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Published on September 8th, 2014 | by Editor

The Top 100 London Street Eats

Before we get carried away in our late night antics in some Top London Bars , we like to indulge in some serious street eating. We at Chillisauce love finding the best and boldest flavours to grace the streets of our capital and now with bellies well and truly satisfied, we can provide you with the ultimate foodies list. So stop salivating, put on your loosest trousers and step up to the food extravaganza.

We caught up with Angela Malin, Editor at About Time Magazine as she discusses the developing movement of street eats throughout bustling London.

“A distinctly American trend, we used to look longingly over the pond with envy at New York’s trendy food scene, with their dessert trucks and flea markets, brimming with local produce and juicy, mustard-slathered burgers. Fast forward a few years and I seriously think London could give New York a run for its money in the street food scene. Fine dining is out, it’s dining fine.

“I seriously think London could give New York a run for its money in the street food scene.”

We have amazing food markets, such as KERB, Borough Market and Spitalfields, as well as ever-popular weekend street food markets, such as Street Feast, Real Food Festival and Hawker House.
Bucking the trend of ‘single item’ menus in London, there are fantastic one-off street food extravaganzas, such as Meatopia, Vegfest and The Real Ale Festival. These festivals represent a new style of eating in London; we’re moving faster, wanting more, hungry for experience and things to Instagram. We want to try bites of everything, tastes of London’s best producers and innovators.

At About Time Magazine, we’re passionate about things worth your time; and if you’re anything like us, we recommend you spend your time in these top London street eats.”

Our Top 100…

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Food Editor of the Evening Standard, Victoria Stewart is definitely passionate about her food. Her blog, London Street Foodie, is an absolute pleasure to read. With such a vivacious personality and her enthusiasm for food Victoria was the perfect person to work with. We absolutely loved our lunch!

Victoria Stewart (1)

Favourite Street Foods – Big Apple Hot Dogs, Patty and Bun (bacon and cheese burger is one of the best), Pasta E basta (delicate and flavoursome, loves the fact it is handmade and fresh), Mike & Ollie (one of her absolute favourites), Speck Mobile, Rainbo (favourite is the pork and cabbage), Tongue N Cheek (loves the oxheart Burger), Street Kitchen, Fish Dogs (loves the tartar sauce), Rib Man, Yum Bun, BAO, Kimchinary, Busan BBQ and Polish Deli.

What makes a good Street Eat… – The Food, the food and again the food! However if the staff serving you are friendly, you are much more likely to go back. The people are incredibly important. There is a difference in a good street eat and a good street eat brand, sometimes the branding can be amazing but when it comes to it the food is below standards. When you’re buying a street eat you are really trusting someone It is much better to have a smaller menu and have a much greater focus. If a brand is speaking effectively it will always come across.

If Victoria was to open her own Street Eat… She is passionate about eating and enjoying food but not running her own stall. ff she had to, it would be a Piadina stall.’

We took Victoria and her lovely friend to Berwick Street Market for lunch on friday where we discussed the Street Eats, trying Moroccan Box, Sub Cult and Tongue N Cheek. Here is Victoria’s take…

Moroccan Box – “Diabolical service! Definitely not expected with the Ethos of street food, usually the people in the stalls are so much more passionate. It was a standard price however you do get quite alot of food and it seemed quite wholesome. It appears to be nutritionally balanced, too”

Tongue N Cheek – “Definitely prefer the burgers, and I like the juicy peppers in the Philly cheese. I’ve previously had his Heartbreaker burger which I love. The staff are very enthusiastic and friendly serving.”

Sub Cult – Very impressed with the Subterranean. Very friendly and enthusiastic staff. Amazing branding, loved the food however the bread could be crispier. Most definitely the winner for the day

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Founder of Cheese And Biscuits, Chris Pople is an avid foodie who blogs in his spare time. With a blog screaming passion for food, we had to get him onboard to find our Top 100 London Street Eats.

Chris Pople Image

Favourite Street Foods – Meat Wagon, Pizza Pilgrims, Monte’s Deli, Mike & Ollie, Spit and Roast, Orange Buffalo.

Street Eats for the Future – More Mexican places & More fresh chicken

If Chris were to open his own Street Eat it would be called… West Coast Burgers

Favourite Restaurant? Meat Liquor

We took Chris to Berwick Street Market for lunch on friday where we discussed the Street Eats, trying Jerusalem Falafel and Savage Salads. Here is what Chris had to say…

Jerusalem Falafel – “Falafel is one of the few vegetarian things I like, however it would be much nicer if they made the falafel hot and fresh infront of you. I do like that they make their own bread.”

Savage Salads – “I like the chicken however without it, the salad itself is very basic to be honest.”

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Founder of We Food Snobs and voted into London’s Top 20 Blogs by the London Evening Standard, Chris Fynes, has wasted no time in becoming one of London’s most influential bloggers and we just had to get his thoughts on our list too.


Favourite Street Foods – First off The Ribman, incredible meat and an amazing personality behind the brand. His hot sauce is excellent too and there’s no scrimping on the portions! Second Capish Food, really indulgent eats that hit the spot every time and one of my absolute favourites. Not to forget Bleecker Street Burger – London’s number one burger!

Least favourite Street Eats – No least favourite eats in particular, just tend to steer clear of the healthier stuff as I always head out for street food when I’m in a particularly indulgent mood. Meat means feast!

What makes a great Street Eat … Personality, great food and a good hold on social media as it’s so important to build a follower base. Street food is all about word of mouth. Presentation too, half the time I make decisions based on how my food and the stall is presented.

 Are there any advantages to a street eat over dining at a restaurant or buying fast food? Definitely. A sense of community for one. I’ve made a lot of great connections by being involved in the street food scene. I think it’s also accessible to the masses too and means that due to low prices, the public can sample some extremely good quality food at a fraction of the price the big named restaurants sell it for. There’s also such a massive variety of street food markets nowadays and it’s really refreshing to see the creativity they all bring to the scene.

Mention some Street Eats you want to try – Batch bakery as they create the type of baked goods that I swoon over on Twitter. Crabbieshack as I’m a big fan of crab meat, especially in a burger! Need to get my hands on Bread Ahead’s famous doughnuts too!

If Chris were to open his own Street Eat it would be called… I think I’d love to open a brisket bar, maybe call it “Really takes the brisket!” All about burnt ends, creamy coleslaw and delicious brisket piled high on brioche! Failing that a pudding bar called “Pud me in your mouth and suck it” haha. Recently sampled brioche chocolate croissants in Portugal and think they need to come to the streets of London.

Thoughts on our Top 100 London Street Eats list –  Looks good, all the names that came to my head are on there and really interesting to see some that I haven’t heard about before! Better get ticking them off!

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Abycina | Ethopian

Abycina traverses the busy streets of London and also makes the regular sojourn to the seaside town of Brighton. It brings with it a unique fusion of traditional East African cuisine and modern, experimental street food, while also utilising fresh local vegetables and exotic spices from the heartland of Ethiopia. With an emphasis placed on creating healthy, flavoursome and nutritious food, it is important to note that there are menu options available for vegetarians and vegans in addition to meat-eaters. Abycina even delivers gluten-free dishes for those with allergies! If you are feeling particularly adventurous, we recommend the Gomon Wot Hamley (which is a spinach based dish complete with onions, tomatoes, black cumin and a staggering seventeen herbs!


Anna Mae’s | American

anna mae's

Having travelled extensively across London and served food to businesses such as the BBC, Glastonbury and the Guardian, this mobile eatery has developed a cult following that continues to grow with every year. Since 2009, it has served top quality BBQ food and big pan macaroni and cheese that is available with a wide range of toppings. Cooked fresh on site and served from giant cast iron skillets, this relatively simple food is extremely well-cooked, wonderfully presented and carries a unique sense of drama. Rated in the top ten street eat outlets in the whole of London by the Guardian, Anna Mae’s appears regularly at festivals and is even available for hire by private businesses. Next appearing at KERB, Southbank between 5th and 7th September, you can enjoy the unique Anna Mae’s classic or its famous cheese with tortilla chips combination.


ATE Street Food | Various


Based at 2 Fuchsia Street in Alexander Terrace, ATE Street Food aims to impress you with its great range of delectable, contemporary food from their 1972 Citroen H van. Try out their roast cod loin with harissa and salsa bulgar wheat –their wonderful recipe of the month! Their little Citroen roams the streets from Crystal Palace Food Market to Battersea Studios, so keep an eye on their Twitter to see where they’ll be next!


Ayam Happy | Indonesian

Ayam Happy

The original Indonesian street food vendor, Ayam Happy trades from Vauxhall Street Food Garden every Monday – Friday from 11.30am to 8pm, and Saturdays at Reigate Street Eats in Surrey from 11am to 4pm. Enjoy stunning Indonesian cuisine such as Mie Ayam and Sate Ayam and even burgers! Currently trading from a mobile gazebo, their mission is to experiment with different flavours and ingredients and create something wonderful that everyone will enjoy.


