matt preaches that you don’t have to be rich to travel. The blog has featured in The Guardian and The New York Times among other publications. Living and travelling on a shoestring is possible.
Twitter: @nomadicmatt
Facebook: nomadicmatt

Nomadic Matt _opt


Jaklien Van Melick |Passport and Toothbrush

“Travel is my passion and I am lucky enough to work and travel as well. I have worked for many companies in the travel industry over the last 12 years which has taken me around the world from Dublin, Brussels, Paris, and Amsterdam to Jakarta. Besides working and blogging, I try to use every opportunity I get to see more of the world and I try to visit at least one new country every year.”

Jaklien Van Melick is about at cosmopolitan as they come. Having lived in Dublin, Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam and Jakarta, as well as touring countless others it seems home is wherever she lays her hat. Passport and Toothbrush, as its name suggests encourages the eradication of materialistic values and making the most out of your experiences. Currently working for Trafalgar Tours, Jaklien’s blog is bursting with insightful pointers and tips for travellers young and old, seasoned and first-time.
Twitter: @passandbrush
Facebook: passandbrush 

Passport and toothbrush Jaklien _opt


Stephen | A Backpackers Tale

A Backpackers Tale does what it says on the tin. This is a no-nonsense blog packed full of travel guides and top tips. It also includes a section dedicated to offering inspiring words for the would-be traveller or the seasoned traveller in need of a quick shot of ‘backpacking adrenaline’. Stephen has embarked on a three-year round-the-world trip and uses the site to record the highs and lows of his trip in a readable, honest style. This site will appeal equally to the ‘dreamers’ as well as to those of you who have already had adventures of your own.
Twitter: @abackpackerstal
Facebook: ABackpackersTale



Alexandra Baackes | Alex in Wanderland

“I have a motto — find a way or make one. That maxim has brought me around the world and back. Don’t let fear or the lack of a trust fund or a traveling companion stop you from traveling. There is a way. You just have to find it, or make it.”

It is obvious that Alexandra Baackes is living out her fantasy. Alex in Wanderland is a blog overflowing with tales of adventure and misadventure. After all, the greatest way of growing is learning from one’s mistakes. The overarching message of the blog is ‘go for it!’: the only thing stopping you is you. Being in Wanderland, Alex has no specific itinerary or backup plans. Doing things off the cuff and acting on instinct have brought her to where she is today. The Great Escape began back in 2009 with her first experience of travelling and she shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.
Twitter: @WanderlandAlex
Flickr: alexinwanderland



Elaine | Run Away Brit

Elaine is a RunawayBrit and these are her tales of a ‘girl on the run’. She has been escaping Britain since 2000 and the generous holidays that being an English teacher brings allow her feed her travel addiction. Her need to travel began on her return from Japan and she experienced reverse culture shock. In the meantime she has met a runaway Swede with whom she flees real life as regularly as she can. A particular gem in this blog is Elaine’s Photo Essays section where she showcases the spectacular photography she has produced on her voyages.
Twitter: @RunawayBrit
Facebook: runawaybrit



Candice Walsh | Candice Does the World

“Why I travel? Because I think the most valuable education a person can have is a worldly one. Also, the winters in Canada are way too long and cold.”

Join Candice on her whirlwind tour of the world in this fantastic blog, bursting with mouth-watering photography. Being let go from a previous job meant that she was able to find her calling in life. Her life spiralled out of control but she liked it! Candice promises no ‘grandiose exclamations’ or hippy-trippy bullshit: she remains reflective, narrative and true to herself throughout. An editor at Matador Network, the world’s largest independent online travel magazine, she bounces from place to place on this bouncy castle we call Earth.
Twitter: @candicewalsh
Facebook: CandiceDoestheWorld

Candice Walsh _opt


Lakshmi Sharath | Lakshmi Sharath

After 15 years of sitting beside a desk Lakshmi decided her life needed flipping upside-down. Instead of just sitting there and waiting for something to happen she took the initiative and in a ridiculously short space of time has managed to rack up a list 25 countries, spanning 5 continents. Accordingly her blog is bursting with life. Despite her global travel, she has particular interest in India. She is a columnist for Metro Plus and The Hindu. In addition, her vivacious photography from across the globe has featured in several well-known publications.
Twitter: @lakshmisharath
Facebook: TravelwithLakshmi



Kristin Addis | Be My Travel Muse

“I love seeing new cultures, tasting new foods, smelling new smells, getting to know new groups of people, and most of all seeing myself change from all of the challenges I’ve overcome as a solo female traveller, along with the amazing kindness I’ve been shown.”

One day Kristin Addis had an epiphany. She no longer felt that investment banking was for her. Instinctively she bought a one-way ticket to Thailand and never looked back. Be My Travel Muse is an attack on the senses: an explosion of sights, sounds, smells and tastes. Kristin’s continuing desire to remain off-the-beaten-path takes her to some weird and wonderful new places. This blog opens a window into her world and is almost synaesthesic in its ability to convey the emotions and senses that come with travelling the world.
Twitter: @BeMyTravelMuse
Facebook: BeMyTravelMuse

bemytravelmuseKristin Addis_opt


Olly Rowland | Olly Rowland

“I can’t express how important travel and adventure is for anyone and everyone to experience. To travel and explore properly, you need to be booking a flight to somewhere you’ve never heard of before and winging it once you get there.”

