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5 Best Naked Festivals of 2015

If your New Year’s Resolution is to strip naked more often in 2015, then you’ll be pleased to know that there are plenty of opportunities for you to do so without feeling like the odd one out. Combine the freedom of nakedness with the thrill of racing, riding, or simply travelling to work with our pick of some of the best naked festivals to bare all this year:

No Trousers Tube Ride | London

no pants day

The first thing to remember is that this is ‘pants’ in the American sense, so don’t go whipping off your underwear before you get the Tube to work on January 13, it will probably end in prison. Keeping your underwear firmly on though, you can join the other wacky travellers spicing up the commute, following in the bare footsteps of New York ‘prank collective’ Improv Everywhere, which started the tradition 12 years ago before going on to encourage others to join them on the same day each year in cities across the globe. Recently we’ve adapted this to form No Trousers Tube Ride here!

Nude Beach Olympics | Australia

naked beach olympics

Forget London 2012, let the real games begin. Resurrected after a five year hiatus, this once-annual sports day on a nudist beach on Australia’s sunny south coast will see competitors going au naturel before competing in events such as the naked marathon, the best bum treasure hunt, water balloon throwing and the rather frightening sounding Tug O’ War Sack Race.

The Naked Ski Pig Festival | Chinam

naked ski pig festival

Thousands of sledging fans around the world are already reeling at the news that the naked sledging competition held annually in the German town of Braunlage will not officially go ahead in 2015, after fears the crowd numbers were beginning to get out of control. But fear not, there are other places to get your fix of semi-naked people in the snow. You may have to travel a little farther afield for this one, but the delightfully named Naked Ski Pig Festival is full of all sorts of bizarrely decorated half-naked people speeding down the pistes.

The Great Annual Nude Tunnel Run | NZ

naked run new Zealand tunnel

Want to experience the freedom of stripping off but too shy about other people seeing you in your birthday suit? Well, you could always do it in a dark tunnel. Not in a creepy, stalker kind of way, but in an organised, everybody’s-doing-it-so-it’s-fine kind of way. Every year, around 100 brave souls strip off and run through The Homer Tunnel, the drain-like 1.2km granite tunnel through the mountains that leads to the beautiful Milford Sound. The sight that awaits is certainly worth it, even if the sight of your fellow runners is less appealing.

The Naked Run | Denmark

naked festival best run rosikilde

Fancy a festival with a difference? Maybe you yearn to run naked in a crowd of strangers without getting arrested for streaking? The Roskilde Festival offers exhibitionists everywhere the freedom to run around in the nip during the yearly Naked Run – a fantastic festival tradition on the go since 1999.

If you are looking for more nakedness that is related to stag and hen events, check out our nude drawing classes, a fun and sophisticated alternative the average life drawing class.

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