Baba G’s | Indian

baba g's

For anyone who has ever enjoyed a crisp sandwich or some other strange culinary creation, street food is heading in an extremely exciting direction right now. Take the efforts of Alec Owen’s unique Baba G’s eatery, which is a prominent fixture on the festival scene and have forged a reputation for seamlessly blending Indian and British cuisine. From Madras marinated prime lamb rump (or the Royal Raj Rump, if your please) to the customers’ favourite Crazy Lamb Jalfrezi burger, Baba’s G have infused typically Western dishes with subtle Indian spices and aromas. There is also an innate sense of fun that surrounds the Baba G’S eatery, and while it may not be the most regimented regime it delivers delicious and unique flavours to the British market. If it tickles your fancy, the large as life Alec also mixes a mean old fashioned!


Bacon & On & On | British


Do the British take enough pride in their cuisine? If you have ever heard an Italian rave about Salami, the answer is clearly a resounding no. There is cuisine that we Brits specialise in, but none more prominent than delicious strips of bacon. Bacon On & On is a celebration of this most underrated of meats, and it has been established to cure the nation of its ignorance. Located in Soho and devoted to taking is message and menu nationwide, Bacon On & On has developed a creative menu that utilises bacon and its unique rich taste. The star of this menu is undoubtedly a premium 9 inch frank, made with hot-smoked belly bacon bits and Kentish pancetta. Also served with sizzling onions and a Balthazar buttermilk bun, it is especially delicious with a slither of mustard or a Bloody Mary ketchup.


Bad Brownie | American

Bad Brownie - salted caramel slices

Founded 2013 and voted the best brownie in London (for their Salted Caramel) at the Chocolate Festival 2014, Paz and Morag’s Bad Brownie creations are designed to make you dump the diet. Forget your regular chocolate brownies – Bad Brownie is all about pushing the envelope to create rich, fudgy creations full of exciting flavours.

Try out a raspberry cheesecake brownie, a bacon and maple syrup or, if you’re daring enough, a smoked chocolate and black pepper brownie just to see how far you can push your taste buds. We guarantee you’ll be coming back for more! Bad Brownie has appeared at the Venn Street market in Clapham, Maltby Street market in London Bridge, Kerb market in King’s Cross, Greenwich Market and Broadway Market in Hackney as well as many others, so keep an eye on their Twitter feed to see where they’ll pop up next! They also have their very own pop up shop at 19 Greek St in Soho, London.


BAO | Asian

Bao london

Humble and refreshing, the founders of BAO claim to have only started their street food journey so that they could enjoy the dishes created by fellow vendors without feeling guilty. While they may be relatively new to the market, their genuinely unusual cuisine and tangible sense of humility has had a huge impact even on London’s most avid street food enthusiasts. With a permanent location on Netil Market and a stall that traverses the length and breadth of London, BAO serves up taste sensations such as Soya Milk Fried Chicken (yes you heard that right) and the house favourite Gua Boa with pork belly, home pickles and coriander. All served on delicious handmade buns that evoke the ancient and forgotten art of bao making, these dishes cannot be found anywhere else and represent the finest in Asian cuisine.


BBQ Lab| American


Having overseen some of the most disastrous barbeques in suburban history, there is clearly an understated level of skill required to cooking meet over a lit grill. This is why we are delighted to introduce Dr. BBQ Matt Harris, who has elevated simple and rustic street food to a refined and delicate art. Fresh from a job stint in the heart of North Carolina, he has launched the BBQ Lab and appears regularly at culinary hot-spot Granary Square in Kings Cross. Fusing classic American low and slow cuisine with a passion for engineering, you can enjoy culinary delights such as 53-hour pulled pork, 77-hour cooked beef ribs and an array of delicious pickles, slaws and sides. We can particularly recommend Matt’s smoked hanger stakes, especially when they are served with the unmistakable chilli gel. The more adventurous among you may want to visit on Experimental Tuesday, where the meat surgeon introduces a brand new menu item to the market!


Bell and Brisket | Various

Bell & Brisket

Founded by Bel Shapiro in 2010, Bell and Brisket is all about championing the classics. Enjoy traditional combinations of salt beef, pickles and mustard with a street food style twist. Serving delicious lunches and dinners seven days a week at The Dukes Head in Highgate, Bell and Brisket will be at Street Feast with her converted horse box, ready to serve up delicious hand-brined salt beef, homemade pickles and blowtorched cheddar.


Bello Gnocco | Various


Founder Francesco is also all about fresh, hand-made Italian gnocchi – a potato-based pasta traditionally served with a pesto sauce or classic tomato. It is an Italian favourite and is absolutely delicious, made fresh on-site and cooked right in front of you! If gnocchi isn’t really your thing, you can also buy fresh tortellini, filled pasta and tagliatelle to take home to create your own Italian feast. Bello Gnocco was trading at KERB in Kings Cross for the month of August. Keep an eye on their Twitter feed to see when and where you can get your next pasta fix!


Big Apple Hotdog | American

Big Apple Hot Dogs - 001

Located on the Old Street Cart in London, the clue is in the name with this American-inspired eatery. Driven by a simple concept, there are few street eats that exhibit their cuisine and philosophy in such a concise manner. It’s all about the hot dogs at BAHD, and owner Abiye Cole is on a mission to present simple street food that is packed full of flavour and meaty goodness. A dominant presence in its chosen niche and the preferred choice of restaurateurs and supermarkets, Big Apple Hotdog has made the most out of a devastatingly simple culinary premise. Renowned for its Huge Pole dish (which is 180 grams and includes all-natural Polish sausage and a sprinkle of paprika), there are also a huge array of hot toppings such as sweet peppers, slow cooked onions and sautéed butter with fresh thyme. From the corner of Old Street to a round table discussion in Downing Street (we kid you not), BAHD is at the very top of the street eatery food chain.


Bill Or Beak | British

Bill Or Beak

“Thank you so much for putting us into your top 100, this year has been a whirl wind and it’s another great thing to say we have done” – Bill.

Founded by Lucy Mee and Joshua Paterson in 2013, the couple launched their street food stall as a means of expressing the melting pot of British culture through cuisine. Bill or Beak specialise in mouth-watering braised duck and pork dishes, alongside smoked paprika dressing, pickled leek mayo or coriander, chilli and mint dressing all wrapped up in delicious burger bun all for £6. Bill or Beak is available at Brockley Market from 10am to 2pm. They are also available at Kings Cross on Thursdays, and Elephant and Castle on Friday nights with KERB.


Black Vanilla | Italian

Black Vanilla

Black Vanilla is a Gelateria and Coffee House located in Blackheath. They also have a Gelateria and Champagne Bar in Greenwich. An indulgent collection of sumptuous gelato and frozen yoghurt, Black Vanilla is unique in its creations, using only the freshest fruit and finest ingredients. All produce is always GM free, with no artificial additives.

Aiming to be the best gelato outside of Italy, Black Vanilla offers Londoners a tasty and healthier alternative to ice-cream. Gelato only contains between 4-8 percent fat compared to the 14-25 percent fat found in traditional ice cream. The creamy texture created by Black Vanilla comes not from fat or sugar, but from expertly balancing every component in the recipe and adjusting the air content. In Greenwich, Black Vanilla is open Monday – Thursday: 11am – 8pm, Friday – Saturday: 11am – 11pm and Sunday: 11am – 9pm. In Blackheath, opening hours are Tuesday – Friday, 8am – 5pm, and Saturday – Sunday 10am – 6pm.


Bleecker St. Burger | British

Bleeker Burger

New York is considered to be the home of the classic burger, whether it is sold by a street vendor or packaged as an example or gourmet cuisine. Bleecker St. Burger (named after the iconic NYC street that connects the East to the West Village in downtown Manhattan) aims to bring New York burgers to the streets of London, as this award-winning food truck uses aged meat, toasted buns and American cheese to create a trans-Atlantic taste sensation. The brainchild of a corporate lawyer from the Big Apple, Bleecker St. Burger now appears regularly at Old Spitafields Market and later in the week at the popular Dalston Yard in Hackney. Utilising British produce and placing an emphasis on presentation with its hand-cut fries, this London Burger Bash final winner has a back-story and a menu that will capture the imagination of diners old and new.


Bob’s Lobster | British

Bob's Lobster

Serving from a painfully pretty VW campervan, B.O.B.’s lobster champions of all foods, the delicious lobster. Served in various guises, including lobster brioche buns, lobster mac ‘n’ cheese and the lobster burger, these guys are a revelation, taking the food of white table cloth dining and delivering it to the streets. The colours and textures are a delight to the eyes and taste and we can’t recommend enough a decent Lobster Burger. So scrap the meat (well for one meal at least) and go B.O.B.’s. The guys can be found cavorting around Wed. – Fri. (7-9:30PM) evenings as B.O.B.’s Burgers off of Stoney St. at Borough Market and Fri. & Sat. evenings as BOBs Lobster Shack at Dalston Yard


Born and Raised | Italian

Born & Raised

Born and Raised specialise in what they like to call ‘British’ pizza. Founded in 2013 by chef Tom Dewey, they now serve up their delicious from their Land Rover Defender’s wood burning oven. Born and Raised was built on the concept of fine Italian pizza dough combined with responsibly sourced British ingredients. Born and Raised will be at Carnival del KERB Friday 5 September from 5pm to 11pm at Elephant & Castle.