Olly Rowland firmly believes that ‘travelling’, in its deepest sense, means going somewhere you’ve never heard of and making it up as you go along. Part-adventurer, part-stuntman it’s clear Olly is an adrenaline junkie and his passion for risk-taking explodes from every corner of this jam-packed blog: jumping from one adventure to another since taking part in the 2009 Mongol Rally. Attach a metaphorical sidecar to Olly’s old Russian Ural Motorcycle as he travels around Siberia in the annual Ice Run which he has done twice to date. There are also, as you might imagine, numerous adventures in the pipeline.
Twitter: @ollyrowland

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YISHYENE | Small Crazy

SmallCrazy is a stupendously sophisticated part travel, part style blog. Yishyene its author describes herself as ‘adventurous and rather eccentric’ and she is not wrong. You won’t find another blog like it that’s for sure. Born and raised in Malaysia before moving to Australia and England, Yishyene is a patchwork of the various cultures she has picked up along the way and her blog reflects her boundless energy and colour. Here you will find her tales of bunjee-jumping, canyoning, scuba-diving interspersed with an ingrained passion for fashion.
Facebook: /smallcrazyblog



Neil Fahey | Bushwalking Blog

“Curiosity inspires me to travel. There’s a big world out there full of weird and wonderful people. I want to experience as much as I can and find out what lessons the world has to teach me. I’d feel stagnant and bored if I never forced myself to step outside my comfort zone.”

Neil Fahey’s Bushwalking blog came to fruition out of his frustration with the lack of useful hiking information online back in 2008. Since then the blog has almost taken on a life of its own and is now a hub for travel tips, reviews, news, gear reviews and stunning photography. The blog has an enormous scope: experienced and beginning hikers alike will find gems along the way. Neil is constantly stepping outside of his comfort zone and encourages you to do the same. A peek at this inspirational blog will have you digging out your passport and walking boots.
Twitter: @BushwalkingBlog
Facebook: BushwalkingBlog 



Ryan and Liz | Pause the Moment

This site is a model of how travel blogs should be designed. The structure is clear and easy to use from the first time you visit the site. Drop-down lists make it easy to find the blog you’re interested in: continents are further classified into countries. Other sections of the site are similarly well-structured and include photo and video galleries as well as a variety of accommodation, restaurant, activity and equipment reviews. The blogger, Ryan Gargiulo is also a professional web designer and this is reflected in the quality of the site’s design and layout.

Twitter: @PauseTheMoment
Facebook: pausethemoment



Gary Arndt | Everything Everywhere

“What inspires me to travel is the freedom it gives me and the ability to learn about new places that I visit.”

Whether he is swimming with Great White Sharks in South Africa, crossing the arctic circle in the Yukon or spelunking in Borneo (don’t worry, I had to look that up too!) Gary Arndt has never been content with just relaxing and watching the world go by. Since 2007, after selling his house, Gary has been on a whistle-stop tour of the planet and the name of the blog goes some way to suggesting the grand scale of his plans. He wants to see everything everywhere! Join him on his quest in this exuberant and never-say-die blog.
Twitter: @EverywhereTrip 

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Brenna Holeman | This Battered Suitcase

‘If I’m not travelling I’m writing about it’. These are the words of Brenna Holeman who has been on the road since 2006 and visited over 80 countries during that time. She admits that she would be lost without travel. Travel is also the reason she is lost much of the time but she thrives under these nomadic conditions. You won’t find any Top 10 lists here and Brenna emphasises that the blog is not chronological in any shape or form. It is all the more brilliant for these reasons.
Twitter: @SuitcaseBrenna
Facebook: ThisBatteredSuitcase
Pinterest: suitcasebrenna 



Amanda Woods | Adventures all Around

“I love those breath-taking moments when you see something you’ve loved since you were a child. The people you meet along the way make it really special, whether they be fellow wanderlusts or lovely locals who give you real insights into the places you’re visiting.”

Serial chatterbox Amanda Woods has been able to combine her two loves, travel and talking as a result of her weekly travel segment on Radio 2UE. Originally hailing from Sydney, Amanda’s job and passion have become intertwined. Adventures All Around encompasses her stories, hints and photos and makes travel accessible for all. The ‘Travel Tips’ section in particular is an invaluable section of the site for would-be explorers: her ‘Ten Questions’ format offers insightful perspectives from various travel experts and tour guides across the globe.
Twitter: @TheAmandaWoods
Facebook: AdventuresAllAround 

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Camille | This American Girl

In February 2012 Camille Willemain sold all of her belongings and took a one way flight to Costa Rica. She hasn’t looked back or stopped traveling since. ThisAmericanGirl led an unspectacular life but one day decided she needed a change. Camille describes the blog as a forum for sharing experiences. She is part designer, part adventurer which is apparent in this wonderfully vibrant blog. Other destinations include Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Panama, Columbia and Nicaragua.
Twitter: @ThisAmericaGirl
Facebook: iamthisamericangirl



Hannah Loaring | Further Bound

“I’m inspired to travel by the deep and resounding need I have to be out in the world, discovering new people and places, and forging connections in the most unlikely of places. I love being able to share my story through words and images, and the immediacy of online creativity helps bring me closer to like-minded souls, making the world seem small, and yet so big at the same time. It’s a magical dichotomy.”

Further Bound is a visually stunning blog brought to you by ‘wandering wordsmith’ Hannah Loaring. She finds herself on a journey in discovering the vast and infinite nature of the world we live in. Prior to 2010 Hannah was in a rut. Sheer power of will saw her emerge from it: she paid off her debt, sold all her possessions and hopped on the plane to India. Looking to the future is the only way Hannah knows. Her touching story really comes across in this beautifully designed blog (not surprising given that she has jointly established a freelance graphic and web design business).

