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Published on July 26th, 2012 | by Adrian Simpson


THINK! Naked Cyclist! – The World Naked Bike Ride

To the naked eye (ahem) this may seem like the local nudist colony’s day out, but what’s actually going on is a little more political.The World Naked Bike Ride (shortened to WNBR) is a nude extravaganza designed to raise environmental awareness of a cleaner, greener lifestyle. Throughout 70 cities in 20 different countries, cyclists, skaters and roller-bladers from all walks of life come together in this bold demonstration, clad in next to nothing.


World Naked Bike Ride - No Cars


Far from being a mere audacious display of the human form, this event protests issues related to oil use and the dangers of being a cyclist in the 21st century. Nudity is used to represent how exposed cyclists are alongside motor vehicles, and highlights the importance of looking out for them on busy roads. Celebrating the human body and not exhibiting it as a social object also lies within the message of the event, both promoting the natural world and making a striking sociological statement. The ride fights air and road pollution, embracing renewable energy and human-powered transport as a way of living an environmentally friendly existence.


The World Naked Bike Ride - Night Ride


Participants are encouraged to get creative; many like to decorate themselves with the message of the protest, usually involving body paint, banners and as little clothing as possible. Some like to carry portable sound-systems, blasting members of the public with anti-oil dependency messages. It is advised to make your bike/human transport of your choice stand out; we all use clothes to compliment our forms, so in this case bikes too become a way of accentuating natural beauty. And why not? Naked bike rides don’t come around very often after all.


The World Naked Bike Ride - London Calling


The official dress code for the ride is “bare as you dare”, so full nudity isn’t actually mandatory (although as you can imagine, some relish in it). Anyone and everyone is welcome, as long as you don’t mind flashing a bit of flesh. It’s not just the taking part that counts; members of the public are encouraged to organize rides in their own area, wherever it may be. This year the rides in the Northern hemisphere take place on 9th June and 28th July (to ensure that all cities get a chance to experience the ride in warm weather; as we all know June can be surprisingly chilly and one’s birthday suits is not the warmest choice of attire).

Demonstrators in the Southern hemisphere have already had their fun with this event; places such as Auckland, Cape Town and San Paolo held theirs in March. Amsterdam, Barcelona, Manchester, Moscow and New York are just a few examples of participating areas in the Northern hemisphere.


The World Naked Bike Ride - Barcelona


Whether you’re taking part or watching aghast from the sidelines, this unique event is guaranteed to fulfill its purpose and get the public thinking a little greener. What’s particularly special about it is that it literally is ‘the more the merrier’. It’s all about fun, freedom and saving the world – not about who looks the best in the buff.


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