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Still stuck for Halloween ideas?

Say goodbye to ghosts and ghouls, silly string and scream masks, this year it’s all about an altogether more interactive kind of spook!

Discounting the possibility that Clintons cards have taken austerity measures one-step too far, the cobwebs in the windows can mean only one thing; something spooky is just around the corner.

If like us, the thought of spending yet another Halloween shuffling around a badly decorated bar to the ‘Monster Mash’ or ‘Thriller’ wearing the last scream mask on the shelf is enough to bore you into an early grave, read on to discover our halloween ideas …

Our team of ever intrepid events experts have conducted their own eerie investigations into the burgeoning world of horrifyingly-realistic happenings this Halloween so you and your mates can avoid making a GRAVE mistake this October. (All videos and images are of the events shown)

Hop aboard the Chillisauce broomstick and allow us to guide you through the very hottest of this year’s interactive Halloween happenings as we separate the BOO-har-har from the Brouhaha and steer you into a ‘proper horror-show’ Halloween…

halloween ideas

Zombie Boot Camp ||Birmingham

Not for the faint hearted

‘Zombie Riot’, ‘Infectious Outbreak’ and ‘Survival Experience’, all sound like part and parcel of a reluctant voyage on any one of London’s night buses, yet just 50 minutes outside of London, stands an impenetrable compound filled with zombies, werewolves and the half dead offering interactive experiences where you can rub shoulders with all of the above.

If your idea of strenuous physical exertion is getting up to turn off the TV, skip this one and look further down the list

They’re coming for you

The recent outbreak of the Black Knight-542 Virus has caused widespread infection throughout the UK and the rest of the world. This terrifying virus has been attacking cells and organs with brutal efficiency, causing death from infection in less than 30 minutes when entering the bloodstream directly from a bite or a scratch.
Hordes of the ‘infected’ have been spotted roaming the English countryside and martial law has been declared.

Conscripts (you) are required to report to this concealed camp near Birmingham for training and immediate action to prevent the infected further escaping.

zombie combo pic

Upon arrival, former military personnel will round you up, bundle you into army vehicles and take you to a secret bunker where you’ll be briefed about what lies in store and more importantly, how to prepare for it! Briefed, armed and raring to go, You’ll be hurtled headfirst into non-stop, heavy hitting, adrenaline-fuelled action.

Prepare to come face to face with the infected (a disgusting bunch) and use your newly acquired skills to bring them down. 


If you’ve ever watched the zombies in ‘Shaun of the dead’ casually saunter around and thought, “piece of cake”, think again. These zombies are quicker than a hungry whippet chasing a hare and what’s more, they have twice the resilience and an unfathomable amount of energy.

Drawing on your newly acquired ‘whacking and beating’ skills, or as our trainer called it, “close quarters battle skills”, (potato/potato) it’s you and the gang against an unrelenting onslaught of amazingly convincing zombified actors.

We were told to hit, beat, blast and bludgeon the zombies until they died or slumped to the ground and looking around, it was widely yet silently acknowledged that this may be a tad too far. How very wrong we were!

Set in an ultra-realistic, post-apocalyptic waste ground and resembling Sly Stallone’s troupe in ‘The Expendables’, it was impossible not to feel fully immersed in the experience!

zombie halloween scary riot shield baton

zombie halloween scary riot shield baton

The second half of the day requires you to reload the guns, wipe the blood off your shield and jump in the riot van so you can speed off to the research facility and wipe out the rest of the ghastly infestation still reeking havoc.
In terms of effects and design, It was a truly unique day and regarding the aesthetics, not too dissimilar to what you’d find in a high end American film studio.


Broken, battered and bruised we left triumphant yet utterly exhausted. Although we all survived, anyone summing up our appearance after the session would say we were more ‘The Walking Dead’, than ‘Shaun of the Dead’.

If you’re looking for an activity that’s an absolute, ahem, scream this Halloween, this tops our list. The zombie boot camp offers a completely unique experience, quite unlike anything we’ve seen before.


A shadowy world of state surveillance


If it’s something a little less energetic you’re after, Nightwatchers may be the experience for you.

Spend your evening eerily enclosed in the tombs and walkways of London’s only castle, the Tower of London.

Nightwatchers is an immersive nighttime experience at the Tower of London directed by award-winning digital theatre company ANAGRAM.  Step into a shadowy world of state surveillance, where messages and phone calls lead you around one of our most notorious prisons; this is your induction into the art of covert investigation. The story dips between contemporary London and the most dramatic years of the Elizabethan secret service.

Haunted at the Medieval Banquet|| London

Interactive, without the active

medieval banquet1

If the thought of doing anything requiring more than the application of minimal effort is more to your suiting and walking around still sounds far too arduous, grab your mates and have your spooks delivered right to your table. It’s interactive without the active.

As darkness descends across the City of London this Halloween (and just a stone’s throw from the above event at the Tower of London), Haunted at the Medieval Banquet invite you to make your way to the deep, dark, rippling waters of St Katherine’s Dock where the ghosts of the past will be rising up to bring you a feast like no other.

Take a seat amongst knights, troubadours, contortionists, magicians, jugglers, minstrels and medieval tumblers and enjoy a devilishly delicious feast accompanied by free flowing wine and beer, all brought to you by dancing wenches of course!


The Halloween project || London

The Dark, The Grotesque, and The Unexplained


Still undecided? Maybe all of the above sounds a little too tame? Perhaps it’s Thriller you’re just dying to get down to after all? Well, if you’re still looking to keep things interactive but also fancy kicking off the cobwebs, necking a few bloody marys and shaking your bones, roll up, roll up.

This Halloween new theatre company ‘Stitch in Time’ is taking over Tanner Street for two nights of spooky immersive theatre and arts.

The Halloween Project aims to bring together artists from different creative industries to offer audiences the opportunity to experience theatre, music and art in an entirely different way.

Every collaborator to the project has been asked to respond to the theme ‘The Dark, The Grotesque, and The Unexplained’ according to the artistic medium within which they work. Knitted together by Stitch in Time’s interactive theatre elements, audiences will be encouraged to engage with and participate in types of art that they may not ordinarily come across.


Shadow Over Shoreditch || London

Cobwebs & Cobbles


Put the trainers back on and prepare to charge around the backstreets of the East End as the ladies and gentlemen of the Lumos Society race to seal the portal as sinister shapes slither from the shadows.
Can your team of heroes crack the clues, escape the shambling horrors, and still have time for tea?

Once finished you couldn’t be closer to the action.  East Londons unrivalled array of bars, clubs some great restaurants all just a stroll away, making this a great option for the more time conscious amongst you but still looking for something a little different to do before hitting the town.

From BLOODTHIRSTY ZOMBIES to thirst alleviating wenches that’ll dance beer straight to your table, we think we’ve covered the best of the interactive lot this year but would love to her from you if you feel we’ve missed anything.

Have a most SPOOKTACULAR Halloween folks!


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