Boxed Fresh | Various

Boxed Fresh

In many ways, the Boxed Fresh eatery embodies everything that is unique and compelling about contemporary street cuisine. Using locally sourced and free range chickens, it has also made a commitment to use every single cut of meat available above and beyond the leg, thigh or breast. The outlet takes a similar approach to their pork, which is cooked in a trademark and visually impressive drum and presented with generously sized belly strips. Its menu is Caribbean inspired, and with its jerk chicken and boneless curry goat dishes are particularly flavoursome and delicately balanced with thyme, garlic onion and fiery scotch bonnet peppers. A popular fixture at the Brentford Market in Croyden, Boxed Fresh delivers sustainable and delicious cuisine from the sunshine Islands of Central America and is likely to brighten anybody’s lunchtime.


Breddos Tacos | Mexican

Breddos Tacos

Founded by lifelong friends Chris and Nud in early 2013, Breddos Slider Bar and Taco Shack started up as a stand tucked away in Netil Market in Hackney. Winners of Taco Wars this March, they have been declared the makers of the best taco in the UK in 2014. Their delicious tacos are well presented, with the beef short rib, chipotle mole and Baja fish looking especially scrumptious! Serving at Street Feast in Dalston Yard, they are open from 6pm to 12am with prices ranging from £4 – £6 for tacos and sliders. Breddos Taqueria is also at Model Market on Lewisham High Street on Fridays and Saturdays from 6pm to 12am, running from 20 June to 27 September.


Burger Bear | American


(c) – Ian Sargent

Launched in May 2012, Burger Bear focuses on American style diner food with high quality British ingredients. Open Tuesdays 6-10pm and Saturdays 12-10pm at The Old Nuns Head in Nunhead, you can also catch them on Thursdays and Fridays 12-3pm at Trapeze Bar, next to Hoxton Hotel, Gt Eastern St. Dedicated to burgers, disco and having a good time, Burger Bear is also available for weddings and private functions if you like what they have to offer!


Burger Boy | American


Burger Boy are at Street Food Union serving up delicious burgers on Rupert Street in Soho every single Friday. Street Food Union is an independent market set up to bring food with soul to the public, and Burger Boy is on hand to deliver mouth-watering burgers filled with beef, pork and a stunning array of dressings and sides. Enjoy a scrumptious burger in the heart of busting Soho from 11am to 4pm – you don’t want to miss out!


Busan BBQ | American

Busan BBQ

The ‘Amerikorean Dream’ is something for all us to aspire to, as the desire to fuse eastern and western cuisine has driven culinary innovators for generations. Few have scaled such heady heights, however, but Busan BBQ is part of this select and successful brand of eateries. A vendor with a strong presence at Broadgate Exchange Square and the popular Street Feast at Dalston Yard, Busan BBQ has everything from classic Korean fried chicken to the creative named ‘Massive Monster Sandwich’ (which includes spicy pork belly, cheese and a bulgogi burger). Packed with robust flavour, cultural infusions and unique taste combinations, the Busan BBQ brings the East and West together in a thrilling and ultimately belly bursting street eat experience.


Capish? | Italian/American


If you are a fan of all things American-Italian, let us make you an offer you cannot refuse. Capish, which is a street eat primarily based in a pub residency on the busy Kingsland Road, is owned by the passionate Rachel Jones and brings a little slice of Italy to the London landscape. Famed for its hand-crafted, Meatball Heroes (which are generally served in a nine-inch buttermilk roll), its recipes are inspired by a Calabrian grandmother and the vibrant street eateries that line the bustling streets of New York City. Rachel has successfully translated NYC recipes into British cuisine, and whether you want to sample the delicious house Braciole or the American school dinner classic Sloppy Joe, Capish currently stands as the Godfather of Italian-inspired street eateries. Sure it might not be pretty, but who cares when food tastes as good as this?


Cast Iron Kitchen | Various

Cast Iron Kitchen

Serving up delicious Scottish treats, Cast Iron Kitchen specialises in Scottish meat and produce, serving steak sandwiches and stornoway black pudding rolls with stewed apple, home pickled onion, all priced between £4 and £6.50. Founded in 2013 by Morven Mulgrew, she worked on market stalls before starting up Cast Iron Kitchen and loves serving up home cooked food and exchanging a bit of banter. For some delicious traditional Scottish grub, check out Morven and her van at KERB in London. Cast Iron Kitchen is also available on Saturdays from 9am- 5pm at The Schoolyard at Broadway Market, and on Sundays from 11am to 4pm at Chatsworth Rd Market in Homerton.


Churros Bros | Spanish


Churros Bros are a family business based in Ealing – and they are serious about their churros. Having fallen in love with the sugary goodness of churros on their holidays to Spain, they decided to stop being disappointed about the lack of churros in the UK and make it themselves! Churros Bros helps to spread their love of churros to others by touring festivals in their 1976 Citroen H van and they were confirmed at this years Glastonbury, Womad and Larmer Tree. So keep an eye out at festivals next year!


Churros Garcia | Spanish

Churros Garcia

This small family business started forty years ago when Encarnacion Garcia Fuenteseca bought her first churros oven. When her parents retired, Lesley McKie Garcia took over and continued the family tradition with pride. Churros Garcia were finalists in 2010 Street Food Awards and are often in demand at speciality food events. You can try out a churro for yourself at Portobello Road Market every Saturday, from 9am to 6pm. As well as this, Churros Garcia will also be at Woking Food and Drink Festival from 5 – 7 September, and at BBC Proms on 6 September (Hyde Park, London).


Club Mexicana | Mexican

Club Mexicana

Founded 2014, Club Mexicana is all about serving up incredible vegan street food and lashings of tequila at their Hackney supper club. From delicious tacos to beer-marinated seitan and tequila-drunken black beans, it’s easy to see why they had a very successful six week run from 19 April 2014 at the Black Cat Cafe in Clarence Road, Hackney. With 100% Vegan food, keep an eye out on their Twitter to see where they pop up next! They’re also at Kerb, Granary Square on Wednesdays or Thursdays every week.


Crabbie Shack | Various

crabbie shack

The Crabbie Shack focuses on fine sea food with delicious dressings. Immerse yourself in soft shell crab burgers with fennel and avocado, or enjoy a plain crab with pickled cucumbers, coriander and wasabi mayonnaise. The owner Dougie actually worked on Jamon Jamon’s stall for years before he decided to take the plunge and go it alone, offering a range of crab snacks designed to suit all tastes and appetites. You can find them at KERB market at Granary Square in Kings Cross from 12-2pm, Tuesday – Friday.


Creperie Nicolas | French


Founded in 2010 by Gill and Keith Wyles, Crêperie Nicolas serves up only the highest quality authentic Breton crêpe’s and galettes with the finest Italian coffee. Whether you fancy grabbing a delicious sweet crêpe for breakfast or a delicious savoury galette filled with Toulouse sausage with caramelised onions for dinner, you can catch them at the Southbank Centre on Belvedere Road, which is open from 12pm on Friday to 6pm on Sunday. Look out for their classic Citroen H van with a professional Fracino espresso machine on board!


Daddy Donkey | Mexican


Enjoy fast, healthy and hot Mexican food in London thanks to Daddy Donkey! Packed full of fresh, natural ingredients, Daddy Donkey aims to be the very best provider of Mexican burritos in London. Friends Joel and Sergio opened up a Mexican food stand together in 2005, serving the first Mexican street food in London. From there, the first Daddy Donkey Burrito-mobile was born and its huge success led the duo to launch their first shop in 2013. See for yourself by heading on down to their premises at 50b Leather Lane! Open Monday to Friday, from 11am to 4pm, but closed on the weekends.


Dogtown Hotdogs | American



Food and art is an unusual meld, but in terms of creativity and presentation there is a prominent correlation between the two. Downtown Hot Dogs is one of the few street vendors to pay homage to this connection, as the outlet has infused street art into its locations and strived to creatively present its menu and individual dishes. Based in Lewisham but revered as regular attendees at events such as the Street Feast in Dalston Yard, Down Hot Dogs brings the taste of New York City to the heartland of the UK’s capital city. With its trademark mustard and flavour combinations a thing to behold, you can next catch these innovative street food vendors either in their homeland or at the highly popular Riverside Feast.


Donostia Social Club | Spanish

Donostica Social Club

For delightful tapas, look no further than Donostia Social Club – a street food van; pop up restaurant; and tapas/pintxos bar, all in one! With over 20 years’ experience in the catering trade, Donostia Social Club brings a love of the Basque country to London, fusing the very best of Northern Spain and French cuisine. Enjoy the rich flavours of Iberico salami, Catalan fuet & Basque chorizo for just £5, or have a cold pintxos on the bar for £3. Donostia Social Club will be appearing at KERB in Southbank from 5 to 7 September 2014, and will have their own pop-up at King & Co from 12 September – 30 November 2014. Pop along to KERB Saturday (Granary Square) on 20 September 2014 and 18 October for some extra flavours!


Dosa Deli | Indian

Dosa Deli

Having recently made an appearance at the popular End of the Road Festival, the Dosa Deli has made huge waves on the London street food scene. While it is not alone in its desire to bring authentic Asian cuisine to those who live in the capital, it is arguably one of the most professional and conscientious street food vendors in the whole of London. Led by founders Amy and Kristian Philip-Price (who both worked in the food events industry prior to chasing their culinary dreams). They have created an outlet that serves delicious and meticulously prepared food, with an emphasis on using fresh ingredients and recreating authentic recipes from the streets of India. We particularly love the Asian inspired Dosa wraps, which are packed full of vegetarian fillings, colourful chutneys and delicately spiced pickles. So if you want street food but also have a yearning for professional standard cooking and a timely service, the Dosa Deli is the location for you.


