Chillisauce offer over 5000 activities in 50 different locations, providing you with the widest range of stag do ideas in the world. Our remit is to provide you, the organiser, with the a simple, easy solution to organising what can be a very stressful and difficult to organise event. We understand that every event and every group is different and to provide the best stag do possible this requires a customised solution, rather than a one fits all package.  
Organising a hen party can be a stressful event for any bride or chief bridesmaid. Having an amazing and memorable hen party, keeping the whole party happy and making sure the event is tailored to what can be a quiet diverse group of people, is never going to be an easy task, but it is one every organiser see's as being a very important part of the brides whole wedding experience. Here at Chillisauce we provide totally customisable and tailored solutions for every hen weekend, as we release no to groups are the same and it is those small touches which make all the difference to the whole hen party experience.
Chillisauce is the largest provider of activity weekends in the UK and Europe with over 100,000 people experiencing our events ever year. With over 5000 different activities, from the ever popular karting, paintball, quad bike trekking, white water rafting and clay pigeon shooting to the more obscure events such as west county games, river bugging, gorge scrambling, zorbing and stock car racing. 
Chillisauce offers the widest range of team building events and activities in the UK and Europe. We offer a tailer made solution to fit your companies needs - from basic team building days, to company fun days, evening entertainment and product launches.