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Published on November 16th, 2012 | by Adrian Simpson


Finland Fling! The Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships

Finland is commonly known for inventing saunas, ice skates, and trusty Nokia’s, but did you know the country has also invented the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships? Yes, you read that correctly. Combining “recycling philosophy and fun spirit in active sport”, people from all over the world gather together each year to battle it out to become top mobile lobber.

Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships


Mobile Phone Throwing originated in the small Finnish town of Savonlinna in the year 2000, conceived by a translation and interpretation company, Fennolingua. The championship creators wanted to offer people what they call ‘spiritual freedom’ – basically pressing pause on being available 24/7 and constantly hooked up to our mobile phones.

Twelve years on and the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships are now internationally renowned, with people from all over the world competing for the prize of – you guessed it – a brand spanking new mobile.

So, what exactly does the competition entail?

There are four categories in the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships that contestants can compete in. You’ve got the standard ‘Traditional’ over the shoulder throw with contestants getting three goes to chuck the handset as far as they can. However it’s not all about brawn, with a Freestyle category offering the more artistic individuals get the chance to bag points for aesthetics and choreography. Other heats include Team Original which allows up to three flingers to combine their maximum distance, and the Junior heat for the under twelve’s that gives little ones a go, making the championships fun for all the family.


All handsets are provided by Fennolingua, so you don’t need to worry about dirtying your own, and contestants are allowed to select one from the selection. There are strict rules on weight though with all of them coming in between 220 and 400 grams – that’s including the battery.

There’s a lot of debate when it comes to choosing a handset to chuck, some believe a heavier handset will gain more traction and therefore go further, whereas others prefer a lighter device that is easier to throw. The current men and women’s world records were smashed in 2012, Chris Hughff launched his handset 102.68 metres while Tereza Kopicová flung hers 60.28 metres in Prague.


Launching phones for sport is not all about fun and frolics though, as the Finns behind the competition have a more serious agenda too. They want to ensure that all handsets are disposed of in the correct manner, and promote proper recycling methods by partnering with a local recycling centre to make sure all the left over phones were discarded in an environmentally friendly way. So if you want to grab a piece of the action, get a few mates together, bring your old phones, and get flinging for hours of good, clean and healthy fun. Just remember to recycle them afterwards, and you might even get a few pennies too.

This guest post was written by mobile enthusiast Abbi Cox, who writes for UK phone retailer Phones 4u that offers great iPhone 5 deals.


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