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The Top 10 Ultimate Adventure Destinations In The World

Here at Chillisauce, we think travel should be exhilarating. None of this lying around on a beach drinking pina coladas malarkey for us, thank you very much – you’re far more likely to find us off diving with sharks or throwing ourselves into bungee jumping.

Which is why National Geographic’s annual list of the World’s 10 Best Adventure Destinations have us itching with wanderlust desperate to fling ourselves off into the unknown. Looking for inspiration for your next trip abroad somewhere that will wow your mates? Don’t forget to check out this great piece on The Best Adventure Holidays for 2015.

Here are our Top 10 Ultimate Adventure Destinations in the World…

A - Lake Louise, Banff, Canada (1)
A - Lake Louise, Banff, Canada (2)

Lake Louisa, Banff, Canada...

The icy surrounds of the sweetly named Lake Louise, in Canada’s Banff National Park, might not seem terribly attractive as the UK finally shakes off the last of winter. But come summer when temperatures creep up just a little, this is the perfect spot for a paddle. And whichever time of year you choose to come, you can guarantee you’ll be mesmerized by the simply stunning backdrop that awaits you. Pine trees surround the lake in what looks like a scene from a fairy tale. Heck, they’ve even got a gondola in high season – we’re sold.


A - Lake Louise, Banff, Canada (2)
A - Moab, Utah (2)

Moab, Utah...

What could be more gloat-worthy than heading to somewhere you might just bump into a real life cowboy? For this and more, it’s time to head to Moab in the American state of Utah; from biking to marathon running, it’s the sort of place that was just made for adrenaline junkies. Even if you’re only after a decent view, Moab delivers – think starry nights above canyons along the Colorado River.


A - Watersports, Southern West Virginia (1)
A - Watersports, Southern West Virginia (2)

Southern West Virginia, United States Of America...

Simply put, is there anything more worthy of the adventure travel tag than white water rafting? If you’re game, then we are – head to southern West Virginia’s Upper Gauley or New rivers in autumn for the ultimate adrenaline rush as you take on mother nature herself. If something a little tamer is your scene, then just a short way away Summersville Lake – the name alone sounds like a dream – is your oasis of tranquillity. This area has enough to keep both adrenaline junkies and new age zen folk happy.


B - Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (1)
A - Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (2)

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands...

It’s full-on adventure transplanted to the tropical island paradise setting of your imagination – the Cayman Islands boasts an amazing world of aquatic life in its crystal clear waters, and they’re yours to discover. Throw on your goggles and dive into the water for the chance to get up close and personal with turtles that are every colour of the rainbow, all the coral you could wish for and even stingrays – there’s a sandbar known as Stingray City, so go figure. And okay, we’ll forgive you if you want to wash down all the thrill seeking with just a little bit of beach bumming afterwards.


A - Rainforest, Costa Rica
rainforest costa rica

Rain Forest, Costa Rica...

Think rainforests, think Costa Rica. With something amazing to be found around just about every corner, trekking through lush greenery here will find you more than a wellie-clad sludge through your local park on a rainy day, that’s for sure. Expect to spot crocodiles beneath you as you zip-line through the canopy, along with toucans, macaws and plant life like rare orchids. The diversity of the area means you can get around on foot as well as by kayak, raft and more – this is somewhere to feed your imagination.


generic 2

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil...

There has always been something sexy about Brazil, and it fits the bill for adventure junkies too. Hang gliding is the order of the day here, affording unmatchable views from up in the low clouds of Rio’s seaside skyscrapers, sandy São Conrado beach and Sugarloaf and Corcovado mountains with the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue. Once down on the ground, reward yourself with a bronze among the beach babes and boys, and maybe a sundown caipirinha.


A - Isle Of Bute, Scotland
generic 4

Isle of Bute, Scotland...

You don’t even have to travel all that far to feel like you’re in some far-flung, exotic location: Scotland offers natural rugged landscapes too. An hour and a half from the bustle and action of Glasgow and you can be in what feels like something from a totally different continent. The variety of settings means you can be exploring heather-clad moors or sandy beaches in the same day. For a true sense of the outdoors and beautiful seclusion, you won’t be bored here.


A - Aeolian Islands, Italy
generic speedboating

Aeolian Islands, Italy...

Think beyond Rome, and forget a trip to Italy being about nothing more than a weeklong gorge on pizza, ice cream and limoncello. Instead, volcanic islands are the order of the day as you head to the north coast of Sicily. The crumbling fortress on the island of Lipari offers history and atmosphere, while there’s the chance to witness the awe-inspiring force of nature as steam comes off the active volcanic craters on Stromboli and Vulcano islands. There are even black sand beaches to check out.


kruger 2 kruger 1
Kruger National Park, South Africa...

What could be more humbling – and fascinating – than watching nature go about its everyday routines without the interference of us pesky humans? You’re guaranteed to see everything from the serene to the violent fight for survival as you watch on in awe from a safari trip. Get close to everything from water buffaloes and hyenas to vultures, all set against South Africa’s naturally verdant landscape.


Queenstown 2

Queenstown, New Zealand...

You don’t get much more beautiful landscapes than in New Zealand, the water so stunningly blue and surrounded by greenery so unbelievably beautiful it could have been Photoshopped. New Zealand’s South Island in particular is also the perfect spot to take in extreme sports that are at the heart of heart-racing adventure travel. This is the birth place of bungee jumping, so you know you’re onto something good – whether you want to try your hand at that, heli-skiing or one of a range of other options, your nerves of steel will sure get a test under the watch of the Kiwis.


For the full article and more information go to National Geographic.

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