Twitter: @FurtherBound
Facebook: furtherbound 

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Christy and Scott | Ordinary Traveler

“The thrill of exploring a new destination and experiencing how other cultures live is what keeps us traveling.”

Both keen surfers, Christy and Scott have travelling together since 2006. Recently however they have settled in San Diego and love it there. This has not stopped them from wanting to travel. Ordinary Traveler is their blog and chronicles how they manage to juggle travelling with having a normal life at home. They are living proof that you can hold down a steady job and follow your dreams of travelling at the same time. A fantastic source of information for the practicalities of travelling whilst also containing lovely photography and tales to capture the imagination.
Twitter: @OrdinaryTravelr
Facebook: christy.woodrow

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Caroline | Caroline in the City

Caroline Eubanks has chosen a life of ‘perpetual travel’ in an attempt to keep real life firmly at bay. So far she is succeeding in her efforts. After a summer of volunteering in Thailand and sailing in Croatia she was hopelessly hooked on travelling. Australia was next on the itinerary which she writes about in great detail and humour in this terrific blog. She consistently preaches about never accepting the comfortable life and admits that the blog was written in order to catch students and postgrads before they are snatched away by real life.
Twitter: @cairinthecity
Facebook: CarolineInTheCityBlog



Emily Luxton | Emily Luxton

“A lot of things inspire me to travel, but mainly it’s just a craving to explore the world and its diverse mix of cultures, landscapes and people. Everywhere I go there is something new to learn or a new experience to try!”

Emily Luxton has always had the desire to combine her two loves, writing and adventure. She predicts that in ‘twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did’. Travel while you have the chance! Emily’s effervescent explorative personality is infectious. So far she has only managed to tick off 8 of the 196 countries in the world. She has however spanned 6 continents which are she intelligently splits between 6 separate tabs on the blog. This is the tale of a newbie-explorer who is learning all the time. It is perfect for similarly inexperienced explorers in learning the ins and outs of first-time travelling.
Twitter: @em_luxton
Facebook: EmilyLuxtonTravelBlog

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Vic Philpott | Vicky Flip Flop Travels

This is the blog for you if you like the idea of travel but don’t enjoy the luxury of a work-free, family-free, all-ties-free life. The writer tackles travel and travel blogging from a more realistic perspective than can generally be found in this genre. She fits her travels around a job – so it’s easy for most of us to relate to her experiences. The website has lots of practical tips and includes a section on festivals – top tips, what to pack and so on. The site is completed by a section on London – a city which the writer clearly has a real passion for.
Twitter: @VickyFlipFlop
Facebook: vickyflipfloptravels



Justin Jones Deitchman | Justin Was Here

“People always ask me where my favourite place is, and truthfully, I hate this question. It’s just too hard to answer. But there is an ephemeral city in the high Nevada desert called Black Rock City, that I’ve always had a special connection with. If you want to know why, you’ll have to find it yourself.”

Justin Was Here may sound like something you would find on the underside of a school desk rather than a travel blog. Make no mistake however… Justin Jones Deitchman is no slacking college student. In fact his list of titles seems endless: blogger, writer, editor, podcaster, Burning Man camp organizer, and travel expert’. His interests lie in the people he meets along the way and the blog is a testament to these characters as well as himself. Don’t get left behind as he jumps from London to New Zealand before pin-balling between Nicaragua and Guatemala. At times it’s hard to catch your breath reading it let alone living it out!
Twitter: @JustinJones
Facebook: JustinJonesWasHere

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James Clark | Nomadic Notes

“I’m inspired to travel because ever since my first international trip abroad I realised I prefer to have experiences over possessions. Even after all these years the joy of travel still hasn’t left me.”

In addition to running numerous travel business James Clark somehow finds the time to jot down a few Nomadic Notes from time to time. A digital nomad since 2003 and without a fixed address since 2010, James has carved out an incredibly successful career in travel. 1999 was a pivotal year for James as it was the year he realised he loved the internet and travelling: both would be crucial from that point onwards. A decent Wi-Fi connection and a place to rest his weary head is all this nomadic voyager needs. Expect a unique travel narrative, excellent photography and handy tips throughout.
Twitter: @nomadicnotes
Facebook: nomadicnotes 

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Kim Mance | Kim Mance

‘Need a fun travel and lifestyle expert who can say words?’ Kim Mance writes in relation to herself. They ain’t half self-effacing these travel blogging folk! Kim is a journalist, writer, blogger, and vlogger and undoubtedly many other things. This blog is a fundamental fountain of knowledge for all things travel which is not surprising given its author stature in the world of travel. In 2008 Kim established TBEX, a thriving hub for travel bloggers across the globe. Her stories escape from every orifice of this blog. She is an insightful and humorous storyteller and travel writer. A valuable source for any aspiring globetrotters out there.
Twitter: @KimMance
Facebook: kimmance



Sarah Von Bargen | Yes and Yes

“The best place I’ve visited recently? Merida, Mexico. It’s the largest city in the Yucatan, full of beautiful architecture, history, and amazing food. It’s not a tourist city per se; it’s a bustling city that tourists happen to go to – which I think makes a big difference.”

You may have heard of Yes Man… well this is Yes Woman! Danny Wallace’s ethos of never saying no rings true for Sarah Von Bargen. What perhaps sets Yes and Yes apart is its unwavering commitment to positive thinking as well as its in-depth interviews with various people dotted around the globe. You will also find how-tos, recipes and travel tips that Sarah has picked up on her travels. She advises ‘saying yes till it gets a little awkward’: it appears even Sarah has her limits but it hasn’t prevented her from travel blog world by storm.
Twitter: @yesandyes
Facebook: yesandyesblog

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Angie Orth | Angie Away

“I’m both a small town girl and a Jane Austen devotee, so this line from Northanger Abbey has long been a guiding light and source of travel inspiration for me; ‘If adventures will not befall a lady in her own village, she must seek them abroad.’”

