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Published on January 24th, 2017 | by Editor


10 reasons why you must go to Budapest for a Stag Do

We have something of a soft spot for Budapest. It’s a city blessed with stunning looks, superb activities and more nightlife than you can shake a stick at (we’re looking at you ruin bars). It’s a city that you can return to again and again and still find something new to try. Whether you’re looking for a stag do or a romantic weekend getaway, Budapest caters for all. But just incase you’re not sold on the idea, 15 reasons why you should go to Budapest for your next stag do.

It’s affordable

The average price of a beer is not much more than £2 which in today’s Brexit bereaved economy, is no bad thing.

Budapest beer


Ruin Pubs

Derelict buildings turned into hipster bars. Our pick: Ankert and Gozsdy Mano Club. Just look at them!? There’s a lion – how cool is that!

Best ruin pub Budapest

Best ruin pub Budapest

It’s stag do friendly

There are plenty of bars to choose from, so whether you’re up for a daytime session, or out on the town with Phil dressed as fairy, it’s a pretty liberal city. I mean we managed to cycle round the whole city with 27 litres of alcohol strapped to the bike and people didn’t bat an eyelid – now that’s friendly. If you’re a Best Man then this could make getting in and out of clubs with your mates a hell of a lot easier!

beer bike in budapest

shooting range in budapest

Thermal Baths

Nothing like a warm, thermal bath to recover in after a night out on the town. And yes, it does look that good.

thermal baths budapest

thermal baths in budapest

River Boat Cruise

Want to get those photos that make you look all cultural? A river boat cruise is the perfect way to see Budapest’s greatest monuments while sipping on a cold one.

river boat party cruise

river boat party cruise

2 words. Pork Knuckle

Home cooked food that feels like a cuddle on a plate. It’s tasty, filling and perfect for the hungry stag.

pork knuckle

pork knuckle budapest

Old Town

Remember, Pest is best gentlemen. But then the city has so much to offer you’re likely to find yourself all over the place – like us in Heroes Square.

Heroes Square


More specifically, our guides. And yes this is shameless promotion but honestly lads, a guide know’s the best spots in town and helps with the old language barrier too.

Budapest guides

Budapest Guides

Summer is actually summer

Any destination that actually knows how to do seasons, or anything other than grey dreary Britain gets a vote from us.


Budapest (2)



The national drink. Also likely to be your worst nightmare. But here’s a few of us smiling before the first shots went down.

Palinka shot

beer bike in budapest

What do you think of Budapest? Anything else we’ve missed that you think should go on here? Let us know in the comments below.


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