Engine Hot Dogs | American

Engine Hot Dogs

What could be better than eating gourmet hotdogs from a vintage fire engine? Only if that fire engine is owned by a celebrity! Engine is owned by a certain EastEnders Actor, and if you hang around you might catch a glimpse of who it is! Engine also serve up excellent grub, including the New York style beef dog topped with dill pickles and crispy onions as well as stunning pork dogs topped with cheese and chipotle sauce. With many more delicious dogs to choose from, why not stay for lunch and dinner? Regulars at Street Feast and Bishopsgate Market, follow them on Twitter of Facebook to see where they’ll end up next!


Falafel Al-Hooriya | Palestinian


Victoria and Mahmoud, a husband and wife team, founded Falafel Al-Hooriya together in 2012. Delicious, authentic and straightforward falafel comes directly to the streets of London from Palestine. This is classic street food done right, and if you’re searching for a taste of real tahini, you can’t go wrong here. Enjoy traditional Gazan falafel wraps, delicious hummus and healthy vegan treats. You can find them at KERB market at Granary Square in Kings Cross from 12-2pm, Tuesday – Friday.


Fleisch Mob | Austrian


While street eats add so much to the London landscape, it is often the personality of the owners that makes them unique and appealing to a wide audience. Take the Fleisch Mob, for example, which was established by Mark Edwards after the devastating demise of his family business. He used his Austrian roots and knowledge of South London to create his unique Eastern European menu, which includes the popular rare breed pork schnitzel, a London-smoked Frankfurter and Austrian beef shin goulash (which offers a modern twist on the classic dinner party favourite from the 1970’s). The fusion of cultures, free range meat straight from The Butchery and Mark’s touching back-story has created a high-quality and genuinely emotive culinary experience, which can be enjoyed throughout London at Brixton Market, the Forest Hill Food Fair and many other destinations.


French and Grace | British

French & Grace

Started up by Rosie French and Ellie Grace in 2009, French and Grace specialise in delicious wraps. The duo had their humble beginnings as an eclectic supper club above Brixton market every other Saturday night. However, in 2010 French and Grace packed in their desk jobs and pitched their street food stalls all over London. It was here that the Über Wrap was born, their now famous combination of chorizo, halloumi, slaw, tahini, pickles, pomegranate & mint rolled up in a warm Lebanese flatbread. In October 2011 French and Grace made a permanent home for themselves at Brixton Market and are open from 11am to 8pm. They’ll be at Street Feast in Dalston Yard until 20 September, open from 5pm to 12am.


Fundi Pizza | Italian


Brothers Charlie and Rory Nelson both have a passion for pizza, and know how to use it. All their wonderful pizzas are made to order and baked for 90 seconds in their very own hand-built wood-fired oven. Delicious margheritas and sensational Napolis are created with fresh mozzarella, sea salt, pepperoni, fresh basil and olive oil, among other extraordinary ingredients. You can find them at KERB markets


Gupta Confectioners | Indian

Gupta Confectioners

For those of you will delicate palates and minimal appetites, the sight of a meaty and fat-drenched burger may be too much to bear. Fear not, however, as there are still a number of street food outlets that are capable of satisfying your hunger or thirst for culinary adventure. Take Gupta Confectioners, for example, who operate out of Drummond Street near London’s iconic Hampstead Road. Also available to cater private events, it specialises in the creation of Indian sweets and savoury snacks and represents the lighter side of high quality Indian cuisine. From super chicken tikka rolls (which starred at the Southbank recently) to flavoursome samosa, Gupta Confectioners has created a delicate menu that implores you to enjoy the lighter side of life.


Gurmetti | Italian


Italian food has become hugely popular in the UK in recent times, but there is far more to this type of cuisine that pizza, pasta and a rich array of table sauces. No single eatery embodies this better than Gurmetti, which is located on Leather Lane in Farringdon and serves contemporary Italian twists on classic international dishes. In delivering an Italian interpretation of the New York burger, traditional fired dough puffs and the highest quality of pork and beef, it has achieved a well-deserved reputation for presenting visually unique and authentic tasting food. The fact that the food is served from a mobile location only adds to the authenticity and appealing nature of the cuisine, which enables customers’ to enjoy an unusual taste combination and gourmet standard burger for as little at £6.


Hanoi Kitchen | Vietnamese

Hanoi Kitchen

Lurching from the familiar to the unknown with every single step, London street food offers a pilgrimage to anyone with a passion for cuisine. Hanoi Kitchen is a street eatery that embodies the spirit of kerbside vendors, as they deliver fresh, unique and delicious cuisine that provides the ultimate lunchtime experience. It also takes great pride in creating healthy dishes that are locally sourced and inspired by Vietnamese culture, with vermicelli noodles, fresh herbs, pickled carrots and crunchy challots. We can particularly recommend that Bún Bò (or Lemongrass Beef), especially when it has been generously coated in the Hanoi Kitchen’s Special Sauce. Suitable for both vegetarians and meat eaters alike, all of the recipes can be traced to a traditional street vendor in Hanoi and therefore an authentic taste of one of the world’s most diverse cultures.


Healthy Yummies | British

Healthy Yummies

Founded in 2010, Healthy Yummies is an innovative and creative catering company who specialise creating interesting and memorable menus using only ethically sourced, seasonal British whole foods. With fresh produce and minimal fuss, the result is delicious fresh food full of real flavour. In order to hire the company, you must have a minimum head count of 35. Breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea costs a mere £32, while supper is just £12 per head. You can also enjoy delicious soup and sandwiches for £5.50 per head. Feeding film and TV sets, catering for decadent soirees and delving into street trade, you can find out more at their base at 90 De Beauvoir Road, London.


Horn OK Please | Indian

Horn Ok Please 1

“We started Horn Ok Please to bring a flavour of Indian street life and food to London and the support and the level to which this has been embraced by our customers and market/event organisers has been fantastic. We are thrilled to be listed in Chillisauce’s top 100 Street Eats.” – Sandhya

Founded by friends Sandhya Aiyar and Gaurav Gautam, these two have a serious passion for delicious Indian cuisine. Their stall offers an incredible medley of spices, textures and flavours, with beautiful lentil crepes and special masala potatoes being just some of their exquisite choices. The two friends missed the taste of authentic Indian street food in the UK, and decided to expand Londoners’ perceptions of Indian food in their own way. You can find them at KERB at the Southbank centre every Friday from 12pm to Sunday until 6pm.


Hot Skillet | British

Hot Skillet

Founded in 2013, Hot Skillet is owned by Nichola Smith, who is also co-founder of Fabric nightclub. Her aim is to create delicious, seasonal British food, using only ethically sourced ingredients. The result? Hot Skillet is known as the home of ‘The Biscuit Beast’, source of the finest and most delicious biscuit based treats on the streets thanks to Dan@hotskillet. Try out a luscious pulled beef brisket with horseradish, coleslaw, red onion, jalapenos and American cheddar to name but a few! Hitting prime spots all around London from Ruislip to Richmond, Hot Skillet is constantly roaming – keep an eye on their Twitter for where they’re roaming to next!


Jamon Jamon Paella | Spanish

Jamon Jamon Paella

I started the stall because I was trying to chat up a girl in a street market in W11 🙂 How’s that for a story! I was trying to sell spanish ham and cheese online without much success, and checked out a street market called Golborne Road (W11), and went to chat to a girl selling juice and smoothies, and decided then and there to set up a stall next to her and see where it went. The day I started her stall got moved to Portobello Road and I hardly saw her again afterwards.”


Founded in 2004 the idea for Jamon Jamon came to the owner while on holiday in Valencia, Spain, when he walked into a local charcuteria. Inspired by the place, he developed the idea of selling sliced jamon and cheese in the UK, and opened his first stall in October 2004. Gradually the menu expanded to include freshly made tortillas, hot soups, grilled chorizo and paella using local suppliers where possible. Jamon Jamon’s aim is to offer the best value paella in any UK street, and you can see if this is the case at 208 Portobello Road. They were even a finalist in the 2010 British Street Food Awards!


Jerusalem Falafel | Israeli


Attempting to identify a preferred vendor can be akin to plucking a miniscule needle from a towering haystack so you may find yourself wondering aimlessly among a swathe of food stands. This is what makes the Jerusalem Falafel so special, as its unique cuisine and meticulous approach to preparing dishes helps it to stand out from a bustling and rather impressive crowd. There are prizes for guessing the contents of the menu, however, as there are a number of beautiful and delicious falafels that are packed with fresh vegetables and sticky, flavoursome dishes. Quite simply, if you are in the market for something different then a trip to Jerusalem Falafel is sure to make your day.


Kimchinary | Korean


While some street eateries can be harder to pinpoint than meaningful dialogue in a Jason Statham film, Kimchinary is an outlet that bucks this trend. This colourful and unique outlet can be found every Friday between twelve and two at the iconic Granary Square in Kings Cross, and if you can’t see it you will be drawn by the unusual aroma of toasted burritos and Asian cuisine. Featuring an array of flavours and dishes that includes the delicious gochujang and honey pulled pork taco, all food is available with kimicho fried rice, cheddar and spring onion. Founded by Hanna Söderlund, Kimchinary is another outlet that is elevating the street food market and infusing the London culinary scene with colourful, exciting and meticulously prepared menus.