Angie Orth has featured in The New York Post, Jaunted and Glamour and it’s not hard to see why. After quitting a PR job in New York in 2010 Angie Away was spawned. One look at her ‘travel bucket list’ and the drive of the individual becomes apparent: many goals of list have already been ticked off but Angie still has plenty more to achieve and she has no doubt she will achieve them all. Zorbing in New Zealand, witnessing the Perseid meteor shower and riding a Vespa around Rome at night are among those dreams already realised.
Twitter: @AngieAway
Facebook: AngieAway

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Matt Rae | Matt Rae Travel

“My favourite places in the world are exclusively outdoors. There’s nothing I like better than a clear sky, mountains and miles of hiking/mountain biking.”

Matt Rae is not one for taking a breather. He only graduated a year ago but in that time has grabbed life by the horns and travelled to over 15 countries and does not look to be tiring. This slick travel blog covers all bases as Matt gives trusty travel tips, gives thought-provoking essay-type pieces and discusses the optimum modes of travelling from destination to destination. The highs and lows of the Megabus experience may strike a chord with many a reader! Website:
Twitter: @MattRaeTravel
Facebook: matt.rae19



Elyse Pasquale | Foodie International

“When I travel, I connect to each destination through the local food. Food is a universal language. It’s living history; its culture and tradition. It’s a story that’s been passed down through generations.”

With particular focus on the local cuisines of wherever she travels Elyse Pasquale has eaten her way around the world. Sounds ideal right? Foodie International makes you realise that living like this may not just be a distant pipedream. Elyse describes herself as a ‘culinary adventurer’, embedding herself in whatever culture she finds herself in, and using food as the medium. She has travelled to 66 countries and currently lives between New York and Tuscany. The latter is where she once sampled boiled pig’s head. ‘Off the beaten plate’ she has also tried fried scorpions in Beijing and live shrimp in Shanghai and Copenhagen.
Twitter: @foodieintl
Facebook: foodieinternational

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Angie Silver | Silver Spoon London

“I love seeing the world and visiting amazing places that are completely different to anything I’ve seen before. My blog focuses on luxury so I like to see the world in style but still retaining at element of adventure! My top tip is do your research and be organised! I’d hate to miss out on an incredible adventure because I wasn’t prepared enough!”

The name of the blog, Silver Spoon, may give some inclination that this is not a ‘living on a shoestring’ travel blog. Angie Silver enjoys the finer things in life and believes a little bit of luxury along the way is necessary. She is a London foodie so inevitably much of the blog focusses on wining and dining in the capital but Silver Spoon also provides up-to-date information, hints and tips on jaunts outside of the UK. A travel blog for those able to spend a penny or two. Live a little!
Twitter: @SilverSpoonUK 



Ants Bolingbroke-Kent | The Itinerant

The Itinerant has class written all over it. A quick glance at the blog and you are taken away to another place. Ants Bolingbroke-Kent breath-taking photography is a constant throughout the blog and provides a spectacular backdrop to her personal musings on a life of travelling, describing it as an ‘outlet for my travel-inspired mental meanderings’. It does appear as organised chaos at times but Ants explains that this is half the fun of travelling. When she isn’t being charged by a baby elephant in Tanzania or wrangling governments in Mongolia she finds the time to fill out this already teeming blog. Brace yourself!
Twitter: @AntsBK
Facebook: AntsBK

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Lisa Corcoran | The Travel Notebook

“I live by my mantra, ‘If chic is out there, I will find it’. Never having been much of a backpacker, I’m always on the lookout for the latest hot hotel. Some might say I’m obsessed but travelling always provides amazing memories especially if you can do in style.”

Travel Notebook is a trusty guide for any would-be luxury travellers. In between marking homework as a full time teacher Lisa Corcoran finds the time to feed her travel addiction. The blog began as a place for her to document travel news and feature stories but has grown into something more substantial: a luxury travel blog chronicling all things chic. It’s dripping with class from start to finish… if there was a finish! Lisa’s Travel Notebook train shows no signs of slowing. Just a few more exam papers to mark and she’s off again.
Twitter: @TravelNotebook 

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Jason Lewis | Jason Explorer

“When the way ahead is clouded with uncertainty, the safety net is gone, and every iota of logic is howling at you to give it all up and go home, that is the time to push on regardless, surrendering to the free fall of not knowing. For the universe has an uncanny habit of responding to such blind leaps into the abyss, rising up to meet them halfway.”

Jason Lewis is very much in the Premier League of adventurers. The fact that he has circumnavigated the globe is impressive enough – but the truly incredible part is that he did so using only ‘human power’. No motors, no sails – just walking, cycling, skating, kayaking, rowing and pedaling. The blog charts the epic journey which took thirteen years to complete. Not content with human powered circumnavigation, Jason uses his profile as an adventurer to promote world citizenship, zero carbon emission travel, and awareness of individual lifestyle choices on the health of the planet. The blog is a fascinating mix of adventure stories and passionate promotion of the sustainability agenda. Read this and feel wholly inadequate.
Twitter: @explorerjason



Nienke Krook | The Travel Tester

Nienke Krook has been travel blogging since 2006. Driven by a genuine interest in nature, culture and food she has found herself residing in countless countries since her journey began. Being the granddaughter of a published travel writer and the daughter of an archaeologist/photographer and a cartographer perhaps it is not surprising that she has fallen into this industry. Her blog gives insightful tips on travelling and also, more specifically, how to make travel blogging a plausible career path.
Twitter: @thetraveltester
Facebook: thetraveltester 



Victoria Brewood | Pommie Travels

“I’m inspired to travel by the opportunities it opens up. You never know what’s going to happen or who you’re going to meet. Those tiny, unexpected moments shared with new people are priceless.”

‘Pommie Girl’ as Victoria refers to herself heads up her blog with the challenge, “See the world I dare you.” This sentiment pretty much sums up her blog. Sometime after graduating, Victoria decided that she wouldn’t conform to what was expected of her; instead, she would follow her dreams. This has meant travel to over 30 countries including Australia, the USA and considerable swathes of Europe and Asia. The blog is a well organised account of her travels but is also much more than this; it is a resource aimed at anyone who thinks that non-conformity might also be for them. Most usefully, to save the reader the trouble of trawling through blogs, Victoria has provided a ‘travel guide’ section aimed at the would-be traveller, organised by country.
Twitter: @PommieTravels
Facebook: pommietravels 

Victoria Brewood


Elle-Rose Williams | The World and Then Some

Elle-Rose Williams is photography-obsessed travel blogger and journalist who recently spent a year travelling the world, and continues to head to as many far-flung destinations that her holiday allowance will permit! The World and Then Some documents her travels through photo-centric blog posts offering tips, advice and stories from destinations such as New Zealand and Australia, to Dubai, Asia and the USA. On social media you’ll find her mainly sharing travel photos, and lots of London based content too. She’s an Instagram addict, and her photos will send you off into wanderlust day dreams.
Twitter: @ellerosetweets
Facebook: TheWorldAndThenSome



Suzy Guese | Suzy Guese

“I am inspired to travel merely by what lurks on the other end of that plane ride—who you will meet, what you see and how you will experience a new place could end up changing your life.”

Suzy Guese has never worked in an office and never intends to. She travels with a self-confessed fiery ‘redheaded temperament’: try and stop her on her path to discovery at your own peril! Suzy explains in her blog that she is a thrill-seeker and nothing excites her more than the unknown. Travel provides this feeling of mystery on the horizon. Accompany her on her explorations, with her into the unknown. You just might enjoy it. It may even provide you with enough inspiration to step outside of your comfort zone.
Twitter: @suzyguese
Facebook: SuzyGuese 

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Joff Summerfield | Call of the Road

“History has been my inspiration to travel. Great writers of years gone by have planted the seeds of adventure in my mind. Now with my wonderful bicycle, I can travel the globe in search of stories, images and adventure.”

Joff Summerfield is bohemian, make no mistake. What other word is there for somebody who cycles around the world on a Penny-farthing… twice?! Well at least that is the plan. With petrol-heads for family members, Joff took the logical path into building race engines. Between 2006 and 2008 however he opted for the non-motorised form of transport. Call of the Road is possibly the zaniest entry on this list and is all the better for it. Penny-farthing enthusiast or not, this blog is an inspiration. To fully get a grasp of Joff’s story you must hear from the man himself.
Twitter: @JoffSummerfield
Facebook: joff.summerfield.9

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Tiffany Wuest | World Meets Girl

Describing her possessions as ‘junk’ goes some way to explaining the way Tiffany Wuest lives her life. Materialistic things are just that, things. She gets a buzz from human interaction above all else. After stating that she does indeed fit the cheese-loving, watch-wearing Swiss stereotype Tiffany dispels any feeling that she is just an ordinary traveller with this exceptionally poignant blog. Switzerland may be renowned for its neutrality but this Swiss native lives by the motto ‘the wilder the better’. World stand back, Tiffany is coming through.
Twitter: @tiffanywuest
Facebook: worldmeetsgirl 



Ashley Fleckenstein | Ashley Abroad

Aged 21, three weeks after graduating Ashley Fleckenstein packed up and moved continent… as you do. Swapping Michigan for Paris, bagels for baguettes Ashley had made a bold step and it paid off. A year of working as an au pair in Paris whetted her appetite for travel four months backpacking in Southeast Asia followed. She aims to prove that it is possible to travel and be cash-poor, encourages solo travelling and pushes the growing trend of ‘Couchsurfing’. As such a young age Ashley has the world at her feet. She wants to share her experiences and prove that you do too. Website:
Twitter: @ashleyhfleck
Facebook: AshleyAbroad

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Neil Barnes | Backpacks and Bunkbeds

“What inspires me to travel to new places? A whole host of things starting with new people, new food, new ways of life and new opportunities. Travel for me is about breaking out of my normal London based routine and seeing other parts of the world where things are potentially very different to what I experience on any ‘normal’ day.”

Neil Barnes’ adventure kick-started in 2005 with a spur of the moment trip to South Africa and in 2010 he began the Backpack and Bunkbeds blog as a place to document his experiences. As you may have guessed, the blog focusses on backpacking and hostels with excellent advice with regards to both. Neil also shares his wisdom on volunteering opportunities. A fantastic addition to the blog is the Travel Blogger and Travel Industry interviews where Neil is able to share the thoughts of his knowledgeable travel blogging and travel industry companions. An endlessly astute blog with terrific tips wherever you look.
Twitter: @packsandbunks
Facebook: BackpacksandBunkbeds

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Ryan | Rum Shop Ryan

“I entered the Caribbean after a week-long stay on the island of St. John in the USVI. After that, I knew I had to get to the islands and explore them as often as I could. I started in 2009 to share that Caribbean passion and it has allowed me to see, do and share some amazing experiences. A dream come true.”