Korrito | Korean


Korrito is committed to making delicious Korean food with only the highest quality British free-range meats and authentic Korean ingredients. With family recipes passed down through the generations, you can enjoy spicy pickle, fresh ginger, garlic, red peppers and special chilli flakes all imported especially from Korea. Try out the Gochujang chilli paste to give a natural sweetness to any dish, or be brave and nibble on some Bulgogi-Licious – literally translated as ‘Fire Meat’. Check them out at the Real Food Market every Friday and Saturday from 11am to 8pm at Southbank on Belvedere Road. They are also at Boxpark Shoreditch from Monday to Sunday, 11am to 10pm, and Ancient Market Place at Kingston-upon-Thames from Friday to Sunday, 11am to 5pm.


Koshari Street | Egyptian


For Egyptian fast food at its very best, you need look no further. Naturally healthy, made from lentils, fresh herbs and spices, all of Koshari Street’s food is made from the finest natural ingredients. All vegetarian, these delicious dishes are based on those sold on the streets of Egypt, all for around £5. Based on St. Martin’s Lane in London, they are open from Monday to Saturday 11.30 am – 11.00 pm, Sunday from 11:30 am – 4:00 PM. Koshari Street also offer street food at Borough Market.


Kothu Kothu | Sri Lankan


Founded by Dhariny, he wanted to bring a taste of his Sri Lankan home to the streets of London, and so Kothu Kothu was born. Try a stunning Kothu Roti, made from a Godhamba roti, fresh vegetables, egg and meat if you don’t want a vegetarian version. Kothu Roti is famous on the streets of Colombo, and its tangy and distinctive taste makes it a favourite here too. Kothu Kothu was one of the stars at KERB’s Kings Cross market for the month of August. Keep an eye on their Twitter feed to see where they’ll pop up next!


La Piadina | Italian

La Piadina Pronta

Founded in 2011, La Piadina create incredible Italian piadina – hot, homemade flatbreads which are filled with fresh authentic produce straight from Italy. Delicate cured meats, fresh, fluffy bread and the finest Italian ingredients combine to create a stunning sensation. As stated by manager Alexandra Martinelli, “if a wrap and a calzone had a baby… it would be a PIADINA!” Grab yourself one of these incredible creations from Monday to Sunday, 12pm to 7pm at Italian Ely’s Yard at Old Truman Brewery.


Ladle and Skillet | British

Ladle & Skillet stall

Founded in 2012, Ladle and Skillet run innovative food stands at festivals, private functions, and wherever else they can! Their street food and pop-up restaurant business is focused on serving only the best, using locally sourced, fresh ingredients. In late summer 2014 the team opened up the Elephant Shack – Bar & Street Kitchen in the centre of Artworks, a brand new creative community in Elephant & Castle. As well as this, you can catch them at the Real Food Market every Friday to Sunday on Market Square behind the Festival Hall on Southbank.


Little Bread Peddler | British


Since 2011, Nichola Gensler began her quest to make the perfect croissants, cakes and bread at her Tatchbrook Street market stall in Pimlico. Since then, her business has grown into the Little Bread Pedlar, and she has moved to Bermondsey to join other artisan producers at Spa Terminus. From here, Little Bread Pedlar supplies top London cafés seven days a week. You can try them out yourself directly every Saturday between 9am to 2pm and from Tuesday to Sunday at the Bermondsey café and bicycle repair shop, ‘the Pedlars’ Workshop’. Using only the very finest organic Shipton Mill flour, Valrhona chocolate and Lescure butter, you are assured a heavenly experience!


London Cheesemongers | British

London Cheesemongers

London Cheesemongers are at Street Food Union, serving up delicious Montgomery cheddar on warm, cathedral loaf bread – perfect comfort food! Street Food Union serves up only the very best street food every Friday on Rupert Street in Soho, no matter what the weather. Come and enjoy some of the very best, responsibly sourced British cheeses from British dairy farms, and see what all the fuss is about for yourself! Open every Friday from 11am to 4pm, the nearest station to Rupert Street is Piccadilly Circus, which is about a 2 minute walk.


Love me Tender | Scottish


Tender and juicy, this could be the best hog roast you ever try. If that’s not reason enough to get yourself down to the Real Food Market at the Southbank Centre, then what more can we possibly say? Slow cooked in herb-soaked juices, this free-range pork is roasted to perfection, sliced up and served in a crunchy ciabatta roll with apple sauce and rocket. Don’t forget to grab yourself some delicious crispy crackling while you’re at it!


Love Smile Jerk | Jamaican


If food is an experience, then a visit to Love Smile represents a nirvana for culinary travellers. Courageous enough not to even hint at its cuisine in its name, it aims to create an immersive and energetic experience that encourages visitors to eat, relax and feel increasingly positive. This feel-good street vendor actually serves some of the finest Jerk chicken in the whole of London, and also travels prolifically to spread joy, happiness and mouth-watering taste combinations. Bringing a slice of Caribbean to the grey and often murky mainland of the UK, you can usually find this colourful stall in the heart of Whitehall and at the edge of the popular Craig’s Court. So if you want a fully belly and a happy heart, a trip to Love Smile with actually make your day complete.


Luardos-Mary | Mexican


On the often understated topic of burritos, it is also important to mention another street eatery that adopts a slightly more traditional approach to creating and serving tacos. Luardos is a vibrant outlet that has delivered delicious and heartfelt food to regulars in Kings Cross, Brockley Market and festivals nationwide (including Glastonbury and Camp Besitval). With a relatively simple menu that comprises of twelve inch tortillas and popular fillings such as Monterey Jack cheese, chipotle brisket, smoked jalapenos and slow cooked pork, Luardos takes traditional British and American ingredients and infuses them with a hint of Asian spice. You can even sample the Taco-wars winning prawn, chipotle and mango salsa dish, while also food is made with fresh ingredients and genuine love on a daily basis. Quite simply, if you consider food to be more of a passion than a necessity then a trip to Luardos will brighten your breakfast or lunch.


Mama Wang Kitchen | Chinese

Mama Wang's Kitchen

Despite the popularity of Chinese food in the UK, there is a surprising lack of London street vendors who deal in this cuisine. The Mama Wang Kitchen is attempting to set the record straight and you can find this innovative and creative eatery location at the Kerb Food Market in Kings Cross most weekdays from 11 AM to 2 PM. Renowned for its fresh and tasty menu, there is also a degree of street theatre involved with the cooking and preparation of the venues numerous dishes. From their hometown of Beijing, Jessica Wang and Chris O’Brien have taken a simple concept of delivering healthy and nutritious food and translated it into a profitable UK street business. Of particular interest in their totally unique and gorgeous Biang Biang noodles, which include the delicate flavours of fennel seed and lamb within a single, health conscious dish.


Mama’s Jerk | Jamaican

Mamas Jerk

I wanted to be one of the first Caribbean street food traders who is trying to be different than the many good quality Caribbean Take Aways. I saw a gap in the Street food market to serve up Jerk chicken in a quick easy way.” #JerkinLovely…!

Delicious Jamaican gastronomy is the name of the game at Mama’s Jerk Station, specialising in mouth-watering marinades, fried plantain and fresh, tender meats all around the £5 mark. Founded by Adrian Luckie, Mama’s Jerk Station is a family run outfit based on the secret jerk marinade recipe of Luckie’s late grandmother, Mama Charlotte.

They’ll be at Street Feast every Friday from 5pm to 12am. As well as this, they’ll also be serving up gorgeous Caribbean cuisine at Camden Town Brewery, London Fields Brewery and The Lock Tavern, as well as Hackney Downs Studios.


MeiMei Street Cart | Chinese

mei meis 2

There are few locations left in the UK with a strong sense of community, but East London’s borough of Bethnal Green is one that bucks this trend. Street food vendors in this area are therefore part of a unique breed, as just like market traders they are at the hub of activity and excitement within the area. With this in mind, why not roll up and visit the MeiMei Street Cart, which produces beautiful Chinese cuisine from the freshest and most delicious ingredients available. Founded by Londoners’ Oli and Melissa (whose roots also lie in Northern China), MeiMei originated out a shared passion for Chinese food and its bad portrayal in the British takeaway industry. Inspired by their grandmother’s authentic and rustic cooking, these two culinary trailblazers have created a menu that is classic, well-prepared and most importantly of all delicious!


Mike & Ollie | British

Mike & Ollie

In some respects, the relative paucity of food stalls committed to delivering British cuisine should not come as a huge surprise. After all, we are all familiar with British produce it may be argued that it lacks the wow factor of Asian, Caribbean and Indian cuisine. It is worth noting that there is a strong British influence on a number of the street eateries dotted throughout London, and a select few outlets that are unashamed in representing the culinary heritage of the UK. Step forward Mike and Ollie, which is a British inspired eatery that upholds long-standing principles of simplicity, quality and affordability. With robust and flavoursome dishes available for as little as £7, you can enjoy delicious organic flat breads and some of the finest locally sourced fish and meat. We can testify that the slow cooked lamb shoulder with Seville orange is also particularly tasty, although why would you take our word for it when you can find out for yourself?