Ryan once lived in landlocked Kansas. He did the logical thing: packed up and set up shop in coastal Florida. His coastal needs however were still not satisfied enough and only regular trips to the Caribbean were able to cure him. RumShopRyan is Ryan’s blog on everything he loves about the Caribbean and island life. A Caribbean rum shop, as Ryan explains, is where locals chat and share experiences on the island. Ryan wants his blog to be akin to this: a place for him to share his experiences in order to help others and also a place where networking can take place between fellow ‘Castaways’, as Ryan calls the readers of his blog.
Twitter: @RumShopRyan
Facebook: RumShopRyan

Rum Shop Ryan_opt


Paul | My Postcard From

“My favourite place to go is New Zealand. No other country has spectacular snow capped mountains one minute and lush green countryside the next.”

MyPostcardFrom is the story of ‘one boy, one girl, our travels’. Paul and Angela’s travel addiction spawned in 2006 when they first set sail together. The more they travelled together the more they loved travelling and the more they loved each other! This blog is a place where Paul, the main writer, documents his relationship with travelling and partner. It is a fantastic source of information for those travelling as a couple and its incredibly simple format means even the most novice of travel bloggers can understand (Paul is a web developer on the side after all!). The idea began as a way of showing friends and family back home what they were up to on their travels.
Twitter: @MyPostcardFrom
Facebook: MyPostcardFrom

Paul- my postcard from_opt


Thomas Love | 1000 Days of Spring

Everyone dreams of the glorious summer that never ends, but few make it a reality like Thomas Love Perko. With a fine-tuned hitchhiker’s thumb, a budget of one-thousand euros and a guitar, Thomas has couch-surfed, camped and sailed across the globe with the aim of living his childhood dream of a three year long summer. Spectacular videos of his experiences on his YouTube channel and regular updates on his blog are what make the story of the man from Croatia who never knew what to do with his life so encapsulating.
Twitter: @1000summerdays 

thomas love_opt


Chiara Ferragni | The Blonde Salad

When you follow fashion, sometimes that means following it around the world – and there’s no better guide than Chiara Ferragni. An Italian law student turned designer, model and blogger extraordinaire, Chiara’s audience hasn’t stopped growing since she started her blog in 2009 and it’s easy to see why. Regularly documenting where she’s been and what she was wearing, her blog and Instagram are a spring of inspiration for anyone who wants to explore every corner of the planet – and look good doing it, too.
Twitter: @ChiaraFerragni
Facebook: theblondesalad



Alastair Humphreys | Alastair Humphreys

“There are no hurdles to stop people having adventures—apart from being dead, really.”

2012 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year Alastair Humphreys’ résumé is rather impressive. This shows in this tremendous blog which houses 1400 posts stretching way back to 2001. Despite the vast amount of posts the blog is incredibly easy to navigate around and is bursting with useful information on both small-scale and large-scale travel projects. Alastair won his award with National Geographic for his work on what he calls ‘microadventures’. For a whole year he remained within the UK shores in an attempt to prove that you don’t have to fly thousands of miles or spend buckets of money to travel. The blog has a beautiful style and is scattered with Alastair’s staggeringly beautiful photography.
Twitter: @Al_Humphreys 



Akila and Patrick | The Road Forks

Akila and Patrick have been exploring the sights, sounds and, most importantly, the flavours of countries since 2009 – but they haven’t done it alone. Proving you don’t have to leave everything behind in search of mystery and intrigue, they have been joined along the way by their two dogs, Chewy and Abby, and most recently by their daughter, Amara. The Road Forks is an honest and exciting look at the world, celebrating the best and worst in food and foreign lands from a family of restless feet and boundless energy.
Twitter: @theroadforks
Facebook: theroadforks



Ana Silva O’Reilly | Mrs O Around the World

“My mother always told me ‘if you leave home, it has to be better. And home is pretty nice’ – without knowing it, it shaped the way I always travelled. I roughed it once at university, and came back after 2 days. I would rather go travel less, but make every trip amazing.”
‘Love travel, love people, love shoes’. This is Ana Silva O’Reilly according to Ana Silva O’Reilly. Like always, she is just being honest. This luxury travel blog is a truthful catalogue of Ana’s travel experiences in her many years on the go. Originally from Lisbon and now an adopted English country lass, ‘Mrs O’ posts over the years have gained a following of 30,000 views per month. This is partly down to the straightforward design of the blog but also as a result of Ana’s utter refusal to shy away from the truth.
Twitter: @mrsoaroundworld
Facebook: mrs.o.aroundtheworld



Matt Prior | Matt Prior

“Travel opened my eyes to the rest of the world, the people, the countries and the endless possibilities! Commit to something. Put your balls on the line. Then figure it out.”

Having lived in the UK, Australia and Hong Kong and served for 6 years in the RAF it would be accurate to describe Matt Prior’s living situation as complex. Matt has visited over 85 countries to date and accomplished numerous feats. Perhaps most striking of all, he has been inducted into the Guinness Book of Records for the highest altitude in a taxi at 17,143ft… I certainly wouldn’t like to be paying the fare or that. In addition, Matt has solo-motorcycled around Peru in rainy season and careered from London to Mongolia and back again in a £150 old banger. This blog makes you realise that the sky’s the limit.
Twitter: @mattprioruk
Facebook: mattprioruk
Flickr: mattprioruk



Jonny Duncan | Backpacking Man

“I travel for the love of adventure and meeting new people. I never get bored with it. Every day brings new things—it is total freedom. I started my website due to the urges of people saying I should write about my adventures, and also to give advice to others interested in doing the same as me.”

Jonny Duncan’s mantra is thus: life is about enjoying and testing oneself to the maximum. The Backpacking Man is a fountain of knowledge for all things… backpacking believe it or not! His first backpacking trip was in 1997 when he travelled that way because it was the only means he could afford. Since then however Jonny has been a backpacker out of choice as he feels it brings him closer to reality. This blog takes the reader into the real life situations that Jonny encounters and offers tips wherever possible. He avoids travel brochures like the plague and encourages off-the-beaten-path travel.

Twitter: @backpackingman
Facebook: Backpackingman 



Niall McCann | Niall McCann

“Be bold! Look at a globe and pick somewhere you are fascinated by, then buy yourself a plane ticket there. Now that you’re committed you’ll figure the rest out as you go!”

Niall McCann may be the most recognisable name on this list. He was handed his TV debut with PBS’s ‘Lost in the Amazon’ in 2011 and is in talks with producers for new shows in the pipeline. Niall incorporates his genuine love and study of zoology into his travels wherever possible and specialises in working with endangered species. After his first major expedition aged 18 cycling in the Himalayas, this real-life action man has gone on to cycle the highest road in the world, canoe the River Yukon and row the Atlantic from La Gomera to Antigua to name but a few!
Twitter: @NiallPMcCann
Facebook: dontpokeitwithastick

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Nora Dunn | The Professional Hobo

“My inspiration: to experience daily life around the world – to break bread on dinner tables around the world, understand how people shop, how they celebrate, how different cultures operate, and what’s important to them. I like to live around the world, rather than merely pass through it.”

Nora Dunn took the plunge in 2006. Ridding herself of all her possessions she began a trip which would take her through 30 countries and meet countless new people along the way. Nora always has been a people-person. Fall off the grid with Nora, The Professional Hobo as she traipses her way around the globe one step at a time. Her work in Cyclone Relief in Asia and Australian Bushfires means she has a unique perspective on the importance of aid-work and volunteering. There many other tales including her part in the Ultimate Train Challenge which took her 25,000km from Lisbon to Saigon.
Twitter: @hobonora
Facebook: TheProfessionalHobo 



Auston Matta | Two Bad Tourists

“We discovered our favorite country was Spain so we decided to move there. We love the pace of live, the vibrant city of Madrid, the tapas and cheap wine!”

Auston and David are Bad Tourists and proud! This blog endorses making one’s own way around the world and absconding from the crowd. Being a young gay couple, Auston and David have a unique viewpoint and, where possible, give tips to other gay travellers. The blog contains categories which make it easy for the reader and budgeting during travel is another high priority for the duo. They want to send out the message that travel is more achievable than you think. There are also videos and tips dotted around the site which hand out bite-size nuggets of knowledge to would-be travellers.
Twitter: @twobadtourists
Facebook: TwoBadTourists 



Krystle Wright | Wright Foto

“If you follow what you love, it will not lead you astray.”

Krystle Wright is a pioneering photographer from Australia whose snapshots of extreme sports in remote locations make them visible to the world where they otherwise might not have been. She feels strongly that these sports should be in the public eye or at least available to those who wish to see them. In her time Krystle has been on countless expeditions, namely ‘To the Ends of the Earth’, ‘Chasing Altitude in Pakistan’ and ‘Antarctica’ which all feature heavily on her blog. The spectacular photographs speak for themselves. This is not a blog for travel tips and backpacking information: simply marvel at Krystle’s stunning work and be inspired.
Twitter: @KrystleWright 



Sabrina | Just Oneway Ticket

Sabrina is an inherently self-critical creature. She describes herself as a ‘travel blogger and photographer, but not a very good one’. If she is not a very good travel blogger I would love to see what she is actually good at! A hatred of writing about herself is contrasted with her clear love of all things travel. On the road since 2008, Sabrina has stayed at countless hotels and on innumerable couches. She writes so as not to forget her experiences and to make life easier for those with plans for similar travel. Her ‘Places to Stay’ section is particularly original and enlightening.
Twitter: @Just1WayTicket
Facebook: JustOneWayTicket
Flickr: sabsub



Gary Pepper | Gary Pepper Girl

Nicole Warne, like all of us, is multifaceted. A stylist, model, creative director, travel blogger, style blogger… call her what you will, she is a phenomenon in her own right. One glance at her blog Gary Pepper and you are taken away to another planet. The artwork and design is almost alien to anything of this world. This is perhaps more style orientated than it is travel but the beautiful photography on show ensures it appeals to the masses. Where it is lacking in travel advice it makes up for in sheer class and innovation.
Twitter: @garypeppergirl
Facebook: garypeppergirl



Derek Cullen | No Hanging Around

“I suffered with fear and anxiety for most of my life and when I lost both parents to cancer some years ago, these emotions ran riot. Although very insecure and lost for confidence at the time, I was fed up feeling this way and decided something had to change.
I asked myself “with money aside, if you could do anything-what would it be?”.
I wanted to step out of the comfort zone and do something that scared me. I mentioned the idea of cycling across Africa to several people but it was met with either jokes or criticism, needless to say this wasn‘t easy to listen to but I booked a flight to Cape Town anyway. I figured – I‘ve had enough of anxieties, I‘m not going to let other people’s fears stop me from chasing my own dream”