Molly’s Pizza | Italian

Mollys Pizza

Pizza. Popular across the world, it has enabled successful street eateries such as Molly’s Pizza to carve their own unique niche on the culinary map. Molly’s, which has appears regularly at the Vauxhall Street Garden, has taken the approach of taking classic pizza recipes and affording them a unique, contemporary twist. This has been achieved primarily through the creation of unusual topping combinations, while Molly’s delicious and hearty breakfast pizza is also the ideal way to start a busy day. For those of you with a sweet tooth, you will also be delighted to know that Molly’s Pizza has created a number temptingly sweet pizza dough deserts, which completes your culinary journey from robust breakfast to a sunset desert at the end of a long, hard day.


Moroccan Box | Moroccan

Morrocan Box

Located in the bustling centre of Berwick Street (while also making the occasional sojourn to Rupert Street), the Moroccan Box can transport you to an entirely unique and thrilling cultural adventure. Catering to both meat-eater and vegetarian markets, the Moroccan Box serves up delicious and delicately spiced cuisine that has universal appeal. With a beef tagine that includes a marinated blend of herbs and an oven roasted aubergine that is cooked in olive oil and served with a fresh tomato, coriander and garlic salad, the menu is also meticulously prepared and carefully balanced in terms of flavours. There is also a wide array of sauces available, so you have the opportunity to embellish your taste experience and elevate to a new level.


Mother Flipper | American

Mother Flipper

We are suckers for a humorous name, and this burger eatery in the heart of London offers a light-hearted chuckle in addition to gourmet dishes. Usually found at the bustling Brockley Market every Saturday between 10 AM and 2 PM, Mother Flipper is also a regular feature at events and available for private hire. With a simple premise and the use of 100% chunk mince from farms in the Kent heartland, Mother Flipper infuses American and British tastes to create some of the most delicious and visually appealing food to have ever passed from a mobile unit. While the soft and tasty demi brioche buns are good enough to eat by themselves, we can also recommend the Bacon Swiss Flipper, which combines cheese, barbeque sauce and maple fried ‘candy’ bacon to deliver an astonishing taste sensation.


Mumma Schnitzel | German

Mumma Schnitzel

Ah Mumma Schnitzel, God bless your delicious Austrian food and the delight that it brings to thousands of hungry Londoners. A fixture at the vibrant Port Street Beerhouse, the name Mumma Schnitzel conjures up images of a battle-hardened grandmother with a nurturing nature and an endless list of authentic recipes. This street eatery was in fact the brainchild of food obsessed couple Matthew Walsh and Hollie Scrancher, who have travelled the world as one and infused their inherently Austrian menu with Asian and Western European influences. The Chicken Schnitzel is a house favourite (and made with locally sourced meat), while Mumma’s Mayo and Sweet Chilli Sauce will quite literally blow your mind. This eatery is also famous for its Butter Lettuce, so don your best Lederhosen and head on down for an authentic taste of contemporary Austria.


Original Fry Up Material | British

Original Fry Up Material

Coolest thing about opening up on the street is that it’s really interactive. You get to instantly and directly engage with your customers know you, follow you and care about what they eat and what you do. It’s therefore very satisfying when you know you give them something you’re really proud of. Likewise the trader community is super tight, very supportive and lots of fun. We’ve met so many ace people in our fairly short journey so far- I never knew it was like that before we started, but it’s been the most pleasant surprise and the thing I’d probably take away the most.”

Breakfast food has never tasted better! With juicy sausage patties and fried egg in fluffy muffins, it’s certainly worth getting out of bed for! Founded in 2012; free range eggs, American cheese and shredded ham hock make this a fry up you won’t forget. Residents at the Three Compasses pub in Dalston, OFM also create delicious burgers for those of you who would rather a lunchtime treat, with cheese burgers going for £6.50. Their food truck makes the rounds at Kings Cross with KERB, from 12pm to 2pm, on Tuesday-Friday. They are also at the Roman Road Market, Netil Market, and Brick Lane Market, so there’s plenty of opportunities for you foodies to get stuck in!


Pizza Pilgrims | Italian

Pizza Pilgrims

James and Thom Elliot had a simple goal in mind when creating Pizza Pilgrims, as they aimed to recreate traditional Italian recipes and bring them to the UK market. Now with stellar locations in Dean Street Soho and Kingly Street Carnaby, they have recreated a unique street eat brand that serves rustic pizza, traditional beers and everything in-between. Also famed for its unusual and delicious pan-friend pizza, this quaint London eatery still remains true to its roots with its mobile van still traveling across London and set to appear at Regents Park on October 15th.


Poppy & Sebastian | British


Founded in 2013 and winners of the 2013 YBF baking category, Poppy & Sebastian pride themselves on their delicious and delicate patisseries. They are sold publicly on Saturdays only, and you can purchase them from their Spa Terminus production kitchen at Unit 11, Dockley Road Industrial Estate. Their beautiful creations are really a spectacular sight to behold, such as the Sakura, made with yoghurt, raspberry insert, rhubarb, almond dacquoise, lemon and basil cream, or the delectable Le Snickers, made with salted Caramel, roasted peanuts, chocolate mousse, peanut praline and crème brulee, retailing for £4.50 each.


Potdog | British


Hotdogs without the bun? What is this madness?

As it turns out, it’s not that mad at all. Founded in 2013, Potdog ditches the bread in favour of the potato, cutting up the hotdogs and covering them with delicious vegetables, sauces, and relishes – sticking the whole lot in a little pot of heaven. If you love hotdogs but feel as though you could do without the stodgy hotdog bread, then Potdog is your answer. Try out the delicious Cumberland sausage with rosemary roasties, caramelised red onions and meaty mustard or get your teeth into a Bratwurst with Bavarian dumplings, garlic & dill sauerkraut and curry ketchup. Available every Saturday from 9am to 4pm at Maltby Street Market.


Pulled | British

Pulled Pork

Like towering trees emerging from an acorn, some street menus evolve from a single dish or idea. Take Pulled, for example, which is a regular festival goer and also appears occasionally at Streetdots Broadgate Exchange Square. Next appearing at the Tall Ships Festival in Greenwich between 5th and 9th September, Pulled is a barbeque inspired eatery that began with a single recipe for Conchinita Pibel (or a large piece of slow roasted port to me and you). This triggered founders Damians’ love affair with pulled meats, and enabled him to create a diverse menu around this single theme. Madras Dressed as Lamb is a particularly delicious offering, although those who prefer substance over style may well prefer A Great Personality, which is a flavour-packed burger filled with free range Hampshire pork, smoked ham hock, black beans and fennel seed pork scratching’s. It may not look pretty, but in terms of taste it is a revelation.


Pyrlandia | Polish


We are proud of Britain’s multicultural status, and of course the world of unique and unusual cuisine that is opened up in the capital city and nationwide. One of the less well represented cuisines is Polish, despite the fact that thousands of nations make the trek across Europe every single year. Pyrlandia has been created to correct this imbalance, however, primarily from its excellent location on the culinary hub that is Rupert Street in Soho. Featuring classic Polish cuisine that has been prepared to a very high standard, Pyrlandia sells popular and tasty dishes such as Pyry Z Gzikiem (grilled baby new potatoes served with cottage cheese, radishes and spring onion). With a wide selection of pork dishes also available, customers can enjoy a genuine slice of Polish cuisine without being forced to break the bank. They are also appearing at the Palmers Green Festival on 7th September, so look out for them if you are attending.


Rainbo | Asian


If you are looking for unique street food that is backed by a unique and impactful message, you need look no further than the Rainbo Food stand Granary Square. A fixture of the iconic Kings Cross landscape, this eatery delivers a rotating Asian-inspired menu that is as delicious as it is unusual. Using British produce, owners Ben and Shrimp have created their own individual take on classic gyozas (Chinese dumplings to me and you), yoga teas and fresh miso soups. After quitting their day jobs to deliver their vision of bringing Asian cuisine to the streets of London, their mobile unit now has a permanent location at Kings Cross and travels across the city to destinations such as the Southbank and the recent Street Feast festive at Dalston Yard. Beyond their passion for bringing colour, vibrancy and diversity to British street cuisine, the brains behind Rainbo Food are also avid supporters of the noble Food for Freedom campaign that seeks to put an end to child labour.


Rare Str’eat | British

Rare Str'eat

Food is like romance: always palatable and far better when there is a story behind it. The Rare Str-eat food outlet is no exception to this rule, as it is the brainchild of two school friends who have grown up together and developed a shared passion for great food, culinary innovation and enjoyable dining. This is resulted in the Rare Str-eat eatery, which can often be found either servicing huge queues at the Borough Market or satisfying the hunger of roaming Rupert Street travellers. Using high quality and local produce from the very market in which it operates, Rare Str-eat is extremely popular and backed by a genuinely diverse and creative menu. Its standout dish is the delicious Lamb Baahr’ito (you can see what they did there), while we can also recommend the combination of slow roasted Herdwick lamb with wild race, pomegranate seeds and salad if you need a little more sustenance. Quintessentially English, Rare Str-eat has a menu and narrative that will engage customers’ of all ages.


Rola Wala | Indian

Rola Wala

A regular at Street Feast and the Wilderness Festival, Rola Wala is a mobile eatery that brings flavour-packed Indian cuisine to an expectant public. Driven by the clear and committed vision of founder Mark Wright, the Rola Wala unit is among the most spectacular on the streets of London and feels more like a Bedouin tent than a standard meat truck. Serving stunning and creatively spiced dishes such as Coriander Chicken Tikka, Beetroot, Coconut and Paneer Daal and the headline grabbing Venison Vindaloo, Rola Wala is on a mission to deliver the most delicious range of meat and vegetarian dishes in the whole of London. Each dish is made to order and served with a fresh naan, spiced pickles or an array of home-made chutneys, while the socially responsible among you may be interested to know that Rola Wala is a prominent partner of the One Feeds Two charity movement.


Sambal Shiok | Malaysian

sambal shiok

Across the breadth of London, nearly every single type of cuisine is represented by hard-working and conscientious street vendors. Some are decidedly underrated with Malaysian cuisine providing relevant case in point. The Sambal Shiok eatery is striving to redress this balance by delivering classic Asian dishes with a host of inspired and innovative sauces. So while purists can enjoy traditionally prepared chicken satay and Beef Rendang dishes, modern culinary enthusiasts can infuse their food with delicious sambal chilli sauce and the house-favourite peanut sauce. Usually found at the Street Food Union on Rupert Street (or the Street Feast Model Market during weekends), the Sambal Shiok is an outlet that delivers genuine enjoyment and a unique taste sensation.


Santana Grill | Mexican

Santana Grill

Founded by Mexican Rury Fischelt, his aim is to create the most delicious Mexican food in the country. He has come to London via New York, and his burritos are huge, juicy and incredibly delicious. Simple but authentic, enjoy Chicken Tinga, chorizo and potatoes and stuffed chillies and much more with an ever-changing menu. You can find them every Wed/Thurs/Fri lunchtime at Tachbrook Street Market, SW1.


Seven Bridges Deli | American

Seven Bridges Deli

While the more adventurous among you may be delighting in this wide array of street food, traditionalists may well be wondering what happened to the classic sandwich? The Seven Bridges Deli is here to provide a culinary response, however, as it has replicated a New York deli experience on the bustling streets of London. Operating throughout the capital and regular visitors to Kings Cross and Brick Brewery, the Seven Bridges Deli allows you to build your own, six stage Reuben’s Stack from a selection of fresh and delicious ingredients. Sourdough or bagel? Emmental or Gruyere? The choice is yours, as you create a cherry smoked pastrami lunch that suits your own unique tastes. By melding the best of British and American cuisine and replicating a passion-filled deli experience, a trip to this outlet will leave you feeling like an Englishman in New York.


Smokestak | British


While the summer may be drawing to a close, this does not mean that you cannot enjoy high quality BBQ food on the streets of London. Thanks to vendors such as Smokestak, who operate in the culinary renowned Dalston Yard and the Model Market in Lewisham, you can access high quality BBQ dishes all year round and douse them in a diverse array of sauces. These dishes are delivered using a genuinely state of the art meat wagon, which enables the Smokestak to implement high-tech food production techniques and create a superb quality of cuisine. Drawing culinary influence from the Deep South in the U.S., the Smokstak has a reassuringly simple menu that allows the individual dishes (and the ribs in particular) to shine!


Sorbitum Ices | Various

sorbitum ices

Founded in 2011 by Suzanna and Pedro, Sorbitum Ices was awarded London’s best ice cream by ES Magazine. Producing delicious ice creams, sorbets, sherbets and granitas, Sorbitum Ices focuses on creating natural desserts using only the very best seasonal ingredients. Their latest event was the brilliant Ice cream Adventure on Saturday 16 August 2014 with KERB at Granary Square, Kings Cross, where 12 traders were offering all sorts of odd treats, from ice cream cookies to ice cream doughnuts! Pay them a visit at Street Feast ‘Hawker House’ from 8 November to 14 December. With a single scoop costing just £2.50 and take home tubs going for £6.00 (500ml), everyone can enjoy a tasty treat!


Spanish Lab | Spanish


This street eatery is a celebration of surgical precision and the meticulous preparation of light, summery dishes. Located primarily Rupert Street in Soho, it boasts a typically classic Spanish menu with light dishes that are ideal for taking lunch under the late September sun. The secret of this outlets popularity is its level of focus and professionalism; all dishes are prepared to a high standard and presented with an almost mechanical eye for detail. With that being said, the Spanish Lab also knows when to deliver an inspiration and innovative dish, as its savoury sensation chorizo and waffles more than underlines. By striking the delicate balance between taste and creativity, the Spanish Lab has emerged as a beacon of calm and precision in a frenetic marketplace.


Speck Mobile | Austrian


Arguably Austria’s greatest export since Arnold Schwarzenegger, Speck Mobile is a prolific feature at London festivals and also has a home at the Secret Cinema on Hill Valley. The result of a creative collaboration by Marco Reiner and Franz Schinagl, Speck Mobile is a cheeky, fun and flavoursome street eatery that delivers traditional Austrian cuisine to an extremely curious market. Packing the punch of German food with additional refinement, Speck Mobile sells classic Eastern dishes including Speck Dumplings with Sauerkraut, grilled cheese dumplings on mixed greens with sour cream and the popular Pork or Chicken Schnitzel and Potato Cucumber Salad. You can even purchase a delightful Apple Strudel if the mood takes you, and this eatery has certainly succeeded in creating an authentic menu that is simple, diverse and extremely appealing.


Spit and Roast | British

Spit and Roast

Chicken is a surprisingly (and relatively) under-used ingredient in street food, as many vendors utilise the more robust and flavour-packed options of pork and beef. Spit and Roast provides a delicious exception to this rule, however, and it has achieved its success using a tried and trusted recipe of quality British produce and classic southern cooking techniques. Founded by the ex-head chef and owner of the popular Medcalf on Exmouth Market, this street eatery has enabled both Justin Unsworth and Ross Gardner to interact more effectively with customers and rediscover their passion for cuisine. With a reputation for cooking London’s finest buttermilk fried chicken and rotisserie roast meats, Spit and Roast delivers staggeringly good British produce that has been seasoned with sauces and slaws from America’s deep south.


The Beefsteaks | American

the beef

What if some of the best steak in London could be found on the street and at a reasonable price? That was the inspiration behind Beef & Liberty. They wanted to democratise the idea of an exclusive old London steak club or high end restaurant without compromising on quality. They only use the best grass fed, native breed, dry aged British beef cooked over sustainably sourced English lump wood charcoal. All sauces are made fresh on the day and the potatoes for the hand cut, triple cooked chips have never been anywhere near a freezer. You can find them at KERB market at Granary Square in Kings Cross from 12-2pm, Tuesday – Friday.


The Bowler | Italian

The Bowler

Goodness gracious, the meatballs are on fire! Of course they are not, at least not in terms of raging flames or out of control grills. They meatballs served by The Bowler at Kings Cross Boulevard are out of this world which explains why they have attended more festivals than the Rolling Stones in recent times. Jez can be found every Tuesday and Wednesday at Bishopgate Market in September and the Horse and Groom Pub, Shoreditch, from 15th September. Fusing Asian, British and Indian flavours into a distinctly Italian dish, founder Jez Felwick is clearly not afraid to take daring culinary risks for the good of Londoners’ pallets. We can especially recommend the ExciThaiBall, which incorporates free range chicken balls and coconut curry sauce in a mouth-watering package! Serving food from their audaciously named Lawn Roller, The Bowler is perfect for anyone with a thirst for culinary adventure.


The Cheese Truck | British

Cheese Truck LDN

The Cheese Truck has specialised in the best British cheeses since 2013. Sourcing only the very best British farmhouse cheeses, they are served up to you melted, gooey and hot, hot, hot! Enjoy the best cheese toasty of your life on artisan bread at various markets around London, including Maltby Street Market, Urban Food Fest, Brixton Night Market and Camden Town Brewery. The Cheese Truck is easy to spot, as it’s a stunning little 1978 Bedford CF called Archie!


The Grilling Greek | Greek


Former executive city chef Spyros threw it all away to start up the Grilling Greek in an attempt to bring a real taste of Greece to London. It’s a gamble that has certainly paid off, with his stunning Souvlaki, cold meze and desserts winning hearts and minds all over London. Available at Kings Cross with KERB Thursdays, you have no excuse not to immerse yourself in some authentic Greek cuisine!


The Meat Chief | American


Food is a global language, and one that can be understood by every single person on the planet. Stretching this analogy further, street vendors are the translators who work tirelessly to decipher international recipes and share them with ravenous customers. No single street outlet embodies this principle better than Tucker’s Exotic Meats, which has created a menu with dishes from five of the seven continents. Based on the busy and popular Vauxhall Street, the self-proclaimed Meat Chief also travels the country in a bid to spread his message and unique recipes nationwide. So whether you have a hankering for Australian camel or South American llama, you can sample ethically sourced meat in a live environment. The lazy among you will also be interested to note that this outlet has on online store, so you can purchase dishes from the comfort of your home!



The Meat Wagon | British

Meat Wagon

Specialising in burgers, fried chicken, Philly cheesesteaks and lots more, The Meat Wagon is all about the finest, juiciest meats, and of course, lots of beer. The Meat Wagon Crew were stationed at New Cross earlier in 2014 as they attempted to raise funds for a new wagon. Once they’re back on the road, they’ll be bringing their very best beef straight to the street, so keep an eye on their Twitter feed for more information as it becomes available.