Derek Cullen is living proof that introverts can make good travellers. He once suffered from anxiety but wasn’t one for hanging around and letting it take hold of him as the name of the blog suggests. He overcame his fears and is now in the middle of a monumental mission to cycle across Africa: so far he has spanned 2000km of the great continent. The blog is a brilliantly laid out and there are constantly updated maps to track Derek’s route. Join Derek on the ‘road to happiness’ as he dubs it. If he can overcome his fears then so can anybody.
Twitter: @NoHangingAround
Facebook: nohangingaround 



Torre DeRoche | Fearful Adventurer

Torre DeRoche is a ‘Fearful Adventurer’, she fully acknowledges that. This beautifully written blog, which started life in 2004, at times resembles prose. Torre was first drawn to travel in a desperate attempt to escape the mundane nature of adulthood. She emigrated from Melbourne to San Francisco and soon it was fear that drove her to exploring the world. A fear which once may have put a halt to proceeding is what inspires Torre’s travels. What first began as a means to showing her mother she was alive has developed into an honest, witty and brave account of one lady versus the world.
Twitter: @FearfulGirl
Facebook: fearfuladventurer



Erin Marie | The World Wanderer

Ever since childhood Erin Marie’s parents instilled the importance of recognising one’s history inside her. Regular trips down the East Coast of the United States with her family to an extent satisfied her curiosities but not until her first voyage overseas to visit family in Ireland did Erin realise her calling in life. She wanted to travel. Being a teacher meant generous holidays and thus her travel addiction could be fed without difficulty. The World Wanderer is a fantastic hive of information and advice on the realities of exploring the planet. Erin wants to visit every country in the world. Join her on this mission.
Twitter: @TheWrldWanderer
Facebook: The-World-Wanderer
Flickr: theworldwanderer 



Kate McCulley | Adventurous Kate

Aged 26, Kate made a bold move in quitting her job and moving to Southeast Asia where she planned to stay for 6 months. 3 years later she was still not home. During that time she had totted up a humungous 45 countries visited and was singlehandedly proving to the world that females can travel the world solo just as men can. Originally from Boston, Kate now finds herself in London and travels primarily around Europe although she cannot resist a cheeky jaunt outside of Europe now and again! She completely understands that she is living the dream and is not taking that fact for granted for one moment.
Twitter: @adventurouskate
Facebook: AdventurousKate 



Ashley & Carolyn | The Lazy Travellers

“Don’t feel pressured to see and do everything just so you can check things off a list. Some of our best travel memories came from the days we decided to skip the touristy stuff and instead kick back in a local bar or cafe and enjoy our surroundings.”

Meet the Lazy Travellers. They are best friends and drinking buddies Ashley and Carolyn: the Trinny and Susannah of the travel blog world. In their own words they are ‘professional pub crawlers’ and it seems a lot of their travels revolve around opportunities to drink and subsequent (inevitable) hangovers. Only embarking on their first trip together in 2013, they are relatively new to this travel blogging lark. They are however naturals and the blog comes across as a fun and honest account of their escapades around the world.
Twitter: @lazytravelers
Facebook: lazytravelers 



Nicole Smith | Bitten by the Travel Bug

Nicole Smith has been bitten by the travel bug and her life now is a constant struggle to ‘find a cure for my travel bug bite one country at a time’. She invites others who have been bitten to take solace and share experiences on her blog. It stands as a fantastic example of how to juggle a degree and travelling simultaneously. Students aren’t perhaps known for their ability to multitask but Nicole seems to have cracked it and is soaring as a result. Website:
Twitter: @NicoleTravelBug
Facebook: bittenbythetravelbug 



Mike Libecki | Mike Libecki

“The time is now…What are you waiting for? No excuses. Dream big…And climb those dreams. After all, it is not only life, but the quality of this life. Death and/or old age is coming…We must live sweet. Why ration passion?”
It speaks volumes that among Mike Libecki’s many achievements winning Father of the Year at his daughter’s school at home in Utah is right at the peak. Mike is fond of peaks as it happens. Driven by his passion for solo-climbing, he is able to be a superhero to his daughter whilst being able to satisfy his travel needs at the same time. Already he has partaken in over 40 expeditions and there are plans for many more. He has made multiple ‘first ascents’: in Afghanistan, Guyana and Papa New Guinea to name just a few. Two pervading messages from the blog are ‘no excuses’ and ‘the time is now’… he is living proof that family can be used to spur you on rather than restrict.
Twitter: /mike.libecki
Facebook: mike.libecki



Ben and Charli | Wanderlusters

Ben and Charli are ‘wanderlusters’ and proud. As their tagline illustrates, they ‘live for adventure’. The duo’s travel plans truly came into fruition in 2011 when they sold all their possessions in order to fund a world tour which was on the horizon. Captivating photography and a glossy design make this blog extremely easy on the eye. In a relatively short amount of time Ben and Charli have managed to pack in so much. You will find them hiking across an active volcano, driving over 35,000km across the Australian continent and qualifying as PADI Divemasters in Costa Rica along the way.
Twitter: @WanderlustersUK
Facebook: Wanderlusters



Tom Stockwell | Waegook

Waegook Tom is the name of the blog; Waegook being the Korean word for foreign. It seems Tom Stockwell enjoys being the foreigner. He describes himself as ‘often confused, always opinionated and perpetually hungry’. Tom’s plans for world domination began on a set of stairs with his Nana Strawb where they would ride a magic carpet to far-flung destinations. In many ways Tom hasn’t grown up and why should he?! This lovely blog describes his antics as first, an English teacher in South Korea and second, as an around-the-world traveller. He is not wrong when describing himself as ‘perpetually hungry’… it appears he is ruled by his stomach. The marvellous Foodporn Friday section of the blog is testament to this.
Twitter: @waegook_tom
Facebook: WaegookTom

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