The Rib Man | British

The Rib Man

Man V. Food’s Adam Richman is among the many admirers of The Rib Man! A butcher since the tender age of 15, it’s safe to say that Mark (The Rib Man) certainly knows what he’s doing. After stripping the succulent rib meat from the bone, its piled high into a soft white roll and served with optional ‘Holy F*ck’ sauce. Simple, but very effective! Head on down to King’s Cross, Petticoat Lane Market and Brick Lane to see if you can catch him. He’s at the markets by 3am, getting ready to serve from 9am. Now that’s dedication to the meat! You’ll also find him every Sunday from 1pm – 9pm at Crate’s Brewshed, 14A Queens Yard, in Hackney Wick. Grab yourself some juicy rib meat rolls for only £7, or racks from £8.


The Roadery | British

The Roadary 3

Of all the street food vendors in London, there are few that focus on creating purely British food. While many utilise local produce and infuse exotic dishes with an innate sense of British cuisine, it is rare to find one that represents these shores exclusively. The Roadery food wagon provides a delicious exception to this rule, providing 100% British meat. Their meaty menu,  based primarily on unique, forgotten and often under-used cuts (their 5 hour braised ox cheek sandwich is to die for!), offers an exciting taste sensation for all. Located predominantly at either Brockley or Wapping Market, The Roadery is easy to reach and provides a glowing testament to the underlying quality of English dishes.


Tongue N Cheek | Italian

tongue n cheek

Another purveyor of amusing names and unique taste combinations, Tongue ‘n Cheek is an Italian inspired street eat that prepares the most unusual cuts of meat imaginable. The brainchild of founder Cristiano Meneghin, this wild-haired Italian ended a promising career in Mantova in order to bring his creative culinary vision to life in the bustling metropolis of London. This takes guts, and a quick glance at the menu proves that Cristiano has no fear when it comes to creating flavour-packed and revolutionary interpretations of classic-Italian dishes. From his trademark Heartbreak burger to the modern take on the Pork sub (which features pork cheeks and a homemade Porto wine reduction), Tongue ‘n Cheek can be found regularly at the famous KERB Market and occasionally on Berwick Street. For anyone who reveres creativity and underrated cuts of meat and fish, a trip to this street eat is definitely in order.


Toro Poco | Spanish


If you visit a street vendor, your choice of cuisine is almost always the single most important consideration. We so many divers options available, however, you may be forced to consider other factors if you are to make a firm decision. Toro Poco serves as an interesting example, as it is a conscientious and socially responsible eatery that donates 5% of its annual net profits to a selected charity. This is a huge commitment from a small business, and it will appeal to customers’ who want to satisfy more than hunger pangs. It even focuses clearly on sustainability and recycling, while its meat and produce are locally sourced and compatible with raw ingredients from the suburbs of Spain. Usually found at the Broadgate Market, Toro Poco is an extremely caring eatery that is renowned for its light, grilled chicken dish with chorizo mayonnaise and a fresh burst of citrus (ideal for a light and delicious lunch time in the sun).


Vanduke | Thai


For a taste of the Orient, you can’t do much better than Vanduke. Delicious Thai street food is served from a 1976 Citroen H van, which has an interesting history itself once transporting absinthe across France! The van now serves as the central hub of Vanduke, and is based on Bangkok café-style eateries. From the creators of Busaba Eathai and Naamyaa Café, the food truck serves up exotic and original Thai cuisine, with Jasmine tea smoked ribs and coconut prawns among the favourites all for around £5 – £6. Vanduke are at Street Feast every Friday and Saturday from 5pm to 12am.


Vinn Goute | Seychellian


If you head to Granary Square at King Cross every Tuesday between 12 AM and 2PM, you will be greeted by a dazzling array of street eateries. None is quite so beguiling or as colourful as Vinn Goute, however, which delivers the unique cuisine of the Seychelles and is a culinary powerhouse designed by full-time architect Kris Adelaide. The result of a family collaboration and the cooking skills of the now legendary Aunt Maria, the menu pays homage to classic dishes from the Seychelles that have been infused with the vendor’s large as life personality. A particular favourite is the Kreol ‘Tropkial’ Corn Fed Chicken Legs, while the delicately spiced Safran Rice side dish is delightfully light and aromatic. Culinary adventurers may also be keen to sample the Halal goat and octopus coconut curry, which tastes particularly delicious with carrot chutney and fresh mango sides.


Waffle On | Belgian

Waffle On Market

Fresh waffles, made right in front of you. What could be better?

Here at Waffle On, they have re-invented traditional German waffle recipes and experimented with ingredients to create a waffle that is deliciously light, airy and crispy. With delicious sweet and savoury toppings to choose from, you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice. Try them with seasonal fruit, cured salmon and even slow roasted duck! Check them out every Saturday (10-5pm) and Sunday (11-4pm) at Maltby Street Market.


Well Kneaded Wagon | British

Well Kneaded Wagon

Founded in 2012, the Well Kneaded Wagon serves up their special mini pizzas, which they call firebreads. Roaming about the various markets in the Battersea area of South London – and sometimes at Eat Street at Kings Cross – their van even has its own clay pizza oven built in the back! Stunning pesto, garlic and tomato bases are served up on sourdough, with amazing toppings including beetroot, goat’s cheese, chorizo and much more. Check them out on Tuesdays on Northcote Road from 11am to 8pm, and Thursdays at Kings Cross from 11am to 3pm. They’re also hanging about Falcon Terrace from 11am to 8pm on Fridays, and Saturdays on Battersea High Street Market from 10.30am to 4pm.


What The Dickens | British


Michael Quinn, Adam Bernstein and Dominic Rose, friends since their school days, got together to create food that has a rich culinary history while crafting new classics. What the Dickens! aims to create real, authentic and traditional British food, with a modern twist. Try out intriguing dishes such as Grimsby Traditional Smoked Haddock, a mild curry spice mix and heritage breed Cotswold Legbar hen eggs, or how about a traditional Victorian Anglo-Indian breakfast? What the Dickens! was listed as one of the Top 50 Breakfast Spots in Britain by The Independent and was also chosen as one of the 2012 British Street Food Award finalists. You can find their stall at Chatsworth Road Market in Hackney (Sundays 11am – 4pm), Maltby Street Market (Sundays 12pm – 4pm) and at KERB Kings Cross (usually on Fridays).


Wholefood Heaven | British

wholefood heaven

Founded in 2009 by David and Charlotte Bailey, Wholefood Heaven is all about the best, serving only vegetarian, vegan, raw and wheat/gluten free food. Their debut vegan recipe book will be published in January 2015, helping to ensure that vegans, vegetarians and those who suffer from food intolerances can still experience a world full of flavour. Specialising in healthy mobile catering, Wholefood Heaven also offers consultancy services, private tuition, group workshops and even retreats to make following a special diet easy. You can check out what they have to offer at Whitecross Street Market where they operate most Thursdays and Fridays from 12pm to 2.30pm.


Wild Game Company | Various

Wild Game Company

Street food is so much more than menus and ingredients, as it’s also important for vendors to create an enjoyable experience around their cuisine. The Wild Game Company certainly embodies this spirit, with an energetic service and level of enthusiasm that would make a vegetarian keen to sample their meat-packed dishes. This brings their menu to life, although it hardly needs it given the presence of delicious Venison Steak Sandwiches, Pulled Boar and the tantalisingly named Beef Dripping Fries. Everything about the Wild Game Co. is buccaneering and adventurous, from the kilt-clad servers to the bold taste combinations that infuse every single dish. Featuring wild meat from the spiralling slopes of the Scottish Highlands, this larger than life street outlet was afforded the 2012 YBF Street Food Award and continues to provide a culinary experience that wows visitors!


Yogiyo | Japanese


If you want to eat on the go but consider yourself to possess a refined palate, contemporary street cuisine can provide a satisfying dining experience. With a fixed stall at Leather Lane Market (Monday to Thursday between 12 PM and 2 PM) and a Friday afternoon place on Rupert Street in Soho, Yogiyo is not only readily available but also equipped with a Korean-inspired menu that will tantalise even the most selective taste buds. The entire stand has more of a café feel, thanks primarily to the quality of food and the presence of seat scattered around the front of the wagon. This provides a genuinely enjoyable street experience for fans of Korean cuisine, while the aroma, colour and presentation of the Yogiyo dishes is also to attract less curious culinary adventurers.


Yu Kyu UK | Japanese

yu kyu

Yu Kyu is a food sensation, being the first mobile Japanese tonkatsu food kitchen to hit London. It’s Japanese cuisine with a fresh twist available with KERB on Thursday 4 September by The Gherkin. They’ll also be at Southbank from Fri 5 to Sun 7 of September, starting at 12pm on the Friday and ending at 6pm on Sunday. You can also get your Japanese food fix on every Saturday from 20 September at Granary Square. Made with well-sourced free-range breaded pork or chicken with spicy miso sauce, finely sliced cabbage, and delicious toasted brioche buns.


Yum Bun | British


Yum Bun is a fun name with a fun concept. Winners of the People’s Choice Award at the 2012 British Street Food Awards, their delicious buns are well worth the hype. Enjoy a scrumptious pork bun of slowly roasted belly pork, cucumbers, spring onions and hoisin, or a delicious Karaage chicken, bun with shredded lettuce and chilli dressing. Their handmade steamed buns are warm and super soft, split and filled right in front of you. Founded by Lisa Meyer, she steamed her first bun in the school-yard at Broadway Market in 2010, and now has her own Old Street shop in March 2013. You can check out her stall at Street Feast London on Friday and Saturday nights throughout the summer season.


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